Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Dawn and Dusk of the Dark

*** I think that I found the title for this story. "The Unknown Destiny" sounds good enough. Please let me know what you think of that title. I planned from the beginning for "The Dawn and Dusk of the Dark" to be the series title like "Last of the Jedi". Okay... I'm done. Closing my mouth and letting you read now. Nothing very interesting here, just setting up the story. I will revise it again for it to be more humorous and interesting. I'd probably be done with this whole story when I turn thirteen. Okay, really stopping my mouth now. :)

Chapter 9
For the first time since I can remember, I slept soundly, only awaken by the sound of Barriss's cheerful voice. "Wakey wakey! Time to get up!" she sang.

As usual, I sat bolt upright and stood while rubbing my eyes. It's going to be another long day, I thought, I have to remember to clean that edge on the- oh. Right. We escaped that already. As soon as that thought hit me, what's left of yesterday's elation coursed through and then I allowed myself to fall back into my slumber for the first time in my life.

But Kalifa wasn't allowing it. She pulled us all upright, and soon enough the guards threw some food in the room we stayed. As soon as we could we scrambled forward to get what little breakfast we were able to get. Kalifa and Barriss's amazing skills at fighting helped a lot. They divided it equally between all of us, but I didn't manage to get much food. Eroda and Ward got none. I was reluctant to accept theirs, but one firm look on Kalifa's face told me that she wanted me to eat. I took it gratefully, because we all knew I needed my strength.

Prisoners remembering the fiasco Kalifa caused the other day in prison stayed away from us, so we got a clear space. We all sat in a circle and discussed what was coming up. Eva began in her crisp voice.
"Just so you all know, I ended up in prison like Kalifa did, though I was on Gala at that time. Anyway, as you all can see, we are going to Courasant in the time of the fete week. Generals, how do you suppose we ensure the fact that we get on the rescue place?"

Generals? They're generals?!
Barriss spoke up. "The people that aren't picked are going back to the prison on Raxus Prime. So I guess we should get on with the execution list. It's risky, but we have a better chance at getting free. That will be plan A. Plan B... what do you think, Kaayla?"

I was astonished that she asked for my opinion, but I had nothing to say. I just looked at Eroda and Ward (who was equally unhelpful) and shrugged.

Kalifa is again displaying her knack of making jokes. She said, "I'd go along with plan A. I don't have an idea for plan B. We'll make it up then if it is needed. And if plan B doesn't work, we got so many letters left on the alphabet to worry."
I can see Barriss restraining herself from rolling her eyes. Eva saw this as rushed on before they got into an argument.

"So we get in. I suppose your charms will work here. Then, what? You know we can't do anything much."
"Weeeelll," said Kalifa, dragging out the words. "I can go first... or Barriss, for that matter, and then when we're almost positioned we bring a blaster out and shoot it for a signal. I know. Lame. But it'll work. Then we just fight."

Barriss added, "Make sure we get on the list for the third day, not the first or second. Otherwise we'd face the emperor. Or Vader."

Kalifa's face darkened. I can tell she had a grudge for Vader. "We'll be fine," she said.

I'm always kind of a face reader, so whether she liked it or not I can tell she said that to reassure herself as well as all of us. Once again, I wondered what's her history. I mean, it's pretty amazing for someone that skilled to land in prison. Or else this is all a dream. That would make sense. The chances are one to million for me, a forgotten prisoner, to be rescued by one of the finest rebels in the Galaxy.

Barriss's emerald green eyes studied me intently, interrupting my thoughts. It felt uncomfortable.
"What?" I asked.
She shook her head. "Nothing. I wasn't even looking at you."

Only then did I realize that she wasn't looking at me, but then I still get the feeling she is. Kalifa and Eva too. It seems as if they found me as interesting as I found them.

After a moment, a voice came. "Uh, guys? I think we gotta continue before the time comes." That was Eroda. For a moment we forgot she was here. Oops. I hope she didn't feel left out. I'm glad, though, that she took away the uneasy silence.

Eva spoke up dryly. "Right. All in all, we got our plan more or less. Good thing, too. I was half wondering whether we would have one, because time after time we rush in recklessly without a plan when Kalifa's around."

Kalifa grinned. "Who knows? We didn't make up plan B, and if this doesn't work then we'll go back to the good old times."

Gulp. I hope it works. And I almost groaned aloud. I hate déjà vu. I've seen enough of it.

"Okay," Kalifa continued, "Since you are all eager for a plan, maybe one should sum it up." She flashed a smile at Ward.

Ward said, "Plan A: We will get into the third death list. Then Kalifa would be the first on the list. When almost positioned, she would shoot a blaster bolt at some target, which would be a signal for the Rebels to rise."

Eva nodded, pleased. "That's it. One of the simplest I've ever been through, though it's never as simple as it seems. I'm glad someone has listening skills too."

Kalifa gave another embarrassed grin as we all half smiled. Kalifa's not that good with following orders, I can tell. But before anyone can comment further, Kalifa's grin dropped and her monotrals seemed to be working.

"They're here," she whispered.

We broke up the group and went more or less in front. Which was pretty hard after awhile, since everyone else was trying to move backwards. It was no problem for Kalifa, and maybe Barriss, but for everyone else it was a crushing effort. In the end the door slammed open and some dude in a green suit with a cool looking cap-as Kalifa would put it- came in with stormtroopers. His evil little face twisted with contempt, but he was looking professional.

"Are you sure we can't take more of this filthy low life?" He asked. I felt anger rising up in my stomach.

"No, sir," one of the stormtroopers answered. "The Emperor made it clear that we are to take ten on each list, or it would cause... problems."

Yeah, I thought scathingly, you don't want them to become a martyr, do you, Palpatine? Or you're so innocent you wouldn't want more blood on your hands than you do now? It hardly matters, you tyrant, since your hand is already so red with millions of lives that more would hardly matter to you.

There must have been a look on my face because Eroda and Ward shot me a warning look. Good thing nobody else saw it. I wish they would hurry up and start choosing. The sooner we get started the sooner we get finished. But I don't know what "finish" means here. Death or accomplishment? Only time will tell.

This is it. It's starting. The final stage in my attempt to be free. I wonder what will happen to me after I am free, if I am? Certainly I would want to help bring it down and I am willing to put my life on the line again.

Focus, I reprimanded myself. I can already hear Kalifa's serious voice in my head saying that you need to live in the present but be mindful of the future, but don't exchange it for here and now.

I am ready now. The longer I stay here, the more power I award my fear.


  1. wonderful just wonderful. keep up the great wrk. :)

  2. Ooh, great chapter! I love the last line, nice cliffhanger :). I really like how you write the characters. There are a few misspellings and the like but beyond that, it was good. :D

    1. Thanks! For one thing, I hate when other people give me cliff hangers but I can't resist giving some myself :P And I need time to brainstorm ideas for the action :) I want to revise again later, as I've said before, but thanks for noticing it. I hope they're not glaring... I'll try to fix them when I can :D

    2. You're welcome :) Don't worry the mistakes aren't that noticeable but we all make those mistakes(I've actually found mistakes in published books).