Monday, February 6, 2012

The Box Review

*** Sorry it's a little late...

Man, this episode threw me off the hook. Well, every episode does, but this one left my head spinning. I screamed every time the video buffered, and my heart was thumping so hard. Not only did the writer think outside the box, but he made it inside The Box. Get it? haha. Just awesome. I simply love this episode... well, the plot isn't very think- the problem is just simply surviving. Also, the whole episode is action. But who doesn't love it?!

I'd really like to point out the star of this arc- OBI-WAN KENOBI!!! I really, really like him. I won't be surprised, though, if he blows his cover. I thought he would- you know, helping everyone out when no other bounty hunters would. Well, he ain't one but if he's not careful everyone will know. But, his kindness was payed back with Cad Bane helping. Well, what do you know. I thought he had to somehow get out be himself.

One thing I'd like to point out is that even though it's in Dooku's homeworld, it didn't look like it. Really doesn't. It's a whole new environment that's Star Wars-ish. Not that others are not also, but there are some aspects of real life in it too. It really reminded me of the Quillan Games in Pendragon.

The break with Yoda and Anakin... nothing really interesting but a good thing to add to the whole arc.

Okay. One sentence of that is enough. Back to the challenges. Before it even began, Bane killed one off. Awesome... but it wouldn't be if I was the one dead. Well, he's a bounty hunter, so I can't expect anything less from him. I really loved his quote, though. The hat is really nice, actually. hehe. I agree with him on that.

I'm impressed with the skills of the Bounty Hunters, well, most of them. They were brave enough to risk their lives for money... I'd chicken out as soon as I landed on Senero. As much as I don't want to. Anyway, their reputation alone would make me sure that they'd enter. But, alas, some are not skilled enough for the challenge, so move along, move along...

I'm disappointed to see that some of the characters like Ahsoka Tano isn't in here, and Anakin got only a small scene with Yoda. But still, it's the way it's meant to be since Obi-Wan got the spotlight here. And I'm glad Dooku was there yet didn't play much of a role. Though I can't deny that I loved it when he interfered the game to get Eval up and jumping. Served him right. Still... he wasn't killed.

I noticed that the way Obi-Wan punched him was like the way he did to Anakin. I hope it didn't hurt the same way though. Yikes.

I don't have much to say, since my head is still spinning from getting off the hook. Overall, I'd give this episode a 9/10, one point off for the flaws mentioned. It should be two points but... I can't seem to write 8 down. The action's too awesome. Can't wait till next time!!! Ahhh!!!

So until next time finally comes, May the Force be with you!!!


  1. Great review! I love the episode! So did you like this episode more than the last two?


    1. Thanks! I like it pretty much the same, maybe more. Idk why this one struck out to me while the others don't, while the others have the qualities of a story I like o.O :D

  2. Great review! I too really enjoyed this episode. Obi-Wan was AWESOME, I really liked how he kept being his nice self even while under cover. :)Oh, and I liked his line "What took you so long?" to Cad Bane.

    1. Thanks! My head is still spinning from being thrown off the hook...