Saturday, March 10, 2012

My Fan Art #1 :)

Well, I have done a lot of Star Wars art recently so I thought I'd share it here. Hope you like it!

I just finished this today. To me, that battle could determine the fate of the galaxy in many ways, so I felt I needed one to express it all.

As you all know, I love Ahsoka Tano. This is just one more picture I did that shows her in all the stages of her life, and when she was wearing different clothes.

To me, Ahsoka's eyes is one of the most striking things about her, so I drew one picture of it. Since it didn't really stand out, I guess I'll color it.

Another Ahsoka picture. I guess I need to fix her eyes and neck a little... and maybe her nose. Then I'll color it.

I never did one for Leia, so I just did one since she deserves some tribute. And I put my favorite quote about her down there... from Yoda, of course. It shows her as a baby in ROTS, young adult in ROTJ, and then her later life as a Jedi. She's my favorite original trilogy character.

Another wallpaper for my favorite couple

Ahsoka in her poses of the various forms of lightsaber combat, though not all. I had a glitch a couldn't fix, as you all can see.

That's it for now! May the Force be with you!