Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire REVIEW

The first thing I wanted to do when I finished the first book in this series was to read the second book in the series. It was not what I expected, but I was not disappointed. I did not like it as much as I liked the last book, but this is still awesome. Suzanne Collins's story took many unexpected paths that got the readers hanging on in a roller coaster ride.

On the ruins of North America a shining Capitol stood with twelve outlying districts. The Capitol, a tyrannical government, was about to face its worst nightmare: a full scale rebellion, which Katniss Everdeen may have helped ignite the sparks. Upon winning the Hunger Games against all odds, she was supposed to live a happily ever after... but that wasn't going to happen when the Capitol wants revenge.

Katniss Everdeen was somehow like an ordinary girl, but she has definitely been through more than most adults have. She is tenacious, selfless, and great with a bow and arrow. I really like her- but she has self doubts and still holds the lives of her loved ones close, like most people would. Though adding fire to the flames would be the right thing to do, it would probably cause the lives of her loved ones.

The story starts off with filling some of the gaps about what happened in the short time between this book and last book. In addition, it introduces new ideas that will turn the wheels of the roller coaster Collins put us on. This is how I like it- ending every chapter with a mild cliffhanger to made the readers want more. However, the huge cliff hanger at the end killed something inside me, but fortunately I had the third book beside me or I would have gone paranoid. The ride took a dark turn when Katniss is to enter the Hunger Games again, and when she realizes there is something in play that she doesn't know about, and I wondered like she did. I was surprised the way the Hunger Games ended, as those who read the book know.

Some ideas were really creative, like how the clock works. There were inspirational moments, and others devastating (like Cinna), and others humorous like what the prep team considers as an emergency.

There was once when the author left me off. What is the main character trying to achieve? It wasn't stated clearly. There was the trying to protect loved ones, but she didn't really want the Capitol to continue its reign. The Hunger Games she entered did not even fit in this part well. In the Hunger Games, her goal was to survive. This is more like telling a life of someone- with no clear main problem, unless you say that trying to make peace is it.

The faults I find in the book surprises me. First of all, I'm not a romantic person, and I definitely don't like the love triangle no matter how much people it appeals to. The kisses were unnecessary. Some of it, like the engagement and pregnancy is surprising to me, but I didn't give it much of a thought except for when it will affect the plot of the story (like Snow not accepting). I like Gale, but I want him as her friend. Peeta is a nice guy, but I don't feel like he's the right one for her even though those of you who read the last book knew what happened. The poor writing in the book frustrates me sometimes. There are too many run-ons and fragments, and frequently adding periods to make a point does not make a story flow. The cliffhanger at the end just blew me up. The story should not have had such an ending. However, I can try ignore them and focus on the excellent plot.

In conclusion, I loved this book. It has its flaws but so does every story. This could still be one of the greatest trilogies in history, and I can't wait until the movie comes out.


  1. Great review! :)
    This book was actually my favorite of the trilogy. Not sure why, but I really enjoyed it. :)I remember while reading this one that I couldn't stop since it was so exciting. Though I do agree, I think the love-triangle/romance stuff is very unneeded and all the kissing was gross :p. I like Peeta as a character; he's my second favorite after Katniss. I agree, I really think Gale should have just been her friend; the whole romance between them wasn't really necessary.

  2. I have read that the Catching Fire movie will be getting a new director. I really need to see the first movie.


    1. I'm looking forward to your reviews of them! I look forward to the movie... already saw some actors pics and so :)

  3. I haven't read this trilogy yet... it's another one in my books-to-read-list, which is becoming very long :)
    I've heard lots of thing about these books, very bad and very good ones (you know, this kind of hate and adoration towards best-selling books for young people)One of them said it was like a soft version of Battle Royale... well, I'll give my opinion when I read them :D

    1. My to read list is all the star wars books I havent read yet! :D I'll be waiting to hear your opinion!