Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Dawn and Dusk of the Dark

From the private journals of Kaayla (Prisoner 985123)
Every story has a beginning. You know, the good old times.

The good old times... ah. Most stories have those beginnings. Few don’t. What’s my beginning? I don't know, but it definitely doesn't fall into the "good old times" category.

I don't even know my beginning. Or if I even have one. But as I said before, all stories do. So I guess my beginning is that I'm born. Yeah. That's pretty much it.

I have been here in the Imperial Prison for as long as I can remember. I can't imagine how to live other lives apart from being a prisoner, mostly because I don't know them. So why am I here? What's my crime? Being an offspring of a prisoner. Or two. Their crime? Walking on the street during a security sweep and not running off fast enough. Or so that's how I heard it from my mom before she was executed. That was probably because she was too old and weak to work for them, so they just shot her like a bantha just to save expenses.

I remembered never feeling so alone.

Sure, I was mostly alone working for the Empire in prison, but knowing that my mom who was there was always a comforting fact for me. The comforting presence was gone when she was dead. She was the only person I knew that ever truly loved me.

On rare occasions when we get to spend time together, she told me of her life before she went to prison pregnant. She told me about the history- how the Jedi fell and how the Empire rose. She told me how my father fought bravely alongside Anakin Skywalker (better known as The Hero with No Fear) and fell. The Empire killed my father. The father I never knew.

"They killed him," she had said.

They killed him. That word echoed in my head.

On our last talk together, she told me that there was still hope, and the Jedi could not be completely wiped out. She said that I should do something in honor of my father's memory and worked against the empire.

"Remember all I told you," she had said, "for they will serve you well in the future."

So far, my knowledge had not come in use, for I was stuck here in prison. My destiny seemed like only one long road fading away to the darkness. That one road was the prison. It never occurred to me that I could break out- at least, not until my mom mentioned it. After all the security around here, it seemed that the Empire had wanted us prisoners here desperately for a reason.

These were dark times. Fear lay like a blanket of fog over the whole galaxy. I was just another person trying to see through the fog of darkness. I was hoping for someone to shine a light. But I was losing hope since my mother's death. Fast. It was like night overcame day and stayed like that. Forever.


  1. Great story! It's looking to be interesting!
    I'm really intrigued by who the father of your main character is- I wonder who he was.
    Oh, and I love your paragraph, very well written.

  2. Thanks! :D
    It would be coming... in chapter 1.