Friday, March 16, 2012

Revenge Review

In the eyes of my mind, I went back to the season finale of season three. "Wookie Hunt" ended with an emotional touch. I feel sorry there wasn't more and I looked forward to season four. Now, looking back, I remember the excitement I felt at the start of this season. It seems like only yesterday when we were plunged into an underwater world. Now, the season is over. Time flies when you're having fun.

Last episode wasn't that good for my standards, so I did not expect this one to be really good, though since it's the season finale I knew I would enjoy it. Boy, I was wrong. I didn't only enjoy it, but it blew me of like Massacre did. I love the episode. It has a few strange turns, and it was just the thing I wanted. There was everything that makes a Clone Wars episode awesome- humor, action, love (well, in this case, it's kind of between brothers, and I don't really expect love in this one).

I'm not a very romantic person, and I think one scene of love is enough. No more; no less. While this one does not openly show love, it seemed evident to me that the brothers were completely loyal to one another. While it was like evil love, it can change a lot anyway. The Jedi forbid attachment since love leads to the dark side, Luke's love for his father led him back to the light. I feel it works both ways, though the Jedi are correct to forbid it since we don't need to repair anything if we fix it before it's broken. In this case, though, it's already broken... down to the dark. So I'm hoping that the characters will at least change and surprise me a few more times.

It was interesting to see Darth Mual alive. His craziness was starting to get on my nerves. He was like a young baby and Savage was his baby sitter. Also, the spider legs are just creepy. The game Darth Mual played was kind of funny. He followed the light like a curious little boy. It seems so impossible for a once great Sith Lord to land like this. Kind of hilarious too, though. I'm glad when Mother Talzin (still love her accent, by the way) fixed him up, though that gotta hurt. It wasn't pretty. Though that reminds me of when Ventress was there... and it's creepy how she just went away like that.

I'm glad they landed on Dathomir, and it was somehow dreadful to see the whole Nightsister clan wiped out. While I took comfort in the fact that Talzin was confident the Nightsister clan would survive, I was not a fan of them and had to remind myself that they are evil. While Savage was a monster, he has feelings. I can only imagine how he felt when he saw that. Though his expression didn't really change, I believe there was more to it than the surface. That brings me back to when Savage wasn't a monster yet, and I hope he would get to be like that again.

Obi-Wan was awesome. I love his sense of humor, which never fades away even when he's captured and thrown around like a rag doll. My heart was pumping as if I just ran a mile, and when I saw this it was like I ran a hundred miles. I kept on wincing, and at it eased the knot in my stomach and the tension a lot when he said that he liked Mual's legs and it made him taller. I was like, jeez, he's about to be killed and he was joking around when it's supposed to be his last words. Even when he was taken by surprise when he had to battle both Mual and Savage (I screamed not fair a thousand times), I feel that his skill was not shown too well. He battle Mual as a Padawan even longer than this. Even if Savage was there, it should be longer now that he was a Jedi Master. Not fair. I feel sorry for him when he had to relive that terrible moment when his master died... because the taunt got into him... I never saw it like that. And Darth Mual never taunts... until now.

I loved Ventress in this episode. It's interesting to see how her character develops. From a frightened young girl to a slave, then a Jedi, then a Sith assassin, then a Nightsister, then a Bounty Hunter. Well, kind of. Though she only wanted the money, she seems to be working on the right side now. I feel that there's more than the money to her though. I mean, she's on the wanted list herself and if she captured Savage then turn him in, don't you think that she's going to get captured too? I wonder, now that she was with Obi-Wan, what will happen to her? My best guess is that she'll be dropped off somewhere while Obi-Wan gets back to Courasant. I don't think that Obi-Wan might allow that, since she needs to be tried too. Anyway, even though she didn't admit it, I think she's turned to the good side after all she's been through. She's becoming one of my favorite characters. She has a sense of humor, even though that creepy laugh was still in there. Her Jar'Kai lightsaber style was developing, and she was becoming a greater fighter. She has a weaker left arm, but that didn't seem to show much anymore. She learnt to trust Obi-Wan and everything. In short, she's becoming a great person. Though she really needs to grow some hair...

One thing that's bothering me is the story of her life. We know that in the end of her story she was injured, then Dooku took her in to save her, but then the Jedi came and every one abandoned her. She dueled with the Jedi and lost. As she lay dying, she told Obi-Wan the Separatist's base. But then she put herself in a Sith trace and then went to live the rest of her life away from everything. I don't see how that goes with how she is now. I guess I just have to wait and see.

The two brothers together seemed smarter. Slaughter would definitely bring the Jedi there... but then gulp. They don't care about anything. I just heard the cheers of the kids that were starving, finally hearing the sound of the ship that would bring them supplies. Little did they know that that was one of the last thing they will be doing in their life. I can't believe how cruel the galaxy is. Maul seemed to know exactly what to do. In the end of the episode, I was almost sure that they would want to reach Palpatine. I think Mual knows that his former Master must have taken a new apprentice to keep the rule of two alive, but then he was ready.

I love the animations. The aurebesh writing was awesome. "WANTED" in big bold words and the names of the people gave me a sense of how the galaxy is. I learnt some new criminals too. I love Ventress's outfit. The world that Obi-Wan found was beautiful. The flowers glow at night... it reminds me of Felucia.

The bad things about this episode are few, but then I think worth mentioning. As stated above, Obi-Wan's fight was a little too fake; he could put up more. Also stated above is how this episode fits the whole story. It seemed to have some cracks. I'd love the see Ahsoka and Anakin in the finale, but that didn't happen. I was also hoping to see some other less used Jedi like Master Plo (though he was in holo, that's it). I like a fight with blaster bolts too, but there was none (though the lightsaber fight was awesome and did satisfy me). I didn't like Obi-Wan fleeing, but I guess that's something I have to deal with. Worst of all, I feel like screaming when it left such a good story in a cliffhanger. I gotta go so long without seeing the end... it's just like Escape from Kavado all over again... The plot was okay, but not really my style sometimes.

As I've said, "Wookie Hunt" ended with an emotional touch. This one didn't really, but the cliffhanger was good in a way. My brain knows the season is over, but my heart seemed oblivious to the fact. I'd rate this episode a 9/10. Whatever happens, I look forward to season five.


  1. I am glad you liked the episode. :) Ventress has really grown as a character the last few episodes and I really liked Maul after he gained his legs back. :D


    1. Haha! I really LOVE Obi-Wan's comments about his legs! And thanks :D Ventress is being on my like list :)

  2. Good review, glad you liked it :).
    I'm not really sure what to think of the episode. I loved parts of it and other parts I detested. I'll be writing a review on it on my blog here soon and I'll try to put down what I thought there.
    May the Force be with you..Always :D

    1. Thanks :) Hmm... seems interesting, I'll read it as soon as I can :) I'm glad you liked parts of it tho :D
      May the Force be with you too :D

    2. May the Force be with you as well :)
      Thanks for reading, I'm going to read your fanfiction chapter now :)