Monday, March 12, 2012

A Bright Center to the Universe

This is my Worth A Thousand Words story, and idea that began by Voronda Elda-Aranel. (Actually, it is 1,006, but I guess it'll do. Voronda's is 1,002.) I always had this idea in mind, but never got the chance to form it until now. "A Bright Center to the Universe" is, as you all know, a quote of Luke that got me thinking. So here we are. The picture of the month, which I will be writing about, it below. Hope you enjoy it, and don't forget to check out Voronda's in A Believer's Journey!

It all began with my birthday. I am sure of it... as sure as I can be. Everything was so extraordinary, I thought I needed to write it down, in hopes that someone will read it someday. Everyone has a story, a story that's the bright center of the universe. Their universe.

My name is Sirita. This is my story. The bright center of my universe.

As I said, it all began with my birthday. My fifteenth birthday, to be exact. It was the best birthday of my life. My friends knew exactly what to give me, and I knew exactly what to do. It was like I lived this moment before.

I am a Star Wars fan. Always been, as long as I can remember. I recall my first birthday, where I heard the sounds of zooming ships streaking to hypersapace. Of course, it was in a movie, but a magical one that got me into another galaxy. My parents named my Sirita, unknowingly that it was like Siri Tachi, my favorite Jedi. Even before I knew her, my favorite color was violet. Her blade color was violet. My hair is blond like hers. My personality, as I've been told, is like her. It's like I'm not pretending to be Siri Tachi, but I am Siri Tachi. In a world called Earth.

So. Back to my birthday. I had a very good day, just as every other time I celebrated my birthday. My gifts, of course, were things of Star Wars. I got an awesome new poster, Chewie Cake, Princess Leia's costume, a "lightsaber", Jedi Robes, Revenge of the Sith novelization by Mathew Stover, and many other things. Strangest among my gifts, though, was a black box about the size of my palms, covered in Star Wars style ribbons. I couldn't get it open, nor could I tell what's inside. There was no note. Not even a Happy Birthday wish. Nevertheless, all of this was truly marvelous. But I only knew the true meaning of "marvelous" when I thought my day was over, even though it was just beginning.

I hopped onto bed, replaying the events in my head. Wherever my mind goes, though, it always came back to the box. I tossed and turned, and then finally stayed still. I felt something... not just the box, but a connection. A bond. It stretched out for millions of miles, yet it was so small... and so big at the same time.

 I could hear the trees rustling outside my window... feel the texture of the carpet beneath my feet... see the waves crashing in the oceans on the other side of the world... smell the left over soup downstairs, and taste the sweet Chewie Cake finished an hour ago, and hear my own cheerful cry echoing in my bedroom walls. Time doesn't matter to me anymore... nor does distance or size... because I was nothing and everything. I was the trees, the carpet, the waves, the cake, and the walls. I was light and dark. I feel like I was one of them, yet I was dwarfed by them. I couldn't grasp it completely. I was a part of them, yet apart from them.

After all, I was me. Taking comfort in that fact, I let myself be guided by the flow. It all centers around... the box?! I wanted to go get it, open it, see what's in it, and use it. The temptation was overwhelming. Yet I allowed myself to quiet down, and sink deeper and deeper into the bond and flow. Closing my eyes, I reached out my hand, feeling its smooth surface and coolness against my skin. I opened it. It was in my hand.

Right now I thought I would have panicked, but oddly I felt strangely calm. I felt rather than see myself open the box as I flowed with the invisible waves. Inside... was a ball. Reaching deeper and deeper into the flow, I was no longer guiding my hands but let everything take over. The ball cracked and light spilled, swirling around and around until it formed a galaxy in my hands.

We are one.

Clunk. Sunk deep into the Force, Siri could hardly hear the sound of the metal opponent falling against the hard floor. She was one with everything. With the Force. The Force guided her legs into a kick- no, the Force was her legs kicking. It was her lightsaber buzzing and her sweat rolling, and also her droid opponent. Soon, though, the Force took away the Force, or rather, Siri took away the droids. Slowly coming back to her conscious self, she put her blindfold down and allowed the sun to bathe her face with sunlight for a moment before she adjusted her eyes. She found Yoda smiling at her, definitely impressed, knowing that this was her first time on this exercise. She could be a legend. Allowing Yoda's silent praise to fill her for a moment, she breathed it out and let it go like a Jedi she was. The Force was to be thanked.

She recalled the lightsaber construction ceremony. Put plainly,  the lightsaber in her hand was intertwined with everything through the Force- because it was the Force. We are one.

I blinked. It felt just like I dived into the bright center- the Capital of the Republic, where the Jedi Temple was. I felt like I was there. Oh right, of course I was there... I was the Force, and I was everywhere. I was Siri. Wait... I was the Force. I was the Force. It took a few moments to sink in. I blinked again.

I woke up. It had all been a dream. A really good dream. Sunlight was pouring in my windows, just as it had in the Jedi Temple. I looked up and saw the black box just where I left it yesterday night. I smiled. I knew that it wasn't just a dream, but it was the first time I had touched the Force.

Whew! That took a long time! May the Force be with you!


  1. Sorry it took me awhile to get here bt GREAT Story!!! Siri is my favorite charecter!! Awesome story!

    1. Thanks!!! :D She's one of mines too :D