Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tweaks done!

This is just a quick update of what's up. So... first things first.

My Blog
As you've seen, I have been tweaking this blog lately to make it still centered on Star Wars, but also to get other stuff down.
The header is a new one, and I must say a beautiful one too. I turned the light up so the text stands out a bit. For those who can read aurebesh, you'd know that this is the Jedi Code, even though the letters are a bit messed up. This one is drawn by my friend Mimi, not found on the internet or anything. Please protect her rights and do not claim it as your own and erase the name there. I am reluctant to even allow saving.
On the left sideline will be everything about me and my blog. The only exception is the WATW and Shena's blog button lies because they are too big to fit in the right, but it's perfectly okay. The pictures are, of course, not mines but reflect my interests. I also made a new blog button. The old one still works though, since I didn't change my site URL.
On the right sideline will be advertising other pages and adding some of my favorite quotes. I also added my Ahsoka page on facebook there. As the note at the bottom says, just let me know if you want your blog button displayed here.
In the bottom I added a good bye note, nothing special.

Special Thanks
I'd like to give credits out to the right people... so let's see. My followers list grow a lot lately, more than I ever thought, which is pretty magical. That's why I decided to make the changes in the first place. James, Aayla Rain, and other followers are awesome. Thanks guys!
To Shena, who is a loyal Star Wars fan and my first follower. She comments on almost every posts, so thank you!
To Robyn, who gave me some very awesome advice and critiques on graphic design and other stuff.
To Mimi, who is a great friend, and she also drew and colored the awesome cover.
To Chris, who's blog gave me inspiration to start this one.
To Savanna, who's photography and Star Wars posts inspired me as well.
To George Lucas, who made me who I am with Star Wars, and of course, made this blog exist.
Last but not least, to my supporters. You all have no idea how much you mean to me. :)

Recent Personal Life
Let's see... I can't wait for the summer vacation! I'm dying to go to the beach, even if it's only for a day or two. I've been busy trying to wrap everything up and get ready for grade eight. Tomorrow I'm going to have to do public speaking at school, and I admit I'm a little nervous. I'm pretty ambitious, since next year I plan to join badminton team, swimming team, and a club. Not only that, but I want to be school president too. I'm doing my speech tomorrow too. On top of all of that, I want straight A's next year, which wouldn't be so hard since I already have achieved this many times.
I'm currently brainstorming ideas for a new novel I hope to publish. I want to set the world record if I can. Anyway, it's written in a girl's journal. A summary of the book: Everyone talks about destiny. What they want to be in life. I already know what I will be- a proud bellator who will uphold her land's honor. Suddenly one day I got a reason to doubt what my land actually means... and my faith suddenly shook to the core by love. My name is Sirita. This is my story. So... what do you think? :D
I got Book of the Sith yesterday, and I freaked out even though I'm not a great fan of the Sith. I've been saving money for awhile to buy that book. I also got 501st. After Karen Traviss's Republic and Imperial commando series, I'll be done reading every Star Wars book in the prequel era.

Kony 2012
I know you have heard of this before, but I feel it's something worth mentioning. It's pretty bad when you know you're having a comfortable life, kids out there live in fear and get kidnapped to kill. So please- do everything you can to help this cause.

That's it- hope I didn't bore you out. May the Force be with you!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Site Under Construction

Just so you all know...
As the title says, I'll be tweaking my blog a bit here and there. As my followers grow, I want to give my readers more than Star Wars. Star Wars will still be my main focus, but there will be things other than that posted here.
Thanks and may the Force be with you!

Dawn and Dusk of the Dark

Chapter 16
The stars seemed to twinkle to me as I rose the main rebel ship. Everything happened in a daze. When we boarded, Eva took me to the command station, where Kalifa and Barriss were waiting for us. They didn't look very happy, but I guessed it was because of the bloodbath below. Well, we couldn't help everybody.

The ship jumped to hyperspace. They assigned me into a quarter, where I peacefully slept for the rest of the day. Everything seemed okay now. Our fight was far from over, but I achieved my first state of freedom.

Still, something nagged me. I couldn't place my finger on it. I couldn't go back to sleep once I woke up, so I wandered through the ship. No one stopped me. I got to the landing platform to see Eva. A man stepped in and smiled widely.

Eva, who was behind me, rushed forward without any care in the universe, and fell into his arms. Oh great. I'm stuck in a love holo-movie. I've never seen one, but I've heard of them.
Leaving them in their joyful reunion, I went on to Kalifa, who was still at the command station. Her face was tight in concentration, so I decided not to disturb her.
I went to Barriss's quarters, where she was doing something to her lightsaber. Yes, lightsaber. I never saw her use it really. Now I guess she didn't want to blow her cover.
She smiled when I walked in. But it was an uneasy smile. I guess something nagged her too.
"What's wrong?" I asked.

She sighed and shook her head. I knew that look. It was guilty. I puzzled it out. I wish Eroda and Ward were here to back me up.

I wish they were here....

Where are they? I know that feeling now.

"Where are Eroda and Ward? Barriss?" My voice did not seem remotely like my own. Oh no...

She compressed her lips and shook her head. Then she sighed again. "They were captured, Kaayla. I tried, but we can't do anything about it."
I felt like vomiting. She dropped the bomb so calmly. Something not so good rose up my throat, and I felt like tearing down everything in my life. I wanted to squish that wrinkly face of the emperor, and knock him with a clone's helmet. I wanted to scream every curse I ever heard in my life out loud right here. I wanted to go back and get them, and I didn't care if I died trying to free them.

All because of friends.

Barriss was watching me with those piercing eyes, and I forced myself to calm down. Breathe in, breathe out. I swallowed all my insults to the point to where my knees are shaking. They collapsed and I just broke down into sobs. It was my mother's death all over again.

Barriss crawled forward and patted me on the back. "You'll be all right," she whispered.

That didn't occur to me. I wanted to punch something for that big fat lie. "Not Eroda and Ward," I choked instead.

Barriss tried to say something, but I wasn't in the mood for Jedi talk. So Barriss pointed the way to the toilet.

I took off, bolting down in an act of helplessness. Tears kept coming down. It didn't matter. There will never be enough tears for this. When it failed me, then something worse may take its place. They were getting tortured to death, most likely, and I was standing here in a free life. It was just not fair.

I washed my face and dragged myself back to my quarters. I did not know how I did it, because my heart was so heavy I was even surprised my body can carry the weight. I can see their eyes looking at me with that pleading gaze when I sat on my bed.

The door suddenly slid open. Numi was there. I didn't want company, but I didn't want to chase her away either. So she sat next to me. "I'm sorry" was all she said. And it did make me feel better. Just a bit.

"My mother always said to chase your dreams. It doesn't matter if you get there or not, but it's the journey that counts," she continued.

I looked at her. She was wise beyond her years. Even though she was probably even less than half my age, she seemed a lifetime older than she was when I first met her. Palpatine forced her to grow so quickly. She too had lost someone. But she lived. She didn't give up hope.

Eroda and Ward still lived, I know that. I'd know if they died. There was still hope, too. Even if it was the faintest glimmer of hope, I would chase it. As Numi said, it didn't matter if I didn't get there. The journey will count. At least Eroda, Ward, and I will die happy, knowing that at least some people cared.

The "we couldn't help everybody" attitude I had a few hours ago was gone. So that's why I'm going to rescue them. I'm not sure if I'm a mad person, a loyal friend, or a brave rebel. I guess it is a combination of all.

I'm going to tell Barriss and Kalifa. I want to look into their eyes and wish them the best just in case I don't come back. So may the Force be with us.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Dawn and Dusk of the Dark

Chapter 15

For a moment, everything froze in place. Greeb's body crumpled to the floor while everyone stared at the spot. My mind went numb. I saw many deaths in my lifetime, but this was different. He was the spirit of our cause. Without him, the spirit may die.

But not this day. This day, he has become a martyr. If not for everyone, then definitely for me.

And for Kalifa and Barriss. They were first to react. I knew that since two stormtrooper helmets suddenly rolled at my feet. There they were, holding a vibroblade. The troopers chasing me were dead.

They weren't the only ones going to be dead if we don't move fast. So that's what I did.

I scrambled to the nearest cover since I figured I can't do anything much. Still numb, I fumbled my way through the acid smoke I can barely smell. Eva protected me. It seems as if her skills were rather impressive after all.

Everything seemed to be in slow motion. The group of rebels guarding Greeb were now hauling his body away. Disheartened rebels were now being encouraged by Kalifa's shouts.

Soon everyone joined in saying, "For Greeb!"

I can swear the trooper below me faltered for a moment and pulled the trigger a second later than he intended to. So he missed the target.

Without thinking, I threw a crate down at him. He stumbled and fell. It turns out the crate was very heavy, because his armor was crushed.

I winced. No more "that gotta hurt feeling". I actually felt sorry for the fate I gave him, and I felt something strange I never felt before. He was born into that existence, born to kill. He wasn't responsible. My mind flashed back to when he relented.

It took me awhile to figure out why I felt so bad. I never killed someone before. I was cunning in prison, stealing food and dodging behind other prisoners and let the troopers catch them, but I never killed someone outright. Trust me, it was not a good feeling.

An explosion snapped me back into the nightmare. It hit me a bit, and I cried out in pain. It did hurt bad. I was roughly pulled by the hair until I thought that it would tear out of my head, but thankfully it didn't. Not that I did care at this point.

I was brought aboard a gunship, and mercifully found myself in friendly hands. Eva was on board, and ready to go. The rebels reinforcements came to help now.

As it rose into the air, Eva's lips compressed. Soon I knew why. The bloodbath did not stop down there. I should have realized how futile this quest was. The Imperials would never let us go alive.


I held on to the last bit of hope, just in case a miracle happened. If not, then maybe a quick and painless death. But think of it right now, I wasn't scared. I spent all my life in prison. So why is life worth living if you're not free?

There is no why. So when I escape, if I escape, then it won't be a happy ever after anyway. We still gotta fight for our freedom from the empire. So we will until we succeed to die trying. It's dying, just sooner or later.

While these thoughts ran through my head, our transport engaged in a fight.We were almost out of the atmosphere, but Imperial forces arrived. I saw Kalifa in the cockpit of one. My hopes rose.

Maybe a miracle will happen after all...

It did.

We all did a crazy jump down, but it was pretty safe because there were emergency jet packs. We landed near the hatch, which opened, and we were saved just as the transport blew up. Pretty unbelievable, if you ask me.

I thought of freedom as a desert person thought of water. Maybe it will be alright after all.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Darth Plagueis by James Luceno REVIEW

*** I read this book long ago; I just thought to do a review now.

This is a prequels of the prequels. It's a great one too. When Sidious mentioned it Plagueis in ROTS, I've always been curious about him. Finally, Luceno managed to pull it off, and I couldn't have asked for a better introduction. It explored the unexplored era before the prequels, which I was always curious of.

It starts off with when Plagueis died, then back to when he was just conquering power and killing his Master, Trebonous. Then he went on to explore the secrets of immortality, and almost got there. He found Sidious, trained him, and taught him well. The ultimate plans of the Sith unfolds.

I liked the continual references to other EU books, even if I don't understand all of them because I haven't read them all. A warning to non Star Wars fans: Don't read this book as the first one. If someone doesn't know the Sith Code by heart, I don't think this is a book for them. Though there wasn't much action, it showed the stealthy way the Sith operates and how cruel they are. I liked how it showed another side of the story- how Sidious came to power, his origins, the Sith lineage, etc. 

The star character here is Darth Plagueis, and he was done incredibly well. His memorable quotes were added here. His evil personality was more than I expected. I liked how he used the concept of embracing pain and not faltering from it, since discipline is the key to power. In the end I realized how... ignorant he was too. Sidious was more cunning than I expected, and it seemed as if he did really deserve what he got for all his hard work...

Sometimes the vocabulary in this book made me confused, since Luceno uses SAT words I never knew about. Maybe I'll read this book when I turn thirteen; it would make more sense. I'm very surprised that the book continued to TPM, which was when Plagueis died. Then Maul was never a Sith lord, and I found that disturbing. 

In conclusion, this is a great book. If I read it again in the future, I think I'll enjoy it more, but still I give this book five stars for having "Star Wars" on its cover and giving me more insight to the Star Wars universe.

Revenge of the Sith by Matthew Stover REVIEW UPDATE

*** I felt I just needed to do this again...

The turning point of the entire Star Wars saga is at hand...

I just had to read this again. I can't find the right words to describe how awe-striking this book is. Matthew Stover has such a great talent that I won't be surprised if he becomes the next J.K. Rowling. This is a true Star Wars book... and one of the best ever written.

The civil war in the galaxy is near the end. Chancellor Palpatine was abducted and two Jedi Knights were sent to rescue him. Thus the Republic falls... and the Empire rises. As Stover says, this is the story of love and loss, brotherhood and betrayal, courage and sacrifice, and the death of dreams. 

Stover wrote a piece of art I never thought words can do. Words never failed him, since he always find the best ones. Though it is true he did not write the heartbreaking story, he molded it into a way that made me addicted to it as much as I was addicted to The Hunger Games. It shows the movie in more depth; what's to come and omitted are shown. In the end, he gave hope to the depressing ending and was inspirational enough to make readers shed a tear. Though new Star Wars fans may be lost, I find the EU references great.

The way he wrote the characters are excellent. He describes everyone just as they are, and how their emotions played so well in the story. Anakin, especially him, seemed to be now a better person than he was in the movie, and I felt sorry for him. Padme was shown as smart, cunning, and unafraid, yet tender and soft-hearted. I can almost understand why her fate was the way it is.

It is hard to find flaws in such an amazing book, but I do find the Battle of Coruscant a bit too long. Some scenes needed to be removed, like Yoda on Kashyyyk, for the sake of the pacing. 

In conclusion, I recommend this book to everyone, whether you like Star Wars or not. Finding the flaws are near impossible. I thought about this book everyday since I first read it... and now, the words are still sticking in my mind. "The dark is generous, the dark is patient, and the dark always wins. But in the heart of the strength lies one weakness- one lone candle is enough to hold it back. Love is more than a candle. Love can ignite the stars."

Friday, May 18, 2012

The Dangerous Rescue by Jude Watson REVIEW

I remembered this was one of the first books I read when I was becoming a Star Wars fan, and back then I was ten. I enjoyed it very much then, since Jude Watson has a way to write Star Wars for kids who saw the awesome films.

In the previous books, Qui-Gon Jinn is tracking down a hunter, but he was captured by an evil scientist who wanted to learn the secrets of the Force, despite the fact that she is not Force-sensitive. Qui-Gon's padawan, young Obi-Wan Kenobi, is determined to rescue him and bring the captors to justice with the help of fellow friends and Jedi.

One definite thing is that, if you haven't read the previous stories and watched the films, this book is not for you. It starts at something of a cliffhanger and you'll be lost as soon as you start. I haven't read this book in a while and I still feel I needed a lot of review. Otherwise, the plot is good, and each chapter brings a new turn that keeps people reading.

Cholly, Weez, and Tup are comical and I found out I grew fond of the hopeless criminals. Qui-Gon's stuborness is shown well here, and I liked to see how Obi-Wan was as a kid. I'm glad Adi and Siri is here, since they are some of my favorite characters. Siri learnt a valuable lesson and it's great to compare her with her adult version in Jedi Quest.

There were some distractions unnecessary, and Astri was being a burden to the Jedi even though it was for a good cause. Some parts were a little fake, like Qui-Gon immediately finding out the right lead sometimes, even though he trusts his feelings. Otherwise, the book was great.

In conclusion, this is a too young book for me already, but I enjoyed it still.

Monday, May 14, 2012

No Prisoners by Karen Traviss REVIEW

After reading other Star Wars works, by Karen Traviss, I felt that I wanted to read this- not because it's very good, but because it is part of the Star Wars universe. To me, having the word Star Wars on the front cover would give it an automatic five stars, but this one is not going to go in my favorites shelf. That doesn't mean it's not good (I rated it five), but it's not the best Star Wars book I've read. 

As the Clone Wars rages on, Rex agrees to relieve Anakin of his Padawan Ahsoka for awhile, bringing her on Captain Gillad Palleon's new ship. What was supposed to be a cruise turns out to be a deadly rescue mission when Hallena Devis, and undercover spy, goes missing. Palleon is torn between duty for the republic and desire for his love Hallena. A group is sent to extract her... and Ahsoka encountered a new Jedi philosophy that shook her upbringing to the core. Loyalties and convictions will be tested as the story unfolds. 

There were many things I liked about this book. First of all, it gives me a new point of view to see about the war and the Jedi Order. Altis's Jedi sect seems to be interesting, and I want to know more about them. Traviss wrote some characters pretty well, and how they feel strikes me. She also wrote in more descriptive ways, especially with the ship. The conclusion left me something to think about. The characters like Hallena seems to be my type of person.

The things I don't is about the usual style Traviss writes in. She got something against the Jedi, obviously. Palleon and Hallena's relationship never needed to be a secret, so why? Also, their romance wasn't done very well. I liked a bit of family life in Star Wars books, but this is overboard.

In conclusion, I liked it, even though it lost me a few times. I recommend this to Star Wars fans.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dawn and Dusk of the Dark

Chapter 14

The Eleven.

Kalifa explained to me later that it was a resistance group that started with eleven people. One of them was Kalifa, but of course, undercover. Ferus Olin, some dude that has golden streaked hair (hey, like me) and extraordinary powers, had technically been the leader, but not anymore. I guess now I'm part of it. So are these people.

Life just gets weirder and weirder.

Kalifa passed on a chain message, whispering into each other's ears. Speaking up is not a good idea in a monitored place. Anyway, the message got around: the rebels are coming today, women and children are to dive into covers, men wanting to help just create chaos, pick any weapon they can find, and shoot troopers. Then we go on the ship. Assuming nothing very bad happens.

Oh, I'm kidding myself. Of course very bad stuff will happen. Just... not worse. I hope.
We all organized groups. Troopers don't care how we file out. This time, men will file out first with the Rodian who spoke out earlier-Greeb-leading them. Kalifa, Barriss, Ward, Eroda, Eva, and I file out second, so we can watch and change plans if we need to. Women and children behind, with a few brave men guarding them. And so troopers won't be suspicious of the men-first style.
All this was done in almost complete silence. Impressive.
We lay down more or less in our positions, and waited for the bloody dawn to come.


When we woke up again, it was because of ray shield turned off. In a rush, I remembered what happened yesterday. Quickly going we planned, we set off.

Oh no. Not Déjà vu again. But that's what it is. The night was cold and still. The only light came from Coruscant’s moons, which shone bright and clear. The silver light was reflected in our eyes, and we intend to enjoy our first and last night (Well, not first) under the twinkling stars. But we can’t.


When I reached the platform of doom (again), I realized that I was grateful for the distraction. What was about to come... I won't like it.

Everything proceeded as normal, except the emperor wasn't here. I thought there would be more guards because of a possible rebellion, but I guess because Palpatine isn't here anymore they had less guards than usual. That was good.

Less people came, since it was the third day. Throughout the anthem and the speech and whatever blah, they remained silent and unmoving. Fine by me.

Then it was time for the first executions. The rodian was first. I hope I was the only one who noticed the shake in his legs before he walked on.

When he was on, however, it seemed as if he had enough food for his whole life. His gait was steady and strong, and his clear eyes looking into everyone in the crowd. He was asked for last words, and a blindfold. He accepted the last words, but not the blindfold. He spoke in his thickly accented Basic.

"I don't need a blindfold," he said, "I want to look at every one of you before I die. Besides, I bet it is smelly. I want clean air before death."

I can see the crowd touched by his words... and some stifling laughter. The troopers are almost moving forward.

"I want all of you to hear this before I die. There is light at the end of every tunnel. Move forward with a marching feet. Trample your enemies, and make way for your children."

Barriss stirred. I don't know if it was because he was so inspirational, or she was sure that he wasn't going to die and spoke like he really was. I hope it was the first.

The crowd went nuts. They cheered and screamed like it was the end of the galaxy.

Apparently, the troopers had enough. One sent a single bolt flying into the air, but that didn't work like it usually did. Some troopers grabbed Greeb and chained him, ready for kill.

The crowd wasn't allowing it. Some were shouting for him to be free. Some were already moving forward, oblivious to the screams of the fallen in front of them. 
Kalifa Force-pushed a tumble of crates down. "Now!" she screamed.

I was about to go running and pick up the nearest weapon, but then, through the smoke, an invisible force sent me sprawling back to the crates. Uh, I guess that's Barriss's warning for me to stay there. I can swear she fogged my brain up a little too. I would have gone, but I trust them. I get the message. Besides, dying out there won't do any good for me.

Though the Force-push warned me not to go anywhere, I did not exactly obey the orders. I climbed out a little, trying to clear the water in my eyes through the smoke. I saw Kalifa tearing out the security cams while Barriss guarded the rodian.

It was total chaos by now. Kalifa displayed her amazing skills that I never saw before. Barriss took on defense than attack, and used cunning instead of force. Together, they were a team. A great team.

Leaving several capable men to guard the rodian, since he seemed to be the symbol of the cause now, Kalifa and Barriss went to defend the innocent. Like a Jedi.

I did not get to see the rest of the show, because a shot just narrowly missed me. Numi, who was beside me, screamed. The women and children scattered. Soon enough, I was the only one there.

Oh no.

I dived to the left, but they were there. I faked a right, but went left again. The troopers went for the real one. I dived down, rolled over, and made myself a target as small as possible. Somehow I knew there was a trooper behind me ready to shoot, so I kneed him. I heard a groan in pain. Looks like years in prison finally paid off.

My momentary distraction caused me. Something hit me in the head. Momentarily stunned, I almost got hit by a stun shot. I can tell they wanted me alive now... because I was a fourteen year old girl who was able to beat one of them. I crashed more crates down. They weren't very agile in their suits. I ran off as fast as I can, but now the pain was... well, painful.

A trooper got shot down by Greeb's guards. That was good. But I was about to experience something that was not so good.

A shot went past the guards. It hit flesh.

Greeb took two fingers touching each other and placed it over his heart.

That was the last thing he'll ever do.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Vanished by Meg Cabot REVIEW

I was not really sure what I was expecting in this book when I first read it. It turns out the author, Meg Cabot, is extremely talented. This book got me thinking pretty well. In short, I liked it.

Jessica Mastriani was your average sixteen year old girl... until she got hit by lightning. Did she die? Was she injured? No. She seemed fine. That is, until she discovered she came find missing people dead or alive. In the second book, she had already discovered that not everyone wants to be found. Some very important people wants to meet her... knowing that the powers can be used for both good and evil. For Jess, one misstep can lead to deadly danger.

For the first book, the plot was thick. Every chapter ends with a strange twist in the story and kept us wanting for more. I love the author's writing style. Some humorous moments lightened up the story. I especially liked the Darth Vader one... since I love Star Wars. For the second book, it was still pretty addicting for me. Humor is still there, and mystery and other elements made the story interesting.

I really liked Jess. She was the kind of girl that stood up for herself and for others, yet had feelings. She can punch and fight, yet play flute. She was no damsel in distress, yet she was able to call for help when she knew she needed it. Her romance I don't like that much, but it was acceptable. Rob doing a lot for her was pretty touching for me, and when the whole gang showed up I was glad Jess had great friends. Ruth was okay, but she was too... girly for my taste. I liked Shane too. Though he may be a pain in the butt, he sure knows how to play flute. He was stubborn (or tenacious), curious, heroic, and maybe a little mean. He's my age, and I would have liked to meet him. 

The flaws of the book actually wanted me to take of two stars, but then the seductiveness of the story made up for it. First of all, I don't mind some profitany but this story is so full of it, I was reluctant to continue. I'm not that kind of romantic person and I don't like the mentions in there. The second book was a bit slow to start, but still addicting. The brush at the cave needed more action.

In conclusion, I liked the book even though it has its flaws. If you're not the kind of person who minds bad language or *romance* that much, I suggest you go for it.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

My Edits #5 :)

I feel it's time for another update for edits... I've been doing a lot lately. Special thanks to Robyn at Simple Creative By Robyn for so many new tricks at photoshop such as transparent background, shortcuts, etc. She's been giving me many critiques as well. Please note that these ones are before she gave me new ways to make them better... I'm currently tweaking this and that and I may post the improved versions soon.

You might already see this from my Star Wars Day post... so nothing special. Robyn said I should blur the lightsaber edges that disturbed me, and it turned out awesome.

Theoden. He's not my hero or anything, but my brother wanted it and when I was done he didn't want it anymore. I'd rather do Legolas *sigh*, but I wanted him perfect so I get frustrated with every single mistake. Anyway, I need to adjust the words on this one, as Robyn said...

I used too much faces on this... gotta re-adjust things a bit. Thanks for that critique, Robyn. :)

My brother needed this for a school assignment. He's the king of Thailand... where we came from. And where we are now. Oh, and I did this before Robyn taught me new tricks...

I did this before Robyn taught me new tricks too. My brother needed this for his school assignment as well, but he discarded it later. I don't really like it that much, but oh well... like Legolas, I wanted him perfect because he's done so much for our country.

Robyn suggested I should make the red symbol in the middle a little darker and make the opacity higher on the two Ahsokas in the middle. It helped :)

I played with photoshop on this one like the shadows on her face and so on. I got "Reach for the stars" from Moves like Jagger (Love that song, by the way) and changed it a little. I liked the word "star" so much because, well, STAR wars... and star suggests a bright burning light...

Oh well, that's it for now. May the Force be with you!

Wild Space by Karen Miller REVIEW

After this book, there is only one book I haven't read yet in the Star Wars prequels, so I guess I know the style by now. The books ranged from five stars good to ten stars awesome (even though there is technically none), never below five stars. For me, this book is between the good and the awesome. A typical Star Wars novel, yet it is engaging and I felt like I knew Star Wars better reading this book. Karen Miller wrote this book well.

The two sides of the exploding Clone Wars are desperate to win, but there is a traitor at the heart of the Republic. When the sepratists launched a sneak attack on Coruscant, Obi-Wan was wounded. With the information he had he insisted for Skywalker and his Padawan Ahsoka Tano to go agains Greivous. Bail Organa reveals explosive intelligence that could turn the tide of war in the Republic’s favor, and Kenobi accompanies him to the far reaches of the galaxy to verify the facts. They don't relize that they are walking into a trap set by Palpatine... and escape may not be an option.

I really liked how Karen Miller does Yoda speeches. Some writers mixed up the object+subject+verb format, but she doesn't. I also loved to see the beginning of Bail and Obi-Wan's friendship- how Obi-Wan compared Bail to Anakin and said the Force was testing him. Some humor in the story just makes me like it. Also, her style of writing is appealing. It was clear, a little descriptive, and nicely written. The idea of wild bantha chase... I liked that too. In addition, I liked how it was set in Duel of the Droids and Downfall of a droid time period, and how there was a reference in that too.

It was different to see Obi-Wan how affected he was by the dark side. He was not a hero anymore, but a man struggling to survive with enormous willpower. In this case I'd rather be Bail, since he did not need to suffer through the dark side. I liked how Padme seemed to be just herself-not a former queen, senator, etc. Just a wife with friends. Possibly my favorite character, Ahsoka, is still pretty young here and I liked how she goes on to be something of deadly beauty and grace. Anakin's emotions are also done well.

Okay, now for the flaws. The story was a bit slow to start off with. It began with lots of characters and then drops them off until Obi-Wan and Bail is the only major character left. I find that weird. Though I really liked the beginning, it wasn't really necessary until it was skipped until months later. I don't wish that is deleted though, since it helped understand AOTC better. The cover art also has little to do with the story. But I don't really care, because the day I finished this book (May the fifth) is special to me and I'm not going to let anything ruin it. May the Fourth is Star Wars day, May the fifth is the day ROTS came out, and now today I'm typing this.

In conclusion, I liked the book. It has its bad side, but I feel it was worth reading. I can't wait to read Star Wars: No Prisoners next, and soon I will be celebrating my reading all the star wars prequel books finally.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Labyrinth of Evil by James Luceno REVIEW

I remembered reading this book a year or so ago, when I was eleven, and I liked it then. I recently read it again, and I think I better understand it now. If this book is a stand alone, it won't be very good, but since it is all part of the star wars saga and I understand the galaxy pretty well now, this book is entertaining for me. James Luceno's style of writing is strongly shown here, and that is probably part of why I liked the book. I recommend huge Star Wars fans for this book, mostly because it will leave you hanging if you don't know where you are.

The Clone Wars is near its boiling point. Jedi Knights Obi-Wan and Anakin attempts to capture a treacherous ally of the Sith. Though they came up empty handed, their bravery gave them an unexpected prize: intelligence capable to leading the republic forces to their ultimate quarry: the ever eluding Darth Sidious, whom they suspect has been manipulating every aspect of the Separatist rebellion. As the trail takes a shocking turn, Sidious stays one move ahead, for he has set up a ruthless campaign to bring to Republic to its knees. 

This book, for those who don't know how events will unfold, would seem mysterious. For those who know, which would be the majority, this is a great set up for ROTS. I'm glad that he did not tamper with Mathew Stover's novelization, which is the most awesome Star Wars book I've read. It was amusing to see Grevious not knowing the identities of Sidious. It was also funny to see Anakin and Obi-Wan's relationship, even if it is a little too less. Anakin's emotions are also done well, but it would be good if there was more. I'm also glad that Windu and Shaak Ti is in the story. The continual references to other books and movies are good since it helps fit the story in. I like the idea of how it pretty much became a wild bantha chase since Sidious already knew...

It was interesting to see how Anakin's emotions played out, which eventually led to his downfall. I'm glad Obi-Wan was there next to him, and as Stover said, be part of the team. Padme, Bail, and other senators were pretty brave, and I liked to see how they reacted to the action and everything. I'm glad it was clearly stated that Yoda knew of the corruption in the senate and how the republic was falling as well.

In conclusion, I loved this book. It could be better some ways, but this is what I'm striving for if I can ever publish a Star Wars book myself- a dream come true.

Happy Star Wars Day! :D

Let's make this short and sweet. Happy Star Wars Day!!! May the Fourth be with you! I hope you have the happiest Star Wars day! :D
You may notice I posted this one day late. It's because I want to hear your stories too. :)
I do not have anything special to do for Star Wars Day, but I badly wanted to go to the celebration... but my parents can't possibly fly me there. It'll be hours and everything. I can't wait until I grow up! I'll do it on my own, no matter how much it costs me.
Since you have control over how bright your day would be, I made this the brightest day I can. My brother bullied me, of course, but even my math and science teacher wished me a Happy Star Wars day, and my friends of course.
I made this for you guys... feel free to use it.

I've also got other pics to share... from facebook.
That is from an Ahsoka Tano Page

Stephen Staton (Voicer of this dude :D)

I would also like to  take this opportunity to thank Star Wars for all it has given me. I don't know who I will be without Star Wars. It has given me imagination, inspiration, knowledge, and most of all, a friend. There are many more that I can rant on for hours, but as I said I'd keep this short and sweet.
Now I'm going to watch the Season five trailer... May the Force be with you!