Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Hunger Games REVIEW

I thought I knew what to expect when I first opened the book. In some ways, I was right, and in others, The Hunger Games blew me off. This could be one of the best books in history. The author, Suzanne Collins, gave me a lot to think about. It has some romance in there, and the action was awesome, and mysteries were revealed.

In the ruins of North America lies the country of Panem, where a shining Capitol stands with twelve outlying districts. The tyrannical government forces each district to send a boy and girl "tribute" each year to compete in the Hunger Games, which is where they will kill each other off to be the last one standing. The winner will then have fame and fortune in their hands. On the seventy fourth Hunger Games, little Primrose Everdeen got picked in District twelve. Terrified that she will die, her sister Katniss Everdeen volunteered to take her place. And the Games began.

One thing I really liked about the book is the main character- Katniss. She's brave, selfless, and has huge talent with a bow and arrow. In the arena, where she pushed herself to survive, she showed how tenacious she is, but still willing to give her life to save her friend. The hardships she face in her life made her strong, but still I appreciate how she doesn't take a life for no reason. When she did, she feels the consequences of it.

The story line has excellent ideas, and it was easy to follow. It was interesting from the start, and the ending echoes in my mind. "Dreading the moment when we finally have to let go" stuck and made me go back and visit the book in my mind. To find out more, you need to read the book.

I like how Katniss and Peeta, who was faking romance to appeal to the crowd, started to eat those poisonous berries. For people who haven't read it, I don't want to spoil the surprise of why. It not only started the flames of revolution, but also the flames of real love even though Katniss denied it. What she thought was funny many times, especially when it had to do with anger in general or with Haymitch. 

The other characters were awesome. I love the prep team's little drama and Cinna's comfort. Gale being back to back with Katniss while hunting was nice, too. Him and Katniss's family added some emotions to the story. The ignorant gamemakers was hilarious when Katniss shot that arrow. Little Rue was a good ally, and I was sorry to see her go. The bad guys like Cato got the story more interesting. 

However, a story can't be flawless. I can't find any, but some things are just not my taste. For example, I don't like too much romance- and too much for me is more than a kiss or so. The present tense bothered me a little bit. Also, the word choice and sentence fluency sometimes made the story stuck, but in the first person narrative, which surprised me at first, made it seem as if it's written by Katniss herself, which I like. There were some places with too little description, but other places cover it up. The kids killing kids idea was a little too dark for my taste, especially when Rue was killed. Overall, the interesting ideas outshines it all like the Girl on Fire and I can't focus on the bad.

Overall, the book is one of my favorites now, and I just can't wait to watch the movie. I wasn't disappointed, but instead it exceeded my expectations. I recommend this for everyone, especially people who don't have kids.

Wow... I've been away traveling for awhile... and I just realized this is my first non-related Star Wars post here. Oh well, I love it! I'll be typing my review of book two and three (Which I finished a few days ago) soon. That's it for now... May the Force be with you!


  1. Great review! :D The Hunger Games seems really popular right now.


    1. Thanks, and yeah, it's so popular! I only met a bunch who hates it... but oh well, it's their opinion...

  2. Glad you enjoyed the book! :D I agree, Katniss is a great character and she is definitely one of my favorites :)
    And yeah, I understand about the romance; I don't like reading it when there is too much of it. And I also agree that the premise was quite dark. Looking forward to reading your reviews on the next books :D

    1. Thanks! :D Glad you agree! I'll be posting 'em once I finish!

    2. You're welcome, looking forward to it :)

  3. :) I also liked the Hunger Games! Katniss is one of my avorite charecters including Gale. Yah, I'm not a big fan of romance either; I'm more of an action type of girl. :)