Monday, March 26, 2012

Star Wars Trilogy: The Empire Strikes Back REVIEW

*** I'm doing this for the best school assignment EVER, but I still think it'd be cool to post it here :) I think I'll do Darth Plagueis next.

Recently, I read Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. Actually, I only read it again for the millionth time because there were no other Star Wars books available to me at the time, and I wanted to review what I already know about Star Wars. Overall, it was a good book, and it was amazing to see Windham’s style of writing in the book compared to his other books. This story is about the adventure of a group of rebels trying to bring a tyrannical empire down. They were trying to escape the empire and it's lure of the dark side of the Force, both physically and mentally.

The setting of the story varies greatly. Last movie it was on a desert planet of Tatooine, and now it's on the freezing planet of Hoth. Then, it moves on to space and a swampy planet of Dagobah. This gives me a sense of how greatly the climate of each places in Star Wars varies.

I am more of a prequel Star Wars kind of fan, so I do not know so much about the characters. However, I think it is amazing to see how Luke became who he is, starting from his birth on Polis Massa to a farm boy on Tatooine, waiting for adventure and not knowing of his destiny- much like his father. I liked to see how his behavior was just like Anakin's, but he was able to resist the pull of the dark (though mostly because he didn't have much to lose then apart from his friends, which is the first reason why he confronted Vader and knew that they couldn't be saved if he went to the dark). His emotions gave the story a deeper meaning, not all awesome action and everything.

The thing that struck out to me most was how closely it followed the movie. Usually, movies and novelizations aren’t really exactly the same- with some scenes deleted and some added, and yet some others changed. This junior novelization only adds thoughts of characters when necessary, and I could not detect any changes in dialogue in the movie and the book. In the adult novelization, there were some changed, added, and subtracted scenes. To me, both types are good in different ways. I prefer seeing the story in a deeper way, but if it is to be kept short and sweet for kids then this junior novelization is best.

The way Windham shapes the words make the story as interesting as the movie. His sentence fluency is perfect, and his word choice is awesome and at the same time suitable for all ages. There were amusing parts in the movie that was enhanced in the book more or less, and I felt like I had my own personal TV that I can carry everywhere. It is that engrossing- as every Star Wars stuff is effortlessly engaging to me. I feel that it is just like every other Star Wars book- starting in the thick of the action and ending in a mild cliffhanger. I like it like that- but if you don’t follow the stories then you will have no idea where you are.

I especially love the ending. “Like his father, Anakin Skywalker, Luke has a future to think about.” It was a mild cliffhanger, as I’ve stated, and left me thinking and wanting for more (even though I know what happened next). As the cover said, the journey took a dark turn. It is one of the most important points in Star Wars history- but there are also other points not made a movie. That brings me to my next topic.

Another thing that struck out to me is that it could be like every other Star Wars adventures. Usually the movies are the most significant parts of Star Wars history, but this one could be just like any other parts of the story. There are some important parts that change the saga (Most notably the famous “I am your father” line) and it definitely make a good movie, but there are also other books that are equally important and take an equally dark turn. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it immensely and look forward to reading the next Star Wars book I find.

In conclusion, this book, like every other Star Wars books, is awesome. It has everything you can possibly want in a book- action, mysteries, etc. It also has only a brief scene of romance. It is effortlessly engaging, and it brings back memories when I first watched the movie so many years ago. As I said, since I already know the story inside out, it is something like a review to me. I recommend this for a review to all Star Wars fans, and as something to just try out for everyone.        


  1. read it myself but i find the movie easier to follow. :)

    1. Ooh I haven't watched the movie in awhile :/