Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Alderaan's Last Moments: Through Leia's Eyes

This is a poem I made myself. I did it rather hastily, but I'd still thought I'd share it. I guess it's not so bad for the first poem I did... though some of the things get a little off-topic to make it rhyme in an AA BB format. The ones that don't rhyme are the thoughts I'm force to put since it's in the novelization of the movie.


The rolling hills and rushing rivers calmed my mind,
As I looked out of my window from the city behind.
This is a perfect world, as perfect as it can be,
And I knew this as I looked out to the sparkling sea.
The children laughed and the music played,
As I guided my eyes to the beautiful bay.

I loved this place as it is my home,
Where I never, ever feel alone.

I smiled as I looked out to my world,
The world of peace, harmony, and art.
The world I love with all my heart.

The sound of whining engines came to life,
And reality pierced me like a knife.
I was at the Death Star, the nightmare of doom,
And it made my beloved planet become a tomb.

With a flash of deadly light my planet met its terrible fate,
Along with my family, my friends, my city, my state.
I’m so sorry, Father…

I turned to where it was, and stared as hard as I can stare,
I can’t believe it’s gone… it must be there.

There’s nothing but rubble,
And I think of other worlds, which soon might be its double.

I love Alderaan; it’s my shining star,
But everything dies, all even stars,
And I was just too far… too far…

All of them are gone, as gone as can be,
This is enough to bring me to my knees.

Alderaan is dead, but is it really?
I remember what my father told me, on a day that was chilly.
“What you love will always be there… in your heart.”
So Alderaan and I were never far apart.

I must stand strong, so their death will not be in vain,
But for now I mourn, and hope they didn’t die in pain.

The day will come when the terror will go,
Because even stars die, this I know.

There is still hope, because there is always hope,
Because new stars will be born, and there’s no time to mope.

I will honor their deaths, I swear I will,
And justice I will instill.
I will do it or die, for this day has come.
I will step up and bring the Empire down until it’s nothing but crumb.