Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Dawn and Dusk of the Dark

Chapter 1
A piercing scream echoed through the eerie silence. Startled, I opened my eyes and looked out of my small cell wildly. People all around me just threw dirty looks to the right of me. Oh. It turned out to be just another prisoner nearby having a nightmare. This horrible place was never short of it.

I sighed. This was one of the few times I finally got to sleep. Not a restful sleep, because those ones were nearly impossible in this hell. The most important thing to remember in this dreaded prison was to get food and sleep every chance you get. You never know when you would get another chance. So what could I do? I just rolled over and tried to get back to the best part of my life: sleep.

Following the scream, the cell doors abruptly sprang open, which was a signal for us prisoners of get going to breakfast. Time to start another day. So much for trying to get some sleep again.

I got up stiffly and walked out of my door to join the streaming line of prisoners. Guards flanked us. The person behind me stumbled, and the guards hit him hard. Ouch. He was sent sprawling across the floor and sent of another scream. This one was not from a nightmare, but from sheer terror. I saw what was coming next and closed my eyes.

I was right. The air suddenly smelled thick of ozone after a sound of bullet. The other prisoners exchanged looks that said, too bad.

On the bright side, at least we won't be getting anymore screams from him. On the down side, he just saved the empire some credits because he could barely do work anyway.

"Move along," The guards commanded in a professional way. I left the body behind as well as a sick feeling in my stomach.

I had my breakfast of some gooey-thingy, whatever it is. But I was so hungry I didn't care. As tasteless and disgusting as it was, I needed it to live. But it failed to make me full. It only made me hungrier. It's that feeling that your food just makes you want more.

The buzzing bell sounded and we all got up and filed out of the room. It was time to go to our posts. My job was scrubbing the floor at the place where new prisoners came in. Yucky, right? Well, it was better than working in a dangerous platform. You either die because you're too weak to work or something kills you. I tell you, nobody comes back from there. It's the place where we prisoners dreaded the most. But thankfully I'm not going to go there soon, as I've been told. Perhaps it has something to do with being a thin little fourteen year old girl. Anyway, I'm glad my situation wasn't worse, so I'm ok with scrubbing the dirty floor.

I joined Eroda and Ward, who were fellow prisoners that were also assigned to clean the landing platforms. We barely had time to talk to each other, because the guards watch us when we clean all the time. Still, there was a bond between us for working together for our whole short lives. My mom was supposed to work here too, but as you know, she was... gone.

Eroda, Ward, and I were marched to the landing platform by two guards as usual. They watched us carefully as we each picked up a repulsorbroom and started the long work. Their eyes followed us for the rest of the day. Creepy.

Every day there would be a ship coming to bring more prisoners and supplies in. Today was no different. Exhausted, I put away my hydromop and skipped away to allow the people to go out. I noticed something strange today though. Usually there were only about a hundred prisoners all over the galaxy that was landing on this particular platform. Now, there was a sea of people coming out. Yeah, no kidding. There must be a revolt going on in Courasant or something. Even the guards have a hard time pushing them around.

There's something else that caught my eye. As some prisoners rush to take the supplies and stack them away, there was a young prisoner who took too much and can't handle it. His eyes went wide as it stumbled out of his grip. Before they hit the floor, though, another young torgruta amidst the crowd gave the barest flick of her finger. It softly dropped. Nobody saw this except me. And you'd think the guards were observant. Well, they already had their hands full in trying to control the confusion. Too bad for them. Just great for the young man.

He didn't know what had happened to make the supplies hover for a nanosecond before gently hitting the ground, which probably saved his life. Neither did I. But I'm pretty sure the togruta did that. My mouth dropped open. She must have sensed it somehow with her montrals, because she whirled around and gave me a smile and a finger on her lips. I regained my senses and quickly closed my mouth and nodded, just as she put on her tired face and got herded away.

I don't know who she was, but she was no ordinary togruta. I had a strong suspicion she was a Jedi. My mother said that they can do some voodoo magic and move things around by calling on something known as the Force. I was going to find out about all this. Oh yes I would.

Things were about to get interesting.


  1. I really enjoyed this chapter; very good writing.
    Looking forward to the next installment :)
    I think I know who the Togruta is...but I'll have to wait and see if my suspicions are correct.
    Keep writing! :)
    Shena Tokala

  2. Thanks!!!
    They are correct... I think I know what you are thinking :D
    I am writing it... and getting inspirations from your blogs and other blogs first :)

  3. Cool! That's awesome! :) Looking forward to the next chapter :D