Saturday, March 10, 2012

Brothers Review

The last words of the episode echoed through me head as I type this. I had a Star Wars marathon of reading fan fictions, watching the movies again, and now seeing this episode. The episode. Right. It could be summed up in three words.

Darth Maul returns.

Those three words carry a sea of meaning and raised up so many questions. What? Where? When? Why? How? I was all crazy about having my questions answered, and looked forward to this episode. One of the most awesome characters in TPM is coming back. That should cause a lot of excitement. I don't know how to say this, but I was disappointed. It wasn't that bad, but I had higher hopes for it than any other. But it turned out to be just another episode. Yoda's words echoed through my mind. "If routine you count on, disappointed you hopes will be. It is better to expect nothing and let each moment surprise you." Well, I wasn't counting on routine, but then I knew what he meant. My questions were hardly answered, but at least I got hope that it will next week and I got to enjoy the episode more or less.

Let's start of with the things not concerning this episode. I'm really glad that Anakin and Ahsoka are back, but they didn't play much of a role. Anakin sensing the disturbance is building up the story, but then it didn't help really much. Same thing with Dooku. I noticed that they repeated the same exact words. Chris in Secrets of the Force also pointed out that Ahsoka calling her master Anakin is unsettling. The Force theme was nice, but it was somehow off. I was happy Assajj Ventress was there, but I quickly discovered there was no point of putting her in since there was not going to be a good part of her inside the episode. Mother Talzin also had no point in the episode. I don't really see how she betrayed Savage either. Though, on a random note, I like her accent.

Next stop, the comic relief. The talking snake. It kind of reminds me of Jar Jar, but then he was not the same. I'd trade some humor for seeing Darth Mual sooner anytime. It was quite strange seeing a snake talk like that. I think it's not quite Star Wars-ish. The humor made me laugh a little, which was a good thing in the episode. I did not see the betrayal coming at all. I feel like strangling the snake myself, and I can't say that I didn't take pleasure in seeing it choked and burnt.

Savage is displaying his usual self. I winced when he threw the guy off his own ship- ouch. That gotta hurt. His tracking skills are good, and I'm glad the necklace has a role in it. There was too much of him tracking his brother on the planet, since we were all dying to see Darth Mual come back. There should be less of that and the scenes with the stupid talking snake. The "Is that you, brother?" lines were cracking my nerves. I'm glad, though, that he finally reached Mual, even though it was all for the rain.

Darth Mual. His voice doesn't match the original one that well, and it's understandable that he's mad but it's overkill. I find his legs creepy and weird. On the bright side, he definitely looks starving and his horns are longer than they had been in TPM, which suggests he was ill. It was queer to see a once strong sith become... this. I'm hoping for something. Anything.

The episode has some pretty good action, but then there's not enough. Seeing short fights between brothers aren't enough for me. And some pathetic life forms fighting with Savage isn't that good. I was hoping for a lightsaber fight or something.

The scene at the end was good. After the single word "Revenge" I knew something was coming up. At least the dark side did not blind Yoda, seeing he knows Mual was alive. Obi-Wan repeated the same thing he did in season three, though he was then talking about Savage. ("I killed him myself") I wonder what the chancellor would do if he knew... if he already didn't.

In conclusion, I hope this doesn't sound too negative. I'm okay with it, not hating nor loving. If this was in a normal Clone Wars episode to me, I would say it's awesome. It has some bright sides- the animation is great, some good action, appearance of the characters I like, etc. But then it was... off. I wanted better for Mual returning, and the trailer got me pumped up. I was disappointed, but then not that much. I still have hope that the next episode would really shine. I'd give this one a 6/10. Until then... May the Force be with you!


  1. Good review :). I sort of liked the episode and I found it better than Massacre but I didn't find it all that awesome. I did like getting to see the Jedi again and the snake was pretty funny(in a creepy, evil way) but I agree, it could have been a lot better.

  2. Very good review. I liked it more since I am a Savage Opress fan. I really liked Maul's crazy babbling rant. :D


    1. Thank you :) Gald you liked it :) I liked them too, but the episode seems... off.