Saturday, March 17, 2012

Darth Paper

As the name suggests, this is Darth Vader on paper. I did an origami on a blog I got from It's actually easy. You can make it a puppet and say it to your friends... DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF THE DARK SIDE... or something like that. Here's the link:

What they got:
Doesn't look very threatening, huh? Wait till you see mines.

Awww he's adorable <3 Nothing like Darth Vader... this is Paper the White and that's Vader the Black! :D

I suggest you try it out. Who knows? Maybe you'll get this:
*Battle of the Heroes playing in my head*

Or this:
*Angelic song playing in my head*

Either way, go for it! This is my first origami and it's not so bad! May the Force be with you!


  1. That is really cool. But Vader does not look near as evil made out of paper. LOL :D


  2. These are really cool! :D Did you know there are two books based off Darth Paper? I have yet to read them but they sound really funny :) (I believe the first is called The Strange Case of Origami Yoda and the seconds is called Darth Paper Strikes Back).

    1. Yes, I wanna buy that! I saw them in the internet sometimes but I was unable to buy them.