Saturday, January 7, 2012

Escape From Kadavo Review

*** Sorry it's a little late...

"Great hopes can come from small sacrifices"

After a boring five-week break, I finally have Escape From Kavado to look forward to. I have been thinking of the conclusion of the Slavers Arc since I last saw Slaves of the Republic, and this episode totally satisfied me. It was a good episode, not the best in the season, but it was worthwhile to watch.

The plot could be better, but the action is simply great. The music was pretty good too. So I would give this episode an overall of 8/10. It has it's flaws, but it's okay.

I was surprised to find out that it really pained me to see Obi-Wan, the great Jedi Master, kneel before a scum. Even though I knew it was the right choice since that saved the slave togruta next to him, I still wished it could have played out differently somehow. But after all he went through, the Queen still can't crush his spirit.

The Queen, in my opinion, was a little foolish. First she put Anakin as her guard, even though it was risky to force a Jedi to do something. She could have just killed the Jedi, and she still refused to do that when Count Dooku demanded so. She underestimated the power of a Sith Lord... and she dared to contradict him just because the Jedi were a "valuable asset". That was really foolish. In the end, she realized that she was just another slave to Dooku, and I'm glad to see her help Anakin. It's either she turned to the right side or she just wants revenge at the Sith Lord.

I was happy to see that Anakin still play nicely by the rules of the Jedi and saved the dying queen. Maybe it was just because he wanted to know where Obi-Wan is, but I think I caught an expression on his face when she died. Or maybe I just hoped so. Also, I'm impressed by his Force-jumping skills. I never knew he can jump that high.

Ahsoka played a part here and there, and as Anakin says, she was a hero in the end. A modest hero, actually. I liked her face expression when she smiled modestly at the end. Her choice of words was amazing when the govenor of Kiros congratulated her. She works as hard as ever to become a great Jedi Knight.

I feel a little sorry when Ahsoka and Anakin changed their outfits. I liked them, especially Ahsoka's slave outfit (even if it's a little... showy).

I loved the battle scenes. Obi-Wan's hand-to-hand combat (or rather hand-to-weapon) was done well. I never knew clones could throw such a precise shot. I'm also rather surprised that the vibroblade went through and killed that goon, even if he deserves it. Anakin seizing control of the laser tank or whatever to destroy the others was creative. The odds of the battle on the air just leaned toward the Republic's side.

Plo Koon played his part as well as ever. He's an amazing pilot. At the end, I'm touched that he put a hand on Ahsoka's shoulder. He's like a father to her. If I could be a padawan in the Star Wars galaxy, I would choose to be his apprentice. I'll get to be close to Ahsoka too.

On the side note, how did Ahsoka get her lightsaber back? Maybe there was a deleted scene of something. I would just assume it that way. Or maybe I didn't watch it very well.

So until next time... May the Force be with you.


  1. Great review! :D I agree, the episode was awesome!
    I hated seeing Obi-Wan having to bow down to the scum and having to live with the fact that he couldn't do anything but, like you said, they couldn't break him.
    And I loved the action; especially Obi-Wan's unarmed fighting against the Slavers. :D