Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!

Above is a little something I made for you all for Christmas :)
Anyone can read the Aurebesh writing at the bottom? I've been learning that for awhile.
Credits to the websites I got these pictures... which makes it so hard to keep track of the sources. :P

Well, there's nothing much I can say here...
Just enjoy your holiday, think of Star Wars once in awhile, and I hope you got some Star Wars presents!!!
***NOTE: Today's also Life Day in Star Wars. Sooo... Happy Life day!!! Don't forget the New Year Fete week too.
Also, May the Force be with you... as always.


  1. Happy Life Day and May the Force be with you!
    Hope you enjoy your holidays. :)

  2. Nice! Sorry, but what is "Aurebesh" and how can I learn how to read it?

    1. I'm gonna reply this on your blog too :D