Saturday, January 28, 2012

Friends and Enemies Review

I have so much to say here. When watching this episode, I felt like I'm on the best roller coaster ride ever. This story is a great addition to the saga like icing on a cake. It enhances the overall plot of the saga as well as shaping it. On its own, it is awesome. To the arc, even more awesome. To the whole saga, awesome times infinity to the power of infinity (Or whatever. You get the idea. I'm not that good at math.) For a moment I felt as if I sprung back in time to season two, The Rise of the Bounty Hunters. Like the last episode, it has a season two feel and touch. It really connects to other episodes.

This episode could just go on with the last one and we wouldn't know the difference. The time period between it was just a hyperspace jump. I find that... interesting somehow. Anyway, when the crash came my head turned with the ship and I was saying "ouch" in my mind over and over. That gotta hurt. It's not really a pretty sight, since Obi-Wan is in that ship. I wonder how he feels? Maybe he's just thinking that he hates flying. But like the bounty hunters, he had seen worse. Heh. When Bane's hand was reaching out like that (Which reminded me of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince in the cave), I thought he was injured and I was kind of pleased with that thought. But when he came out again with the others... oh well.

I liked the shopping part. The new clothes were awesome, especially Cad Bane's hat (Ahsoka really made a good point later on when she asked who would wear a hat like that). And... Bane can kill a rodian with a tooth pick?! Wow, that's awesome. I'm glad the rodian stayed alive, though.

Next stop is the ship! Yikes... Bane sprayed Obi-Wan with that toxic gas when the argument was... ugh. I didn't see that coming! The shot of the blurry people through Obi-Wan's eyes was very well done. I was worried when Ugly-Poodoo (My nickname for that guy) raised his staff and hit him and the screen went black.

Obi-Wan had also seen worse than the torture, like in Slaves of the Republic. Still, it's great for him not to take the full torture. I guess he's willing to cooperate, because if he's not he would have accepted the fact that he's gonna be tortured to death! I don't like that idea... Besides, I guess he wanted the bounty hunters to stay. When they were coming back I liked how Obi-Wan casually drank and talked. Though Bane has no time for stuff like that. I would be really surprised if he asked nicely, though. It would be like Sidious handing out sweets.

I really loved the action!!! The dogfight plus Bane vs. Anakin on the ship while flying was awesome. I guess Obi-Wan wanted to go first since he wanted to tell Anakin. When Obi-Wan rushed out of the ship after the crash to see Anakin, I noticed he used a blaster, despite his dislike of it. I guess his lightsaber was hidden or back in the Jedi Temple. I half expected him to use it and blow his cover. The fog was done well, and Anakin leaping out of nowhere reminded me of Grevious vs. Fisto. When Anakin was gonna kill his best friend in disguise for "killing" his best friend (lol), I thought there was much emotion in there. I wouldn't be surprised if Obi-Wan lectured about it to Anakin in the future. Then...

THERE WAS A BUFFERING IN THE VIDEO!!! I screamed at the cliffhanger.

Okay. Back to the action. Bane came and saved a Jedi when he actually wanted to kill one. How ironic. The ending, when Anakin finally realizes something and Obi-Wan put some Force thingy on him or whatever, was good. And of course, the Ahsoka Tano. She was really good at the end, defending Anakin and all. If it was a switch of roles, Anakin would have gone after the bounty hunters.

Anakin's emotions was displayed well in this episode. His slide to the dark side was enhanced in this episode. His scene with Palpatine was great. His use of the Force to threaten innocent people to get information on revenge was... not so good. He broke so many Jedi rules. First, he force choked the guy. Second, he seeks revenge. Thirdly, he wouldn't let go of his emotions. Fourth, he ignored Master Windu's call and most likely told Rex not to tell anyone he's on Nal Hutta. Fifth... I'm gonna stop now. You guys get the idea.

Ahsoka played a nice role in the episode. I noticed she didn't hold Anakin back. Maybe because she knows it's not gonna be much use, or she wants information as much as her Master does. Or something else. Her piloting skills were awesome, and even though she crashed at the end and hurt her head (Ouch. I thought of the fate of Ahsoka Tano and fervently hoped that this won't be it, because it'll be kind of pointless. I didn't think that she's gonna die, and I hope I'm right.) I'm glad she was up and fighting soon. Her skills improved so much since her first time as a Padawan.

The Chancellor's hints about his true identity was more or less clear here. Since Count Dooku showed in holo, Sidious would most likely have set all this up. His plan to make Anakin join the dark side is working. For one who are watching all this in order and not knowing what will happen next would probably pick up some hints.

For those who don't like it, whyyyyy? What's wrong with it? Come on! It's great! A jedi "dies". A friend seeks revenge. A hero is fulfilling his destiny. An architect of genocide builds yet another plot. Okay, I'm being kind of dramatic *plays battle of the heroes and duel of the fates*, but that's how I think of it.

So, done with the boring review yet? I don't have more to say, so yes. I'd just conclude that it has been one of the best episodes in the season, and even though I like most of them, this one stood out like Slaves of the Republic did to me. I'd give it a 9/10. What are your thoughts? State them below! May the Force be with you!!!


  1. Awesome review! :) I also LOVED the episode! It was good! :D I'm so glad Anakin and Ahsoka know that Obi-Wan isn't dead, it will make things get interesting in the next two episodes. Looking forward to "The Box". :D

    1. Thanks!!! I'm looking forward to it too, more than I can say. Gonna do a preview of it, as usual :D
      I soooooo agree with ur points. :D