Monday, December 26, 2011

The Rivers of Zadaa

The Pendragon series is one of the best series I've read apart from Star Wars. I have long been a fan of Pendragon. Not the #1 fan, but a fan nonetheless. Just a small fan that, compared to me being a Star Wars fan, it would be like an ant to a dog. But it popped into my mind that I should share some striking similarities between this particular book and the Star Wars saga.
Even the book mentioned Star Wars in the story itself. For those of you who haven't read this book, it is about an ordinary boy whose life had been turned up-side down when his "uncle" Press came and took him to another territory in another place and time. Then, he started knowing his true destiny as a Traveler, which is to try save everything that ever existed and will exist (Also known as Halla). He discovers that he has powers that no normal human has. In his quest to stop an evil Traveler known as Saint Dane, he needed to come to Zadaa. That's where this book starts.

The first similarity is pretty obvious. When Bobby Pendragon was training to become more of a warrior, his teachers were giving him advice similar to the Jedi. They were supposed to feel, not think. This reminded me of Qui-Gon saying the same thing to Anakin before the Boonta Eve Podrace in Part I. When Bobby complained about how useless it is, Alder responded, "Because you are trying." Though Bobby thought it was "Yoda garbage", it actually worked. That gave me a sense that what the Jedi actually says in Star Wars might even help out in a real fight (not that I'm going to get into one).

Bobby's exercise is similar to the Jedi youngling's one in the temple. You have to basically fight in the dark and use your senses other than your sight. Loor would say, "Feel us." the way Obi-Wan says "Use the Force, Luke." Of course, it worked for both of them. Bobby finally got to slap someone on the arm and Luke destroyed the Death Star (Destroying the Death Star is a much bigger issue, but that's another story). The exercise might better compare with the training on the ship where Luke wore a training helmet.

Bobby, after saying that all this is "Yoda garbage", "Jedi Talk", or even mentioning the "Use the Force, Luke." in his journals, he said that he was thinking something into it.

The flooding of the underground Zadaa reminded me of Jedi Quest: The False Peace. Both are filled with water underground and barely escaped with their lives. They had help- Pendragon from a dygo and Obi-Wan and Anakin from Siri and her padawan.

This leads me to another thing. Love. You would probably know that it is forbidden in the Old Jedi Order because attachments like this can lead you to the dark side. This basically means that it can affect our choices, and if he/she dies you are going to get rocked by it more than friends do. Obi-Wan and Siri, for this reason, put their love aside the same way Loor and Bobby did, and for the same reasons.

The courage of Bobby is also outstanding. When he was brutally beaten up by Saint Dane, the evil Traveler commanded him to beg for mercy. He got the nerve to croak out, "Dude, you're talking to the wrong guy." That made me laugh. It impressed me. He can be a Jedi anytime, if he were to exist in the Star Wars saga (Not to mention with enough midi-chlorian). Like the Jedi, he acted on his instinct in times of danger and realizes the emotions are to be put aside if work is to be done. Loor trained him well.

The story line is impressive. Like Star Wars, action is scattered throughout the book, keeping pages turning. The reader will want more and more, never stopping to consider or even give a thought about the fact that the next page might be boring.

I would like to conclude that I recommend readers to give a shot at the Pendragon series. It has some flaws, but overall the story is as great as any Star Wars book can be. So until next time, May the Force be with you. Or as the Pendragon series says it, Hobey-ho, let's go. And so we go.


  1. i have read this series up to this book. i keep 4getting to read more. started the fate of the jedi series and got addicted. oh how did u create your blog background? love'd to know how u did it. :)

  2. @ Aalya, I agree that Star Wars is more addicting :D But I read Pendragon for awhile now and I still like it :)

    How I created my background? You need to get a picture that's... big. Save it on your com and go to design, Then template designer. I'm sure you know that :)
    After that, go to the background tab and you'll see the Background image part. There's and arrow pointing down. Click that :D
    the uppermost tab is upload image. That's where you go :D There you go!!!

  3. thank u so much!!!!! HUGS!!!!! :)

  4. The series sounds awesome! I'll have to give it a try :)

  5. @ Aayla, Anytime :D haha HUGS :)
    @ Shena, it is awesome :D Still reading it this morning, and I got addicted to it again. I went downstairs and there were people wondering where I am! I usually wake a 6 AM and it's 11 AM :P