Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Friend in Need Review

My first reaction of this episode? It's gonna be awesome. My last reaction? It was awesome. I watched a small clip, like most of you did, in the beginning of the season. When the clip ended with Ahsoka saying Death Watch, I was screaming, "NOOOOO!!!" louder than Vader did the Force Scream (It got me into trouble, but I cant help it).Yep, the episode I have been waiting for since the start of season four is here, and it sure did satisfy me. Not only satisfy, but it impressed me. I had trouble putting this episode all into words.

First of all, I would like to say that I'm happy to see Death Watch back in play, because it was kind of left in a cliff hangar in the previous season or two. I'm also happy to see Lux back as well as certain senators. However, I'm pretty disappointed to see only one Jedi in the episode, if you don't count Anakin in the hologram, that is. Still, Ahsoka needs to be a star in some episodes, and it looks like this one is the right one for her. For this epsiode, even though I knew what she had gotten herself into, I keep asking myself, "What has Ahsoka gotten herself into?". I know, it doesn't make any sense, but I found myself still asking that question.

I like Ahsoka's winter outfit as well as other costumes. I'm also happy to see other costumes as well as such a beautiful planet (Did I miss the name?). At least, in the daytime. At night, it was kind of spooky, which is the perfect place for Death Watch. I'm also glad to see a female villain, and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one.

It's nice to see Ahsoka kick some butt. When she took off her winter coat to fight since she couldn't stand people dying, I first thought it was a little reckless, but I know that's what other Jedi would do as well. I really enjoyed the lightsaber to darksaber dueling. It reminded me of the previous duel, though it was Obi-Wan instead of Ahsoka. Ahsoka seems to handle it almost as well as Obi-Wan did, if not equally well. When she was about to be executed, I remember her closing her eyes and maybe reaching the Force to find Jedi serenity. Or preparing to escape. Either way, it was clear that Ahsoka was not the young and enthusiastic youngling when she first became padawan, but a great, mature soon-to-be Jedi Knight. I can't help feeling proud of her, and I can only imagine how her master would feel.

Lux reminded me of young Bobba Fett. They both aren't a really bad guy, good at heart but driven by revenge. Ventress also fits this category- since she turned right in the end. I feel sorry for them all. I don't know how I would feel if I lost a loved one, but I think I would be like them. I find it hard to be like Ahsoka- letting grief pass away like the Jedi taught her.

R2 played a nice role in this episode. I always liked that little astromech- good at getting every one out of trouble. In my previous post, I said, "Don't worry, they have R2 with them!" copying Anakin in AOTC. Turns out I'm pretty right.

My eyes were wide with all the romance in there. Their holding hands after Ahsoka saved Lux was... uhh... I don't know. This kiss... I reckon I'm as surprised as Ahsoka is. But still, it's a good way to stop Ahsoka babbling about Lux's plans. The end was touching... and I see from their smiles that there was some chemistry going on. And Ahsoka wouldn't let Lux go if it wasn't they way she felt for him, I guess. And the hand on the glass... oh my. I feel happy for them, but I really hope Ahsoka wouldn't do something stupid because of Lux. He might be a bad motivator in the future. Just maybe.

It started off with some politics, then a little action, then Lux betraying Ahsoka (Well, kind of. But I can't say I'm surprised), then action, more action, and even more action. Of course, there were some breaks between the action that help the plot thicken, but unlike some stories, this one made the story even more awesome. As I said, the end was touching, and it blew me off.

All in all, this episode has a pretty good balance of everything. The action was especially awesome. If I am to give this episode a score, I would give a 9/10. It's one of my favorite episodes in the season and I'm looking forward for more.

Until next time, May the Force be with you.


  1. Awesome review! I also liked the episode; the action scenes were cool and the ending was well done. :)

    1. Thanks!!! I pretty much agree with you, and your review :)