Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Edits #1 :)

Ahsoka Tano fan, here I come! These are my edits I did for one of my favorite characters in Star Wars. (The bottom isn't, though.) I would just like to share them- if you haven't already seen them on facebook. Enjoy!

This is the first collage I made for Ahsoka Tano. I consider it a practice, not a work to be published. However, I would still like to put it on. The overlaps are, in my opinion, done somewhat well for some. Others just look faulty. But overall, it is quite successful. The picture is not the best I've made, but it's pretty much okay.

This one might be my favortie Ahsoka Tano edit. Either this one, or the one below. The four pictures, as you can see, shows Ahsoka in various stages of her life- infancy (before she was taken to the temple by Master Plo Koon), childhood in season 1, 2, and early season 3 (well, not exactly... she was becoming a teenage togruta then), teenager (As we all know so well, season 3, 4, and maybe the coming seasons), and as an adult as we see her in the Mortis Trilogy. Below is a phrase, slogan, or whatever you call it that I got from StarWars.com- exploring Ahsoka. In the background are just pictures of her in her life. Unfortunately, this one was made before the slavers arc so I did not put any pictures in her slave outfit.

This one I really like. This pink stripes at each side can be replaced by any color, but I just chose pink to put on here. I tried to make the impression that each picture is lying on the desk. Obviously, that didn't work out very well.
This shows the various stages of her life, like the last one. However, this picture is more detailed. The ones with the white borders shows two pictures from each stage of her life. The arrow with the blue border points down to her outfits in childhood to teenager in the clone wars.
This is my first time using photoshop CS3 and it went pretty much ok, I guess.

This one is a quote from "Dooku Captured". I got the pictures from google and just put them together. I really liked the quote, so one day the idea just popped into my head out of boredom.

Well! That's pretty much it for now! May the Force be with you!


  1. those are so pretty. how did u do it? ur so awesome! :)

  2. @Thanks, Aayla :)
    I used many programs- photoshop, photoscape, paint, word, but most importantly, powerpoint. I know it sounds a little weird, but I like editing with powerpoint. Guess it has more uses than just a slideshow :P