Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Clone Wars by Karen Traviss REVIEW

*** I'm doing this for the best school assignment EVER, but I thought it'd be cool to post it here.

To start off, I loved the book. It is a perfect book for kids. It has action, adventure, mystery, and everything you can get from a story. In addition, it has only a mention of romance. The plot line like the movie, which isn’t the best ever but it’s good enough to impress me. It's all about the rocky start of Ahsoka and Anakin's relationship as well as a battle to turn the tide of the war. Both sides want to get Jabba the Hutt as their ally... but the situation stinks worse the the Hutts.

The setting of the book is of course, a long time ago in a Galaxy far, far away. In that galaxy, it is set in Coruscant (Capital of the Republic, city world), Christophis (World full of crystals where a battle took place), Teth (Jungle world where the hostage is held... read it for the details!), and Tatooine (Desert planet where Jabba stays, and he's the one who both sides of the war wants as an ally). This indicates that the Galaxy's planets vary greatly, and so does the environment. This is well done in the book.

Another thing I really like about this book is how it describes everything. There isn’t too much or too little- just enough to get us imagine the scene. The words aren’t too advanced and they aren’t for small kids like Jude Watson’s Star Wars novels. Also, the ending sentence was great and it still echoed through my mind. “It made all the difference.”

The last sentence is not the only good one. There were plenty of good quotes all over the book. There were inspiring moments and one that made me laugh. She described the characters well, especially Captain Rex’s. Anakin’s is also good- but perhaps too good. There were seeds of doubt in his mind already, and I’m glad she puts it there. His behavior is different from what is different from the Jedi Code already, and he shows it in his thoughts, words, and actions. One quote that struck out to me is “When you are going to sacrifice your men for the greater good, be sure to be able to look at them in the eye and tell them why.”

She explored the movie in more depth, but she had cut out some scenes. There wasn’t any depth in Anakin accepting Ahsoka as his Padawan, which in my opinion is a very emotional scene not to mention important in the whole Star Wars saga, even though it may not be important in this book. Kenobi vs. Ventress in a Lightsaber duel is not described well enough. There is only a mention of Padmé and Ziro scenes, but there aren’t really any real ones. I’m a little upset with this because we don’t see girls kick butt enough in Star Wars.

Speaking of girls kicking butt, Ahsoka definitely made that up. Nicknamed “Snips” for her feisty personality, she was a girl just like her master. Looking at her mature both physically and in the ways of the Force made me feel that she is one of the greatest Star Wars characters. This book refreshed the argument inside me about her fate. I hope that at least the memory of her played a part in Anakin’s redemption so many years later in Return of the Jedi.

Another flaw in the book is that The Battle of Christophsis took too long in this book. The whole point of the book is to bring Rotta back to his father alive and well, and this battle did not play a huge role in it. Of course, it brought Ahsoka into game and everything, but then it still took too long. However, Karen Traviss can’t do anything much about that since the movie was built the same way. There are also other flaws in the movie that can’t really be fixed, but I am willing to overlook that and stay on the bright side.

One thing I can’t overlook, however, is the anti-Jedi idea that Traviss is having. Jedi are supposed to be the good guys, and I stick with that idea no matter the point of view. Her way of thinking makes the Jedi not look the way they are. She provided both points of view of the war, but it is leaned toward the separatists. I know that the separatists aren’t evil, they are just misguided and thought to break away from the Republic because it was corrupt, which is true. It was only the leaders are evil, and the war for them was just one step in a greater game. The rest of the galaxy was in the turmoil they brewed up, and they were not seeing it.

The problem is the author also raised some disturbing points that led me to see another point of view. Quoting a person from the Star Wars galaxy, the book says, “What is the point of a Republic if not to let people elect their leaders?” Even the Jedi are sensing it- under the leadership of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine (who is secretly a Sith Lord) the Republic was becoming more like a dictatorship. It was a flawed and corrupt system, but it was the best they had. I have no idea why the Jedi are still fighting this war, even though their only purpose was to bring peace to the galaxy again. Is it the right way? The points are disturbing, but I stay with the Jedi even if I don’t always understand them. This thought could lead on and on without end through the history of Star Wars.

I also didn't like seeing things through Palpatine's eyes. We all knew what happened in ROTS, but this was set before that and it kinds of spoils the surprise. The thoughts were well done, though I'd rather save it for later.

In conclusion, I liked this book a lot. Sure, it has its flaws, but every book does. It’s not completely my taste, but I still feel the sweetness inside it. I gave it a five because, obviously, it’s Star Wars. I recommend this to die-hard Star Wars fans, but it is not the most special book that is a must read to understand Star Wars.
That's it... hope you like that! May the Force be with you!


  1. I don't like Karen Traviss's anti-Jedi sentiments either, especially since I share the same views as you on the Jedi Order.
    It gets worse in her "Republic Commando" series, especially the second one(I've only read the first two). And I read in an interview by her that she thought Order 66 was long over due. This book wasn't as bad as the others I've read by her since the anti-Jediness wasn't, as far as I can remember, that heavy handed compared to her other work. Though I do agree, she is good at writing.

    1. She's very good but this anti-jedi thing is making me like it a little less :/ Republic Commando is the only series I haven't read in the prequels. I hope I can stand that. I just need to research more about Jedi to make my faith with them stronger :) And I'm thinking of improving my writing for school

    2. I agree; the whole anti-Jedi thing kind of ruined her books for me, especially the Republic Commando books which I stopped reading since they made me angry.
      And don't worry, what she writes isn't true; like when she said that Obi-Wan was an arrogant glory seeker and we know that assessment isn't true. She just has problems.
      And I'm glad you are thinking of improving your writing for school :D

    3. My goal is to read every Star Wars books, so yeah I guess I have to read hers. But I'll keep it in mind :)
      Thanks :D

    4. You're welcome :) I'll probably go back and read them when I'm older since it's also my goal to read every single Star Wars book.