Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Cestus Deception by Steven Barnes REVIEW

It was this day when I ran out of Star Wars books to read (for now) when I decided to pick up this book and started to read it again. I simply wish I did not already know the story because I want to revive the magic of reading it again. It was an awesome book with everything you could possibly want- adventure, suspence, romance, mystery, and so on. It is all about experimenting the unexperimented emotions inside, and how war affected it all. This was all covered by the outer problem: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Kit Fisto, and their team have to make Cestus stop producing deadly JK droids to their enemy, the CIS.

The setting was creative. The beginning was set in an already known world- Coruscant. I loved to see it in the book again. Then, it takes us to a new world that was a desert with mountains... and was once a prison. It was creative. It was awesome. It was the one and only Cestus.

One thing I really loved about the book is its unexpected turns. I never knew that the romance would be like that, or the mystery solved in such a simple way... that revealed what they fought for in this planet was not what it seems. I was shocked when I knew that this was all a ploy.

I'm glad a less used character gets to star in this book: Kit Fisto. Ever since I saw him in AOTC, I wanted to know more about him. I love him deadly Form I style of lightsaber combat and I'm impressed with him skills. I wonder how he can survive in the desert, too, since he was a Nautolian (a water species). I love how he treated the clone troopers and were willing to teach "Jedi Flow".

I love how the book talks about Obi-Wan's emotions, who seemed to lose his was more and more. He was outmaneuvered at every turn, and he seemed to change. His duty made him do what he does not want to do, and he seems to be a great Jedi to be able to put his emotions aside to do the task at hand.

ARC trooper Nate was very interesting in this book. He was the first ever to break the Code, thinking for himself and doing what he knew was right, not just following orders. I was glad Sheeka woke him up to a new world, and if things didn't happen the way they did, this mission would have been a total failure. His sacrifice helped saved millions, and I think he's a good example of what clones should be. I'm sad that he had to die and never know who his baby will be.

There's many things I like about this book. First of all was the humor. When the Barrister panicked he goes very comical, and I was sad he died. Another thing I like is the author's good quotes. (For example, "It's not what a man fights with, it's what he fights for) Also, I saw the story from another point of view- the view of the troopers who were born to serve. It explored the galaxy and the war in a deeper meaning. There were very inspirational moments in there, too.

There's no books without flaws, and this one has a few. The start was a little too fast, and I was pretty disappointed that there wasn't more action inside it apart from the awesome lightsaber duel. Also, it left a question hanging: What happened to Resta? I can only assume she's dead. There was a little too much romance for my taste. To end with, there was only a mention of Count Dooku- so what was he doing so big in the cover? (I loved the cover, especially Obi-Wan in there, but I can't help wondering why there wasn't Asajj in the place of Dooku there)

In conclusion, I loved the book in many different ways. There's some flaws, but I tend to ignore them and focus on the bright side. I look forward to reading more Star Wars books.        


  1. I really enjoyed this book when I read it, though it is not one of my favourites =)
    Have you read the Star Wars comics? If you have not, you could start with the "Knights of the Old Republic" series, I read it myself a few years ago and really loved it ^^

  2. i've read this one. its very interesting. :)

  3. I have yet to read this one, I might check it out. :)


  4. I read this book a couple of years ago and I LOVED it! I really enjoyed Obi-Wan, Kit, and Nate in this book and the action and humor were great. I really need to read it again.
    It appears we are both planning on reading all the Star Wars books ever written, how many have you read? :)

    1. I jsut finished my hundreth book! :D SO proud...
      I went to the bookstore last saturday. I had to earn my own money through tutoring since I'm kinda good at school... or making necklaces. Not a lot of income since I'm only twelve, but enough :) Either way, I earned enough money to buy the Hunger Games and some star wars books, but then the books I want are too expensive... like the Book of the Sith. Then... I saw my mom buy a book for my brother WITH HER OWN MONEY... jeez he didn't do anything and I needed the Jedi Code to help me calm down. I'm not planning on an essay here... so I'll stop :)

    2. Oh and I'm glad you liked it as much as I do, I loved everything including Obi-Wan's face on the cover *sigh* :D

    3. Cool! I've read a lot of Star Wars books, around a hundred like you, I'm guessing. And I agree, Obi-Wan's face on the cover is so nice looking(then he is always nice looking) :D. And I agree, that sounds annoying :p.
      Enjoy The Hunger Games and the Star Wars books you got :)

  5. All Fistofans loved this novel, including me. I loved Kit's characterization here. He's just... cool.

    1. Thanks for commenting! :) I love him here too :D Glad you liked it :)