Friday, January 20, 2012

Deception Review

Just another Clone Wars episode...

Most of the episodes in the series so far satisfied me, and this one is added on the list. I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only one that feels that this episode would fit in Rise of the Bounty Hunters well. Not only did we Cad Bane, Bossk, and young Bobba Fett back here (At first I thought it was Lux because of his new haircut, though I knew it couldn't be), a new awesome character is added into the scene- Morallo Eval.

I am puzzled by the fact that neither Count Dooku or Chancellor was displayed in the short episode. If they say Count Dooku was "planning" an assassination of the Chancellor, wouldn't it be better if he showed up a little in hologram or something just to build up the plot a little? As for the Chancellor, I'd like to see his reaction on this one. Usually his face is almost clueless, but it would still be nice to know how he fits into this. Unfortunately, Dooku and Palpatine are not meant to be in this episode.

I still feel sorry for how young Bobba Fett turned out to be. Also, it intrigued me to see how a young prisoner would be the most fearsome bounty hunter in the Galaxy. I guess his difficult childhood made it that way, but really, he wasn't a bad guy. Now he's older and probably wiser. Usually I detest bounty hunters. Killing is bad- and doing it merely for money is even worse. But despite my dislike of those scum, I have a special place for the young man. Sometimes I wished it could play out differently, but it is not supposed to be that way. 

I'm glad to see Bossk there as well, more or less protecting the boy. I wish Aurra Sing was there too though. If she was there, then I missed her. It was also funny to see Cad Bane looking like this. Morallo, though he was new, had already joined my "scum" list. Still, he was a nice addition to the episode.

This brings me to the star of the episode, Obi-Wan Kenobi. The way he faked his death... well, it didn't look fake. I recall seeing him being shot by a blaster bolt, and it somehow tore me along with it. Seeing him fall really made me feel like falling. Although I know that the death was fake, I still worried whether he'd be okay. I was relieved to see him up for his next mission, but then it was really strange to see him bald. For a moment he looked like a young man again. I hoped that the disguise he took wasn't as painful as it seems.

He played his part well in prison. Obviously he had a good reputation in there as a Jedi Killer, and it did him good. The food slop he was given maybe was really bad, but he wouldn't normally spit it out like that. The only time he faltered was when he held his blaster at the officer. I was glad the decision was taken out of his hands when Cad Bane killed him instead. For a moment I was afraid that he might blow his cover.

The episode showed Anakin's path to the Dark side. I was surprised that the Jedi left him out of the show, but maybe it was a test of how far he would go. Ahsoka was the only thing that kept him from cracking up. Apart from Ahsoka's eyes watering, it seems that she moved on like a Jedi, but Anakin always have problems with that.

The episode opened up pretty well with the small talking then action. The prison breakout was chaotic... and perfect. I liked it when the prisoners revolted, and I was enjoying the ride when the trio broke out the rest of the way. I wondered what happened with the rest of the prisoners? Oh well... the part where the guard stupidly called the ship back was hilarious.

The plot was pretty good, but I was disappointed that we were left at a cliff hangar at the end of the episode. I'd give this episode an 8/10. Something felt missing... something I couldn't put my finger on.

So until I figure it out, May the Force be with you!!!


  1. Great review! I just finished the episode and I too enjoyed it!
    Being the first in a four-part arc, I can see why it might feel like something was missing(I felt that way a little bit too) but I bet the end will be awesome! :D

    1. Thanks!!! I just finished the episode before I wrote it too, which was not long before you, I guess :D
      I know the end will be awesome, with Obi-Wan as the star :D