Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Star Wars Force Theme... Review

Link for Star Wars Force Theme:

I will state this clearly: This song will blow you off like no other. It's a mix of all in the Classic Trilogy.

---What I think it sounded like---

This piece may sound different to each person. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder as beautiful music is in the ear of the hearer, or so I've been told.

It began with playing notes ranging from somewhat low to high then back to a quite low tone. The volume is also low. What's fast is the beat. From low to high and back to low takes only a second or less. This is a perfect start for a perfect song.

Ten seconds later it began to tinkle and next came my favorite part. I was pretty down then, and this song just brought me up like it had been made for me. The part was sad, touching, and comforting. The somewhat slow music caught my full attention.

Then, with the same melody, the volume came up, and so did my heart beat. Then it went down for a second and the tune changed. It began a part that reminded me of playing hide-and-seek. It turned more dramatic. It became a part where you'd see in a movie that gets your heart thumping. Horror-ish.

After that it turned to a piece in the middle of the star wars theme song. It was playing very fast by now. Suddenly it went back to the piece in the beginning (After 10 seconds) but instead of slow and touching, it became fast.

It changed again to remind me of the Jedi Purge. It wasn't sad yet; it was still dramatic. For the third time,
the "piece at the beginning" played again. This was faster than the first; but slower than the second. By this time we are roughly at the middle. Every part of my body froze and my ears were opened a long time ago.

Not long later there was a piece that was played at the end of every Star Wars movie.  The rest is somewhat like the Star Wars theme song, if not exactly like it.

The end completely blew me off. It ended in the big bang of a sound and a rush of emotions through my head. I don't know if I will ever find a piece of music better than this.


Slow and melodic, beautiful and touching, to fast and dramatic, it is finished with an epic touch.

For those of you who never listened to it before, I suggest you do. I also suggest Across The Stars, Duel of the Fates, Battle of the Heroes and other Star Wars themes. They are awesome.

Thank you, John Williams.

The Force is with this piece. Not just because of the name, but because this is simply magical. In my mind, I have entered a ship to the Galaxy far, far away. I saw everything that happened there just by listening to this awesome piece of music.


  1. so awesome. i have across the stars and the meadow picnic on my mp3 player. i love those songs. i'm aalya rain by the way. nice to meet u. :)

  2. I'm Solace Utara :) Nice to meet you too, Aalya :D
    I have a lot of Star Wars songs to listen too as well...
    :) :) :)