Saturday, March 31, 2012

My Edits #4 :)

Happy April Fools!!! I have some pranks in mind lately... but this is not the place for it. This post only exists because I've been doing quite a lot of fan art lately, so I'd thought I'd share it here. :)

I've never done a tribute to the clones before, and after reading the Cestus Deception last year Steven's story stuck with me even now. He describes the clones well, and I picked out a quote from his book and put it on the picture. All troopers heard that quote before they were marched out into battle.

Ahsoka's fate is unknown after order 66, but I always think she'll be on an undercover solo mission on ROTS. Like Ry-Gual, I think she'll survive. She'll probably be able to find Yoda and he'll knight her- saying the words that were said for generations when knighting Padawans. Even though the Republic is dead... I think Yoda will say the same thing... so I thought I'd put the quote there. I got the inspiration from the cover of Darth Plaguies by James Luceno.

Aalya Rain requested me to do this, so I did it for her. All yours, Aayla :) I'm quite proud of this work but I'm frustrated with the errors. I put "Skywalker" there because obviously it's her rightful name, but I won't put it in the same level since she never uses it.

There's nothing much to say about this one... since you all know I love Ahsoka :)

That's it for now... hope you like that! May the Force be with you!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Clone Wars by Karen Traviss REVIEW

*** I'm doing this for the best school assignment EVER, but I thought it'd be cool to post it here.

To start off, I loved the book. It is a perfect book for kids. It has action, adventure, mystery, and everything you can get from a story. In addition, it has only a mention of romance. The plot line like the movie, which isn’t the best ever but it’s good enough to impress me. It's all about the rocky start of Ahsoka and Anakin's relationship as well as a battle to turn the tide of the war. Both sides want to get Jabba the Hutt as their ally... but the situation stinks worse the the Hutts.

The setting of the book is of course, a long time ago in a Galaxy far, far away. In that galaxy, it is set in Coruscant (Capital of the Republic, city world), Christophis (World full of crystals where a battle took place), Teth (Jungle world where the hostage is held... read it for the details!), and Tatooine (Desert planet where Jabba stays, and he's the one who both sides of the war wants as an ally). This indicates that the Galaxy's planets vary greatly, and so does the environment. This is well done in the book.

Another thing I really like about this book is how it describes everything. There isn’t too much or too little- just enough to get us imagine the scene. The words aren’t too advanced and they aren’t for small kids like Jude Watson’s Star Wars novels. Also, the ending sentence was great and it still echoed through my mind. “It made all the difference.”

The last sentence is not the only good one. There were plenty of good quotes all over the book. There were inspiring moments and one that made me laugh. She described the characters well, especially Captain Rex’s. Anakin’s is also good- but perhaps too good. There were seeds of doubt in his mind already, and I’m glad she puts it there. His behavior is different from what is different from the Jedi Code already, and he shows it in his thoughts, words, and actions. One quote that struck out to me is “When you are going to sacrifice your men for the greater good, be sure to be able to look at them in the eye and tell them why.”

She explored the movie in more depth, but she had cut out some scenes. There wasn’t any depth in Anakin accepting Ahsoka as his Padawan, which in my opinion is a very emotional scene not to mention important in the whole Star Wars saga, even though it may not be important in this book. Kenobi vs. Ventress in a Lightsaber duel is not described well enough. There is only a mention of Padmé and Ziro scenes, but there aren’t really any real ones. I’m a little upset with this because we don’t see girls kick butt enough in Star Wars.

Speaking of girls kicking butt, Ahsoka definitely made that up. Nicknamed “Snips” for her feisty personality, she was a girl just like her master. Looking at her mature both physically and in the ways of the Force made me feel that she is one of the greatest Star Wars characters. This book refreshed the argument inside me about her fate. I hope that at least the memory of her played a part in Anakin’s redemption so many years later in Return of the Jedi.

Another flaw in the book is that The Battle of Christophsis took too long in this book. The whole point of the book is to bring Rotta back to his father alive and well, and this battle did not play a huge role in it. Of course, it brought Ahsoka into game and everything, but then it still took too long. However, Karen Traviss can’t do anything much about that since the movie was built the same way. There are also other flaws in the movie that can’t really be fixed, but I am willing to overlook that and stay on the bright side.

One thing I can’t overlook, however, is the anti-Jedi idea that Traviss is having. Jedi are supposed to be the good guys, and I stick with that idea no matter the point of view. Her way of thinking makes the Jedi not look the way they are. She provided both points of view of the war, but it is leaned toward the separatists. I know that the separatists aren’t evil, they are just misguided and thought to break away from the Republic because it was corrupt, which is true. It was only the leaders are evil, and the war for them was just one step in a greater game. The rest of the galaxy was in the turmoil they brewed up, and they were not seeing it.

The problem is the author also raised some disturbing points that led me to see another point of view. Quoting a person from the Star Wars galaxy, the book says, “What is the point of a Republic if not to let people elect their leaders?” Even the Jedi are sensing it- under the leadership of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine (who is secretly a Sith Lord) the Republic was becoming more like a dictatorship. It was a flawed and corrupt system, but it was the best they had. I have no idea why the Jedi are still fighting this war, even though their only purpose was to bring peace to the galaxy again. Is it the right way? The points are disturbing, but I stay with the Jedi even if I don’t always understand them. This thought could lead on and on without end through the history of Star Wars.

I also didn't like seeing things through Palpatine's eyes. We all knew what happened in ROTS, but this was set before that and it kinds of spoils the surprise. The thoughts were well done, though I'd rather save it for later.

In conclusion, I liked this book a lot. Sure, it has its flaws, but every book does. It’s not completely my taste, but I still feel the sweetness inside it. I gave it a five because, obviously, it’s Star Wars. I recommend this to die-hard Star Wars fans, but it is not the most special book that is a must read to understand Star Wars.
That's it... hope you like that! May the Force be with you!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Dawn and Dusk of the Dark

*** Here it is. Please tell me what you think. The bad stuff and good stuff. Thanks!

Chapter 11

The first thing that hit me hard was the light.

It was blinding, searing, and it burned my eyes.

The second thing that hit me hard was the mild shock of an electro-staff.
It was even more blinding, searing, and it burned my back.

The third thing that hit me hard was the thought.

It was also blinding, searing, and it burned my mind.
But years in prison told me not to falter again. If I did, there would be a fourth thing like the second (I tried not to groan at the thought of déjà vu again). This time, it would be a hell lot more painful.

While I tried to adjust my eyes against the intense light, the thought of telling Eroda and Ward also adjusted. What Barriss-if that's even her real name- told me when we were on the ship cell rocked me. I guess I don't need to tell them so they don't need to worry more than they already were. So I guess I'll tell them after we survive the adventure- if we did. I can ponder on my future then too.

Drawing myself back from the distracting thoughts, I found out that my eyes had almost cleared. Spending all my life in a dark place, I was pretty impressed with how fast it adjusted. Turning left, I saw Kalifa's eyes already okay, like a Jedi and Togruta she was. Barriss's eyes were just adjusting, but Eroda and Ward were trying not to falter while sheilding their eyes against the light. When my eyes are finally okay, I took my first look at the world around me. Coruscant.
There were buildings. Lots of them. In fact, I don't see anything else. All I saw was the magnificent tall skyscrapers that shone against the sun. A soft breeze blew by, picking up my dirty hair and cooled me down. The effects of the staff on my back is wearing off. I felt at peace here. As amazed as I was with the fact that such civilization could exist, I felt at home. Home. I don't even know how to start defining that.
Something drew my gaze to the east. There was a huge building... ruined. It was the only one that looked empty and desolate. There was an echo of light there, but only an echo. The spires looked ready to fall down and I felt death. Destruction.

It was awful. But there's also something else. The five spires that seemed to touch the sky seemed so... oh, I don't know. There was a warm feeling in my heart in the middle of the coldness. It seemed so familiar...

Wait a minute. It seemed familiar because it was familiar. It's the same kind of glow that connected me to the galaxy... as if we are all one. It was in everyone. It was in me. It was in Kalifa (if that was her real name... I was pretty tired of saying that. I'll just assume so, okay?). It was in Barriss (Same thing here). I knew it. It was the Force.

Just before we were led inside one of the towering buildings, I saw emptiness in Barriss's and Kalifa's eyes. They were looking at the same thing as I was. I guess... it was really their home. Burnt down. Destroyed. I can only imagine how they feel.

The view was blocked suddenly when we were herded inside, where the look in Kalifa's eyes disappeared and she quickly explained it was the Galactic Prison.

"I've been here before," she mouthed, "as a... Jedi." Aha. So Barriss told her sometime. But that hardly matters now.

I shrugged and kept walking. We passed a vast gray space with some sort of anti-grav in the middle. Looking up, I can see plenty of beings in ray sheilded cells at the sides. But soon the view passed along and we were in a large holding cell, which I guess is where we would stay for the night. We settled down.

Like other prisoners, we were just staring at the wall waiting for time to pass. I preferred for time to pass quickly, because I knew staying here would give me a lot of bad ideas... which would easily lead to panic.

Kalifa and Barriss sat down and closed their eyes. They meditated... as my mother told me they do. I just sat next to Eroda and Ward to stare at the wall. I noticed that their hands were gripped together tightly. Strange.

I tried to reassure them. "Don't worry. We already broke out of one of the stinkiest prison in the galaxy with these two. We passed the guards without them knowing, and we crawled through the ventilation shaft, escaped the troops after the security cam caught us, and we weaved blaster fire. This shouldn't be harder."

Ward nodded and continued staring at the wall. Eroda gave me a weak smile. "We also sneaked into a death ship. In hopes that it would keep us alive," she said squeakily.

I gave her my best not-to-worry smile and said, "Hey, on the bright side, death is more generous than those guards. Also, we could survive. We're in the best hands of the galaxy."

I hope they felt somewhat reassured and at least stopped worrying a bit. The truth was, I was not. I wasn't worried for my own life. If I can choose the place I will die, I will choose here. This planet. Where I feel so much at home. I wasn't worried about my future, either. I've handed it over to the two Jedi.

In fact, I don't really know what I'm worried about. I can feel so much around me, and I can only take so much. Maybe I'm worried about Eroda and Ward. I don't know. It's just this heavy feeling in my heart. What was to become of me?

Now, it's not really the future. I've learnt to stay in the present, but the future will become the present and everything we're doing now is to prepare us to the future. Future, present, past, it's all intertwined. It's all like a circle. For now, I hope that the circle isn't complete... because when my dark past meets the unknown future it's going to be hard to get through.

I had too much to worry about to worry at all. I might as well get some sleep now. A few days ago back in prison, I had told myself the same thing. Ugh. Déjà vu  I really hate it now.

But what I told myself back then is true. I need sleep. Tommorow is going to be another long day.

Fan Art #2 :)

Okay... let's keep this short and sweet. It's been awhile since I've done a lot of Star Wars art, so I guess I'll just update what I have :)

I'm not so proud of this one, but I guess it's okay. I just finished it; it took long and hard hours. I was disappointed about how it came out, after working so long. The pictures are clustered together too much as so on... but it's not so bad. Dedicated to all Kenobi fans (I think he's the best Jedi EVER), and especially for you, Shena :)

As you all know, I love Ahsoka. This is her lightsaber- one of my finest work. I had a model though. Sorry for the bad quality- don't have a scanner. :/

I did not see many Qui-Gon Jinn wallpaper, so I thought I'd do one. :) He's a truly venerable Jedi Master, and he influenced the history of the whole galaxy.

That's it for now... May the Force be with you!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Star Wars Trilogy: The Empire Strikes Back REVIEW

*** I'm doing this for the best school assignment EVER, but I still think it'd be cool to post it here :) I think I'll do Darth Plagueis next.

Recently, I read Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. Actually, I only read it again for the millionth time because there were no other Star Wars books available to me at the time, and I wanted to review what I already know about Star Wars. Overall, it was a good book, and it was amazing to see Windham’s style of writing in the book compared to his other books. This story is about the adventure of a group of rebels trying to bring a tyrannical empire down. They were trying to escape the empire and it's lure of the dark side of the Force, both physically and mentally.

The setting of the story varies greatly. Last movie it was on a desert planet of Tatooine, and now it's on the freezing planet of Hoth. Then, it moves on to space and a swampy planet of Dagobah. This gives me a sense of how greatly the climate of each places in Star Wars varies.

I am more of a prequel Star Wars kind of fan, so I do not know so much about the characters. However, I think it is amazing to see how Luke became who he is, starting from his birth on Polis Massa to a farm boy on Tatooine, waiting for adventure and not knowing of his destiny- much like his father. I liked to see how his behavior was just like Anakin's, but he was able to resist the pull of the dark (though mostly because he didn't have much to lose then apart from his friends, which is the first reason why he confronted Vader and knew that they couldn't be saved if he went to the dark). His emotions gave the story a deeper meaning, not all awesome action and everything.

The thing that struck out to me most was how closely it followed the movie. Usually, movies and novelizations aren’t really exactly the same- with some scenes deleted and some added, and yet some others changed. This junior novelization only adds thoughts of characters when necessary, and I could not detect any changes in dialogue in the movie and the book. In the adult novelization, there were some changed, added, and subtracted scenes. To me, both types are good in different ways. I prefer seeing the story in a deeper way, but if it is to be kept short and sweet for kids then this junior novelization is best.

The way Windham shapes the words make the story as interesting as the movie. His sentence fluency is perfect, and his word choice is awesome and at the same time suitable for all ages. There were amusing parts in the movie that was enhanced in the book more or less, and I felt like I had my own personal TV that I can carry everywhere. It is that engrossing- as every Star Wars stuff is effortlessly engaging to me. I feel that it is just like every other Star Wars book- starting in the thick of the action and ending in a mild cliffhanger. I like it like that- but if you don’t follow the stories then you will have no idea where you are.

I especially love the ending. “Like his father, Anakin Skywalker, Luke has a future to think about.” It was a mild cliffhanger, as I’ve stated, and left me thinking and wanting for more (even though I know what happened next). As the cover said, the journey took a dark turn. It is one of the most important points in Star Wars history- but there are also other points not made a movie. That brings me to my next topic.

Another thing that struck out to me is that it could be like every other Star Wars adventures. Usually the movies are the most significant parts of Star Wars history, but this one could be just like any other parts of the story. There are some important parts that change the saga (Most notably the famous “I am your father” line) and it definitely make a good movie, but there are also other books that are equally important and take an equally dark turn. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it immensely and look forward to reading the next Star Wars book I find.

In conclusion, this book, like every other Star Wars books, is awesome. It has everything you can possibly want in a book- action, mysteries, etc. It also has only a brief scene of romance. It is effortlessly engaging, and it brings back memories when I first watched the movie so many years ago. As I said, since I already know the story inside out, it is something like a review to me. I recommend this for a review to all Star Wars fans, and as something to just try out for everyone.        

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Obi-Wan Betrayed

I made this poem a time ago but I just thought to finish it now. I feel that since the realtionship between Anakin and Obi-Wan is so strong, I can only imagine how he felt when Anakin was Vader. Hope you like it!

The angry lava burst to the sky,
Then the heat came in, soaring and high.
But still my heart stayed cold,
For I was hit by what he said, he who is wise and old.

Yoda told me Anakin is gone,
But not the way that one should mourn.
It is a fate worse than death,
For even thinking about it took away my breath.

Anakin, how could you? 
Would this happen without the war we've been through?
I tried to reach him through the Force,
But all I saw was darkness from a source.

The ship is landing, and I have to face him,
Though I am not ready, my expression is grim.
I don't think I can kill my brother,
And I would much rather die facing the other.

He was twisted by the dark side, and now he is lost,
I have to get him back, no matter the cost.
Now I have to meet him and turn him back,
But is it possible to give him the light he now lacks?

I will keep faith in the light,
And find his way he might.
For the monster I might kill will not be Anakin,
Though he may be in his skin.

If he can't be turned, he is already dead,
And there may be time for tears to shed.
But he's the chosen one and he can't die,
He will bring balance, I though with a sigh.

I am a Jedi, after all,
And I will let go and stand up and tall
I may be blind to his flaws,
But now I won't be as I was.

After all the galaxy has gone through, there's one thing I know of course.
It will all go according to the will of the Force.

That's it for now... May the Force be with you!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Dawn and Dusk of the Dark

Chapter 10


I winced as I heard the unmistakable sound of a skull cracking. The prisoner next to me was just thrown against the slimy wall. I would be surprised if he was still alive.

A trooper went to check. "Dead," he declared.

The officer scoffed. "These scum are too soft for my taste," he grumbled, "how will we find the perfect one?"

I silently seethed. I would have gone to wrap his throat in a second if I didn't have better sense. I would be dead in a second.

They went on looking for tough beings and gave them grueling tests. The reward will be death. The punishment will be death. It was only a matter of time.

There were plenty left who can be added to the growing list, but all of them already looked half dead. Families scurried to stay with each other, while others simply stayed where they were, waiting to be tested. The troopers roughly broke out the prisoners, looking for the perfect ones. Out of the corner of my eyes, I saw tears of joy when troopers walked past them, and cries of terror when they were added on the list.

Soon enough the two lists were full with beings scraped from every corner of the galaxy. Some tried to prevent others from being dragged away, but they all knew it was futile. Barriss and Kalifa could do nothing wiser than just sadly watch them go.

On the middle of the third list, they picked Kalifa. Though it was exactly what we wanted, Kalifa's eyes brimmed with tears that make the show look so real. "Please. No," She croaked, making her face look desperate.

They dragged her away anyway. She seemed to resist a little, then Barriss turned her head, looking surprised as if she saw her dragged away for the first time. "No!" She cried, grabbing on to Kalifa's foot. Eva tried to hold Barriss back.

The guards slammed their rifles on Barriss's hip, and I saw her twist a little to absorb it. Fake tears rolled down her cheeks as she whimpered, "No. Please. No."

Eva tugged Barriss back as the officer came. "Well, well, well," he said, " What do we have here." He smiled devilishly at us all.

The trooper straightened. "We are to take her, sir." He gestured to Kalifa, who was pretending to tremble in fear.

"Well. Since she wanted to go to, maybe we should let her," said the officer conversationally, gesturing to Barriss. Her eyes showed barely suppressed panic, or so it seems. Eva still tried to draw her back.

The officer also took Eva. Though her eyes were wide with fake fear, there was a small smile of triumph they didn't see.

"Anyway, don't worry. We'll be out in fresh air soon," he continued. Suddenly, his balance seemed to falter and he stepped back on my foot and I gave a grunt. For that grunt, the trooper slammed me so hard I saw stars. Eroda and Ward rushed forward as my knees buckled and gave away.

I was wondering where the hell that came from when Kalifa gave me an apologetic look. That increased my suspicions... something weird is going on. About her and Barriss. I can't wonder very well, though, because my head was swimming. As soon as it cleared, I saw the thunderous look of the officer and rough hands pulling me up out of Eroda and Ward's grasp. Oh... good. They plan to take me along for the ride. This time I was glad I didn't say that out of sarcasm.

"Take that girl too," growled the officer, "That should be enough."

Ward raged up to pull Eroda back. But then he got a slam in the head. I winced. I would have gone after him if there wasn't a hand holding me back.

The officer was clearly suspicious that no one learnt from another's mistakes. He narrowed his eyes and beckoned the trooper to take us to where the others are being held. After receiving a sharp jab I reluctantly followed. The others aren't taking it, though. I expected that Kalifa would think of another grand plan to take Ward. She did exactly that.

She straightened herself. And she smiled... like the togruta she was. With a voice calmer than the calmest, she spoke and moved her hand over the officer's face. "Actually, you want to take him."

The officer look dazed and repeated, "Actually, I want to take him."

The trooper looked alarmed. But before he could do anything, Barriss was on him and passed a hand over his face. His shoulders slumped and he remained calm.

I distantly heard Barriss murmur, "Here's your boots. I love 'em. Much better than mines after the drag on Raxus Prime." I distantly saw Kalifa rolling her eyes and smiling, being sure to keep it from the guards. They were successful- as they were successful in everything so far.

There. I knew it. Something was not right. They're- Jedi. Yes, Jedi. The same conclusion I reached in the beginning, only to discard it on her words. She told me half the truth. That explains everything... from the warm feeling inside me whenever they're near to when they jump around saving people with their extraordinary courage and awesome powers. I made up my mind to talk to them.

Eroda and Ward aren't feeling it, though. Their eyes were running through Barriss's hidden devices, looking for a device that clouds thinking. I wanted to roll my eyes.

Eva stood there, waiting, with her face blank. She showed no sign of surprise anything. I guess she was an ordinary rebel... or as ordinary as anything can be these days.

The rest of the things happened in a blur. Ward was with us and we were taken of to this cell. Eva stayed with Eroda and Ward while I stayed with Barriss. Kalifa was in the next cell. I sat there, waiting, looking for a way to process everything in my overloaded brain. I sensed Barriss's eyes on me as I finally looked up.

"What's wrong?" she asked.


She sighed. I know she was not fooled.

"Fine. Something," I said quietly, letting my eyes drop. She came to my side and sat next to me.

"What is it?" she whispered.

Then I felt it. I felt what she felt. She was in much turmoil as I was. I felt the bond between us. We just met, and I seemed to know her my whole life. I never trusted or befriend anyone new after my mother's death. The pain is almost unbearable when you lost someone close. Every one and everything will die. Especially in the prison. But every instinct in my body said that I can trust her even after all that had happen. And so I did.

"You're Jedi. You and Kalifa- if that's even your real names."

Surprise showed on her face for half a second. Then it was gone... it seemed as if she suspected this all along. She smiled.

"Huh. At last she's been proved right. I lost the bet. Kalifa expected this all along. She felt something special in you-"

"-something special?"

"Yes. Everybody has something special... but you have something that could get you far. She felt it all along. That's why she wanted to take you along- you of all beings."

"Oh" was all I could say. My mouth hang open. I vividly heard sounds that probably indicate the ship landing.

Barriss continued. "Why did we decide to take you along? Because we know you’re Force-sensitive. Eroda and Ward were your friends, so we took them to.”

My mouth still hung open.

“Don’t you ever wonder why you were in prison for so long without dying?”

I have wondered that. Why did I live for fourteen years and they did not execute me? Not that I was in a hurry to die. I always thought it was out of luck, but recent events showed me there was no such thing. Even Kalifa said so.

She nodded, sensing my thoughts as usual. As she stood up and got ready for the adventure, I felt assured. Time will tell everything. What my destiny was going to be and my purpose in life is going to become clear. Now, I learnt to live in the present moment. It will all be the way it was meant to be. It will the way wanted by the will of the Force.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Darth Paper

As the name suggests, this is Darth Vader on paper. I did an origami on a blog I got from It's actually easy. You can make it a puppet and say it to your friends... DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF THE DARK SIDE... or something like that. Here's the link:

What they got:
Doesn't look very threatening, huh? Wait till you see mines.

Awww he's adorable <3 Nothing like Darth Vader... this is Paper the White and that's Vader the Black! :D

I suggest you try it out. Who knows? Maybe you'll get this:
*Battle of the Heroes playing in my head*

Or this:
*Angelic song playing in my head*

Either way, go for it! This is my first origami and it's not so bad! May the Force be with you!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Revenge Review

In the eyes of my mind, I went back to the season finale of season three. "Wookie Hunt" ended with an emotional touch. I feel sorry there wasn't more and I looked forward to season four. Now, looking back, I remember the excitement I felt at the start of this season. It seems like only yesterday when we were plunged into an underwater world. Now, the season is over. Time flies when you're having fun.

Last episode wasn't that good for my standards, so I did not expect this one to be really good, though since it's the season finale I knew I would enjoy it. Boy, I was wrong. I didn't only enjoy it, but it blew me of like Massacre did. I love the episode. It has a few strange turns, and it was just the thing I wanted. There was everything that makes a Clone Wars episode awesome- humor, action, love (well, in this case, it's kind of between brothers, and I don't really expect love in this one).

I'm not a very romantic person, and I think one scene of love is enough. No more; no less. While this one does not openly show love, it seemed evident to me that the brothers were completely loyal to one another. While it was like evil love, it can change a lot anyway. The Jedi forbid attachment since love leads to the dark side, Luke's love for his father led him back to the light. I feel it works both ways, though the Jedi are correct to forbid it since we don't need to repair anything if we fix it before it's broken. In this case, though, it's already broken... down to the dark. So I'm hoping that the characters will at least change and surprise me a few more times.

It was interesting to see Darth Mual alive. His craziness was starting to get on my nerves. He was like a young baby and Savage was his baby sitter. Also, the spider legs are just creepy. The game Darth Mual played was kind of funny. He followed the light like a curious little boy. It seems so impossible for a once great Sith Lord to land like this. Kind of hilarious too, though. I'm glad when Mother Talzin (still love her accent, by the way) fixed him up, though that gotta hurt. It wasn't pretty. Though that reminds me of when Ventress was there... and it's creepy how she just went away like that.

I'm glad they landed on Dathomir, and it was somehow dreadful to see the whole Nightsister clan wiped out. While I took comfort in the fact that Talzin was confident the Nightsister clan would survive, I was not a fan of them and had to remind myself that they are evil. While Savage was a monster, he has feelings. I can only imagine how he felt when he saw that. Though his expression didn't really change, I believe there was more to it than the surface. That brings me back to when Savage wasn't a monster yet, and I hope he would get to be like that again.

Obi-Wan was awesome. I love his sense of humor, which never fades away even when he's captured and thrown around like a rag doll. My heart was pumping as if I just ran a mile, and when I saw this it was like I ran a hundred miles. I kept on wincing, and at it eased the knot in my stomach and the tension a lot when he said that he liked Mual's legs and it made him taller. I was like, jeez, he's about to be killed and he was joking around when it's supposed to be his last words. Even when he was taken by surprise when he had to battle both Mual and Savage (I screamed not fair a thousand times), I feel that his skill was not shown too well. He battle Mual as a Padawan even longer than this. Even if Savage was there, it should be longer now that he was a Jedi Master. Not fair. I feel sorry for him when he had to relive that terrible moment when his master died... because the taunt got into him... I never saw it like that. And Darth Mual never taunts... until now.

I loved Ventress in this episode. It's interesting to see how her character develops. From a frightened young girl to a slave, then a Jedi, then a Sith assassin, then a Nightsister, then a Bounty Hunter. Well, kind of. Though she only wanted the money, she seems to be working on the right side now. I feel that there's more than the money to her though. I mean, she's on the wanted list herself and if she captured Savage then turn him in, don't you think that she's going to get captured too? I wonder, now that she was with Obi-Wan, what will happen to her? My best guess is that she'll be dropped off somewhere while Obi-Wan gets back to Courasant. I don't think that Obi-Wan might allow that, since she needs to be tried too. Anyway, even though she didn't admit it, I think she's turned to the good side after all she's been through. She's becoming one of my favorite characters. She has a sense of humor, even though that creepy laugh was still in there. Her Jar'Kai lightsaber style was developing, and she was becoming a greater fighter. She has a weaker left arm, but that didn't seem to show much anymore. She learnt to trust Obi-Wan and everything. In short, she's becoming a great person. Though she really needs to grow some hair...

One thing that's bothering me is the story of her life. We know that in the end of her story she was injured, then Dooku took her in to save her, but then the Jedi came and every one abandoned her. She dueled with the Jedi and lost. As she lay dying, she told Obi-Wan the Separatist's base. But then she put herself in a Sith trace and then went to live the rest of her life away from everything. I don't see how that goes with how she is now. I guess I just have to wait and see.

The two brothers together seemed smarter. Slaughter would definitely bring the Jedi there... but then gulp. They don't care about anything. I just heard the cheers of the kids that were starving, finally hearing the sound of the ship that would bring them supplies. Little did they know that that was one of the last thing they will be doing in their life. I can't believe how cruel the galaxy is. Maul seemed to know exactly what to do. In the end of the episode, I was almost sure that they would want to reach Palpatine. I think Mual knows that his former Master must have taken a new apprentice to keep the rule of two alive, but then he was ready.

I love the animations. The aurebesh writing was awesome. "WANTED" in big bold words and the names of the people gave me a sense of how the galaxy is. I learnt some new criminals too. I love Ventress's outfit. The world that Obi-Wan found was beautiful. The flowers glow at night... it reminds me of Felucia.

The bad things about this episode are few, but then I think worth mentioning. As stated above, Obi-Wan's fight was a little too fake; he could put up more. Also stated above is how this episode fits the whole story. It seemed to have some cracks. I'd love the see Ahsoka and Anakin in the finale, but that didn't happen. I was also hoping to see some other less used Jedi like Master Plo (though he was in holo, that's it). I like a fight with blaster bolts too, but there was none (though the lightsaber fight was awesome and did satisfy me). I didn't like Obi-Wan fleeing, but I guess that's something I have to deal with. Worst of all, I feel like screaming when it left such a good story in a cliffhanger. I gotta go so long without seeing the end... it's just like Escape from Kavado all over again... The plot was okay, but not really my style sometimes.

As I've said, "Wookie Hunt" ended with an emotional touch. This one didn't really, but the cliffhanger was good in a way. My brain knows the season is over, but my heart seemed oblivious to the fact. I'd rate this episode a 9/10. Whatever happens, I look forward to season five.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Dawn and Dusk of the Dark

*** I think that I found the title for this story. "The Unknown Destiny" sounds good enough. Please let me know what you think of that title. I planned from the beginning for "The Dawn and Dusk of the Dark" to be the series title like "Last of the Jedi". Okay... I'm done. Closing my mouth and letting you read now. Nothing very interesting here, just setting up the story. I will revise it again for it to be more humorous and interesting. I'd probably be done with this whole story when I turn thirteen. Okay, really stopping my mouth now. :)

Chapter 9
For the first time since I can remember, I slept soundly, only awaken by the sound of Barriss's cheerful voice. "Wakey wakey! Time to get up!" she sang.

As usual, I sat bolt upright and stood while rubbing my eyes. It's going to be another long day, I thought, I have to remember to clean that edge on the- oh. Right. We escaped that already. As soon as that thought hit me, what's left of yesterday's elation coursed through and then I allowed myself to fall back into my slumber for the first time in my life.

But Kalifa wasn't allowing it. She pulled us all upright, and soon enough the guards threw some food in the room we stayed. As soon as we could we scrambled forward to get what little breakfast we were able to get. Kalifa and Barriss's amazing skills at fighting helped a lot. They divided it equally between all of us, but I didn't manage to get much food. Eroda and Ward got none. I was reluctant to accept theirs, but one firm look on Kalifa's face told me that she wanted me to eat. I took it gratefully, because we all knew I needed my strength.

Prisoners remembering the fiasco Kalifa caused the other day in prison stayed away from us, so we got a clear space. We all sat in a circle and discussed what was coming up. Eva began in her crisp voice.
"Just so you all know, I ended up in prison like Kalifa did, though I was on Gala at that time. Anyway, as you all can see, we are going to Courasant in the time of the fete week. Generals, how do you suppose we ensure the fact that we get on the rescue place?"

Generals? They're generals?!
Barriss spoke up. "The people that aren't picked are going back to the prison on Raxus Prime. So I guess we should get on with the execution list. It's risky, but we have a better chance at getting free. That will be plan A. Plan B... what do you think, Kaayla?"

I was astonished that she asked for my opinion, but I had nothing to say. I just looked at Eroda and Ward (who was equally unhelpful) and shrugged.

Kalifa is again displaying her knack of making jokes. She said, "I'd go along with plan A. I don't have an idea for plan B. We'll make it up then if it is needed. And if plan B doesn't work, we got so many letters left on the alphabet to worry."
I can see Barriss restraining herself from rolling her eyes. Eva saw this as rushed on before they got into an argument.

"So we get in. I suppose your charms will work here. Then, what? You know we can't do anything much."
"Weeeelll," said Kalifa, dragging out the words. "I can go first... or Barriss, for that matter, and then when we're almost positioned we bring a blaster out and shoot it for a signal. I know. Lame. But it'll work. Then we just fight."

Barriss added, "Make sure we get on the list for the third day, not the first or second. Otherwise we'd face the emperor. Or Vader."

Kalifa's face darkened. I can tell she had a grudge for Vader. "We'll be fine," she said.

I'm always kind of a face reader, so whether she liked it or not I can tell she said that to reassure herself as well as all of us. Once again, I wondered what's her history. I mean, it's pretty amazing for someone that skilled to land in prison. Or else this is all a dream. That would make sense. The chances are one to million for me, a forgotten prisoner, to be rescued by one of the finest rebels in the Galaxy.

Barriss's emerald green eyes studied me intently, interrupting my thoughts. It felt uncomfortable.
"What?" I asked.
She shook her head. "Nothing. I wasn't even looking at you."

Only then did I realize that she wasn't looking at me, but then I still get the feeling she is. Kalifa and Eva too. It seems as if they found me as interesting as I found them.

After a moment, a voice came. "Uh, guys? I think we gotta continue before the time comes." That was Eroda. For a moment we forgot she was here. Oops. I hope she didn't feel left out. I'm glad, though, that she took away the uneasy silence.

Eva spoke up dryly. "Right. All in all, we got our plan more or less. Good thing, too. I was half wondering whether we would have one, because time after time we rush in recklessly without a plan when Kalifa's around."

Kalifa grinned. "Who knows? We didn't make up plan B, and if this doesn't work then we'll go back to the good old times."

Gulp. I hope it works. And I almost groaned aloud. I hate déjà vu. I've seen enough of it.

"Okay," Kalifa continued, "Since you are all eager for a plan, maybe one should sum it up." She flashed a smile at Ward.

Ward said, "Plan A: We will get into the third death list. Then Kalifa would be the first on the list. When almost positioned, she would shoot a blaster bolt at some target, which would be a signal for the Rebels to rise."

Eva nodded, pleased. "That's it. One of the simplest I've ever been through, though it's never as simple as it seems. I'm glad someone has listening skills too."

Kalifa gave another embarrassed grin as we all half smiled. Kalifa's not that good with following orders, I can tell. But before anyone can comment further, Kalifa's grin dropped and her monotrals seemed to be working.

"They're here," she whispered.

We broke up the group and went more or less in front. Which was pretty hard after awhile, since everyone else was trying to move backwards. It was no problem for Kalifa, and maybe Barriss, but for everyone else it was a crushing effort. In the end the door slammed open and some dude in a green suit with a cool looking cap-as Kalifa would put it- came in with stormtroopers. His evil little face twisted with contempt, but he was looking professional.

"Are you sure we can't take more of this filthy low life?" He asked. I felt anger rising up in my stomach.

"No, sir," one of the stormtroopers answered. "The Emperor made it clear that we are to take ten on each list, or it would cause... problems."

Yeah, I thought scathingly, you don't want them to become a martyr, do you, Palpatine? Or you're so innocent you wouldn't want more blood on your hands than you do now? It hardly matters, you tyrant, since your hand is already so red with millions of lives that more would hardly matter to you.

There must have been a look on my face because Eroda and Ward shot me a warning look. Good thing nobody else saw it. I wish they would hurry up and start choosing. The sooner we get started the sooner we get finished. But I don't know what "finish" means here. Death or accomplishment? Only time will tell.

This is it. It's starting. The final stage in my attempt to be free. I wonder what will happen to me after I am free, if I am? Certainly I would want to help bring it down and I am willing to put my life on the line again.

Focus, I reprimanded myself. I can already hear Kalifa's serious voice in my head saying that you need to live in the present but be mindful of the future, but don't exchange it for here and now.

I am ready now. The longer I stay here, the more power I award my fear.


Well, I'm definitely excited for this one, and I have a feeling it won't let me down this time! The Jedi is coming into this just like plain old Star Wars- Jedi vs. Sith!!! One thing that's boggling me, though, is that is Darth Mual a sith still? If he is, then the rule of two that Darth Bane created may have loopholes. Does Sidious know? There are many questions in my head... I hope they're answered here.


"The enemy of my enemy is my friend."

This reminds me of The Force Unleashed Two... "I was once foolish to think my enemy's enemy is my friend." or something like that. It contradicts each other, but I believe in both. I mean enemy of my enemy is my friend, but I still need to be guarded, right? Or something. I don't want to confuse myself.

Official Description
"Savage and Maul, now reunited, pursue Obi-Wan Kenobi in search of revenge, and the Jedi Knight finds himself forced to unite with a surprising ally to defend against the deadly siblings."
Simply said, this leaves me speechless.

One note... I find it surprising that they went to the thick of the action in the trailer, because mostly they show just the scenes that were not so exciting, but pumps us up. So the trailer left me literally wide eyed.

Is that... Obi-Wan's lightsaber?! I wonder what Anakin will say? :P Anyway, looks like he's armed, though now a saberstaff as usual.

So Obi-Wan arrives on this creepy world that's kinda beautiful. Huh. And I notice his lightsaber...

I'm glad Obi-Wan force pushed it to the wall to end it's misery of slamming itself over and over, even though it's a droid.

This is where it gets creepy and exciting!

Good to know that Darth Mual replaced his legs. Those spider legs were creepy and fragile and.... gah. I hated it. Anyway, it's also good to know Obi-Wan is still himself.

Just like the trailer for Darth Mual returns! Beautiful! And deadly...

Yes, Obi-Wan, it is really him. Though he does talk more than in Episode one.

Yeah, he will never forget him.

The two brothers... I just read about Mual in Darth Plaguies... so he's half nighsister and everything... surprising and awesome! That explains a lot.

It seems not to belong in this episode and the graphics ain't good. Hmmm...

Yes that is Obi-Wan's lightsaber. Oh Force.

Doesn't seem to belong either. And not beautiful like the others.

A good lightsaber fight always pump me! And I see his lightsaber...

Darth Mual NEVER taunts. It simply isn't his style, as stated in wookiepedia. Until now. This is the first time I see Obi-Wan like this.
That's it for now! May the Force be with you!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Ultimate Fandom Quiz

Recently I saw many bloggers doing this, and I thought it was cool. I didn't know the link until just now from J&J Productions. So... here we go!

I honestly don't know what most of them are since I don't have much common knowledge other than Star Wars and maybe capital cities, so I'll just tell what I know.

For Harry Potter, I'm so glad I was able to go in Ravenclaw. Harry Potter is second only to Star Wars on my list, and I still go over it sometimes, pretty much like I do everyday for Star Wars. While everyone is wanting to go into Gryffindor, I actually want to be in Rowena's house most. Like she said, "Wit beyond measure is a man's greatest treasure". I feel the same way. While Gryffindor is chivalrous and all, I feel that knowledge is more important. Hermoine Granger was almost sorted into Ravenclaw, and she's my favorite character. I'm glad, though, that she was with Harry in Godric's house since it's the way it's meant to be. Knowledge definitely got Harry out of lots of tight spots in his adventures with his two best friends.

Elf in Lord of the Rings! I feel elated. I really love Legolas, and I want to be an elf. I'm delighted I get to live forever and everything... though Dumbledore said in Harry Potter that death is just life's next big adventure, and the Jedi accept it, and I know we would get tired to living someday, but then... isn't it awesome to get to live forever? Until we get killed or something?

Most of all, I'm so glad my results went to Jedi. If only it were true! I want to know everything I can about the Jedi Order... at least, from 60-19 BBY. I hope I get to know it all, but then I'm not quite there yet. I can already imagine myself in my dreams, touching the Force and using it as my ally... swinging my lightsaber strong and true... oh sigh. That's where I got my ideas for WATW (my previous post). I'd do anything to become a Jedi, or at least as much like them as I can be. Starting with my appearances, I did my padawan braid and cut my hair like I've seen Jedi did. I want to take gymnastics, and I'm going to take piano for the sake of playing the soundtracks that I feel help me get closer to the Force. And in the galaxy, I selected my master... a free one that could be as cannon as possible, of course, and how my life would be like (what friends I have, etc.)

I'm pretty satisfied with being the Child of Adam and Eve. I first read Narnia in grade four, and while I'm not a big fan of it, I'm sure I can be if not for Star Wars, and I'm too lazy to go take a look at the books again. I love the story nevertheless. Maybe I want be like Susan (though I don't like her ending) who can shoot arrows and kick butt.

I'm don't know what the other ones are, but weeping angel is Doctor Who sounds cool. I watched the movie, but I was young and terrified, so I didn't get a thing. Mortal in Percy Jackson sounds okay. I never allowed myself to explore Star Trek, since I like Star Wars, one and only. But I know what Klingon are and I don't like it. I don't care thought. Battlestar Galactica's results are okay, since I'm already human (duh!). I have no idea what the rest are, though I really want to read the Hunger Games!

That's it for now! May the Force be with you!

Monday, March 12, 2012

A Bright Center to the Universe

This is my Worth A Thousand Words story, and idea that began by Voronda Elda-Aranel. (Actually, it is 1,006, but I guess it'll do. Voronda's is 1,002.) I always had this idea in mind, but never got the chance to form it until now. "A Bright Center to the Universe" is, as you all know, a quote of Luke that got me thinking. So here we are. The picture of the month, which I will be writing about, it below. Hope you enjoy it, and don't forget to check out Voronda's in A Believer's Journey!

It all began with my birthday. I am sure of it... as sure as I can be. Everything was so extraordinary, I thought I needed to write it down, in hopes that someone will read it someday. Everyone has a story, a story that's the bright center of the universe. Their universe.

My name is Sirita. This is my story. The bright center of my universe.

As I said, it all began with my birthday. My fifteenth birthday, to be exact. It was the best birthday of my life. My friends knew exactly what to give me, and I knew exactly what to do. It was like I lived this moment before.

I am a Star Wars fan. Always been, as long as I can remember. I recall my first birthday, where I heard the sounds of zooming ships streaking to hypersapace. Of course, it was in a movie, but a magical one that got me into another galaxy. My parents named my Sirita, unknowingly that it was like Siri Tachi, my favorite Jedi. Even before I knew her, my favorite color was violet. Her blade color was violet. My hair is blond like hers. My personality, as I've been told, is like her. It's like I'm not pretending to be Siri Tachi, but I am Siri Tachi. In a world called Earth.

So. Back to my birthday. I had a very good day, just as every other time I celebrated my birthday. My gifts, of course, were things of Star Wars. I got an awesome new poster, Chewie Cake, Princess Leia's costume, a "lightsaber", Jedi Robes, Revenge of the Sith novelization by Mathew Stover, and many other things. Strangest among my gifts, though, was a black box about the size of my palms, covered in Star Wars style ribbons. I couldn't get it open, nor could I tell what's inside. There was no note. Not even a Happy Birthday wish. Nevertheless, all of this was truly marvelous. But I only knew the true meaning of "marvelous" when I thought my day was over, even though it was just beginning.

I hopped onto bed, replaying the events in my head. Wherever my mind goes, though, it always came back to the box. I tossed and turned, and then finally stayed still. I felt something... not just the box, but a connection. A bond. It stretched out for millions of miles, yet it was so small... and so big at the same time.

 I could hear the trees rustling outside my window... feel the texture of the carpet beneath my feet... see the waves crashing in the oceans on the other side of the world... smell the left over soup downstairs, and taste the sweet Chewie Cake finished an hour ago, and hear my own cheerful cry echoing in my bedroom walls. Time doesn't matter to me anymore... nor does distance or size... because I was nothing and everything. I was the trees, the carpet, the waves, the cake, and the walls. I was light and dark. I feel like I was one of them, yet I was dwarfed by them. I couldn't grasp it completely. I was a part of them, yet apart from them.

After all, I was me. Taking comfort in that fact, I let myself be guided by the flow. It all centers around... the box?! I wanted to go get it, open it, see what's in it, and use it. The temptation was overwhelming. Yet I allowed myself to quiet down, and sink deeper and deeper into the bond and flow. Closing my eyes, I reached out my hand, feeling its smooth surface and coolness against my skin. I opened it. It was in my hand.

Right now I thought I would have panicked, but oddly I felt strangely calm. I felt rather than see myself open the box as I flowed with the invisible waves. Inside... was a ball. Reaching deeper and deeper into the flow, I was no longer guiding my hands but let everything take over. The ball cracked and light spilled, swirling around and around until it formed a galaxy in my hands.

We are one.

Clunk. Sunk deep into the Force, Siri could hardly hear the sound of the metal opponent falling against the hard floor. She was one with everything. With the Force. The Force guided her legs into a kick- no, the Force was her legs kicking. It was her lightsaber buzzing and her sweat rolling, and also her droid opponent. Soon, though, the Force took away the Force, or rather, Siri took away the droids. Slowly coming back to her conscious self, she put her blindfold down and allowed the sun to bathe her face with sunlight for a moment before she adjusted her eyes. She found Yoda smiling at her, definitely impressed, knowing that this was her first time on this exercise. She could be a legend. Allowing Yoda's silent praise to fill her for a moment, she breathed it out and let it go like a Jedi she was. The Force was to be thanked.

She recalled the lightsaber construction ceremony. Put plainly,  the lightsaber in her hand was intertwined with everything through the Force- because it was the Force. We are one.

I blinked. It felt just like I dived into the bright center- the Capital of the Republic, where the Jedi Temple was. I felt like I was there. Oh right, of course I was there... I was the Force, and I was everywhere. I was Siri. Wait... I was the Force. I was the Force. It took a few moments to sink in. I blinked again.

I woke up. It had all been a dream. A really good dream. Sunlight was pouring in my windows, just as it had in the Jedi Temple. I looked up and saw the black box just where I left it yesterday night. I smiled. I knew that it wasn't just a dream, but it was the first time I had touched the Force.

Whew! That took a long time! May the Force be with you!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

My Fan Art #1 :)

Well, I have done a lot of Star Wars art recently so I thought I'd share it here. Hope you like it!

I just finished this today. To me, that battle could determine the fate of the galaxy in many ways, so I felt I needed one to express it all.

As you all know, I love Ahsoka Tano. This is just one more picture I did that shows her in all the stages of her life, and when she was wearing different clothes.

To me, Ahsoka's eyes is one of the most striking things about her, so I drew one picture of it. Since it didn't really stand out, I guess I'll color it.

Another Ahsoka picture. I guess I need to fix her eyes and neck a little... and maybe her nose. Then I'll color it.

I never did one for Leia, so I just did one since she deserves some tribute. And I put my favorite quote about her down there... from Yoda, of course. It shows her as a baby in ROTS, young adult in ROTJ, and then her later life as a Jedi. She's my favorite original trilogy character.

Another wallpaper for my favorite couple

Ahsoka in her poses of the various forms of lightsaber combat, though not all. I had a glitch a couldn't fix, as you all can see.

That's it for now! May the Force be with you!

Brothers Review

The last words of the episode echoed through me head as I type this. I had a Star Wars marathon of reading fan fictions, watching the movies again, and now seeing this episode. The episode. Right. It could be summed up in three words.

Darth Maul returns.

Those three words carry a sea of meaning and raised up so many questions. What? Where? When? Why? How? I was all crazy about having my questions answered, and looked forward to this episode. One of the most awesome characters in TPM is coming back. That should cause a lot of excitement. I don't know how to say this, but I was disappointed. It wasn't that bad, but I had higher hopes for it than any other. But it turned out to be just another episode. Yoda's words echoed through my mind. "If routine you count on, disappointed you hopes will be. It is better to expect nothing and let each moment surprise you." Well, I wasn't counting on routine, but then I knew what he meant. My questions were hardly answered, but at least I got hope that it will next week and I got to enjoy the episode more or less.

Let's start of with the things not concerning this episode. I'm really glad that Anakin and Ahsoka are back, but they didn't play much of a role. Anakin sensing the disturbance is building up the story, but then it didn't help really much. Same thing with Dooku. I noticed that they repeated the same exact words. Chris in Secrets of the Force also pointed out that Ahsoka calling her master Anakin is unsettling. The Force theme was nice, but it was somehow off. I was happy Assajj Ventress was there, but I quickly discovered there was no point of putting her in since there was not going to be a good part of her inside the episode. Mother Talzin also had no point in the episode. I don't really see how she betrayed Savage either. Though, on a random note, I like her accent.

Next stop, the comic relief. The talking snake. It kind of reminds me of Jar Jar, but then he was not the same. I'd trade some humor for seeing Darth Mual sooner anytime. It was quite strange seeing a snake talk like that. I think it's not quite Star Wars-ish. The humor made me laugh a little, which was a good thing in the episode. I did not see the betrayal coming at all. I feel like strangling the snake myself, and I can't say that I didn't take pleasure in seeing it choked and burnt.

Savage is displaying his usual self. I winced when he threw the guy off his own ship- ouch. That gotta hurt. His tracking skills are good, and I'm glad the necklace has a role in it. There was too much of him tracking his brother on the planet, since we were all dying to see Darth Mual come back. There should be less of that and the scenes with the stupid talking snake. The "Is that you, brother?" lines were cracking my nerves. I'm glad, though, that he finally reached Mual, even though it was all for the rain.

Darth Mual. His voice doesn't match the original one that well, and it's understandable that he's mad but it's overkill. I find his legs creepy and weird. On the bright side, he definitely looks starving and his horns are longer than they had been in TPM, which suggests he was ill. It was queer to see a once strong sith become... this. I'm hoping for something. Anything.

The episode has some pretty good action, but then there's not enough. Seeing short fights between brothers aren't enough for me. And some pathetic life forms fighting with Savage isn't that good. I was hoping for a lightsaber fight or something.

The scene at the end was good. After the single word "Revenge" I knew something was coming up. At least the dark side did not blind Yoda, seeing he knows Mual was alive. Obi-Wan repeated the same thing he did in season three, though he was then talking about Savage. ("I killed him myself") I wonder what the chancellor would do if he knew... if he already didn't.

In conclusion, I hope this doesn't sound too negative. I'm okay with it, not hating nor loving. If this was in a normal Clone Wars episode to me, I would say it's awesome. It has some bright sides- the animation is great, some good action, appearance of the characters I like, etc. But then it was... off. I wanted better for Mual returning, and the trailer got me pumped up. I was disappointed, but then not that much. I still have hope that the next episode would really shine. I'd give this one a 6/10. Until then... May the Force be with you!