Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dawn and Dusk of the Dark

Chapter 14

The Eleven.

Kalifa explained to me later that it was a resistance group that started with eleven people. One of them was Kalifa, but of course, undercover. Ferus Olin, some dude that has golden streaked hair (hey, like me) and extraordinary powers, had technically been the leader, but not anymore. I guess now I'm part of it. So are these people.

Life just gets weirder and weirder.

Kalifa passed on a chain message, whispering into each other's ears. Speaking up is not a good idea in a monitored place. Anyway, the message got around: the rebels are coming today, women and children are to dive into covers, men wanting to help just create chaos, pick any weapon they can find, and shoot troopers. Then we go on the ship. Assuming nothing very bad happens.

Oh, I'm kidding myself. Of course very bad stuff will happen. Just... not worse. I hope.
We all organized groups. Troopers don't care how we file out. This time, men will file out first with the Rodian who spoke out earlier-Greeb-leading them. Kalifa, Barriss, Ward, Eroda, Eva, and I file out second, so we can watch and change plans if we need to. Women and children behind, with a few brave men guarding them. And so troopers won't be suspicious of the men-first style.
All this was done in almost complete silence. Impressive.
We lay down more or less in our positions, and waited for the bloody dawn to come.


When we woke up again, it was because of ray shield turned off. In a rush, I remembered what happened yesterday. Quickly going we planned, we set off.

Oh no. Not Déjà vu again. But that's what it is. The night was cold and still. The only light came from Coruscant’s moons, which shone bright and clear. The silver light was reflected in our eyes, and we intend to enjoy our first and last night (Well, not first) under the twinkling stars. But we can’t.


When I reached the platform of doom (again), I realized that I was grateful for the distraction. What was about to come... I won't like it.

Everything proceeded as normal, except the emperor wasn't here. I thought there would be more guards because of a possible rebellion, but I guess because Palpatine isn't here anymore they had less guards than usual. That was good.

Less people came, since it was the third day. Throughout the anthem and the speech and whatever blah, they remained silent and unmoving. Fine by me.

Then it was time for the first executions. The rodian was first. I hope I was the only one who noticed the shake in his legs before he walked on.

When he was on, however, it seemed as if he had enough food for his whole life. His gait was steady and strong, and his clear eyes looking into everyone in the crowd. He was asked for last words, and a blindfold. He accepted the last words, but not the blindfold. He spoke in his thickly accented Basic.

"I don't need a blindfold," he said, "I want to look at every one of you before I die. Besides, I bet it is smelly. I want clean air before death."

I can see the crowd touched by his words... and some stifling laughter. The troopers are almost moving forward.

"I want all of you to hear this before I die. There is light at the end of every tunnel. Move forward with a marching feet. Trample your enemies, and make way for your children."

Barriss stirred. I don't know if it was because he was so inspirational, or she was sure that he wasn't going to die and spoke like he really was. I hope it was the first.

The crowd went nuts. They cheered and screamed like it was the end of the galaxy.

Apparently, the troopers had enough. One sent a single bolt flying into the air, but that didn't work like it usually did. Some troopers grabbed Greeb and chained him, ready for kill.

The crowd wasn't allowing it. Some were shouting for him to be free. Some were already moving forward, oblivious to the screams of the fallen in front of them. 
Kalifa Force-pushed a tumble of crates down. "Now!" she screamed.

I was about to go running and pick up the nearest weapon, but then, through the smoke, an invisible force sent me sprawling back to the crates. Uh, I guess that's Barriss's warning for me to stay there. I can swear she fogged my brain up a little too. I would have gone, but I trust them. I get the message. Besides, dying out there won't do any good for me.

Though the Force-push warned me not to go anywhere, I did not exactly obey the orders. I climbed out a little, trying to clear the water in my eyes through the smoke. I saw Kalifa tearing out the security cams while Barriss guarded the rodian.

It was total chaos by now. Kalifa displayed her amazing skills that I never saw before. Barriss took on defense than attack, and used cunning instead of force. Together, they were a team. A great team.

Leaving several capable men to guard the rodian, since he seemed to be the symbol of the cause now, Kalifa and Barriss went to defend the innocent. Like a Jedi.

I did not get to see the rest of the show, because a shot just narrowly missed me. Numi, who was beside me, screamed. The women and children scattered. Soon enough, I was the only one there.

Oh no.

I dived to the left, but they were there. I faked a right, but went left again. The troopers went for the real one. I dived down, rolled over, and made myself a target as small as possible. Somehow I knew there was a trooper behind me ready to shoot, so I kneed him. I heard a groan in pain. Looks like years in prison finally paid off.

My momentary distraction caused me. Something hit me in the head. Momentarily stunned, I almost got hit by a stun shot. I can tell they wanted me alive now... because I was a fourteen year old girl who was able to beat one of them. I crashed more crates down. They weren't very agile in their suits. I ran off as fast as I can, but now the pain was... well, painful.

A trooper got shot down by Greeb's guards. That was good. But I was about to experience something that was not so good.

A shot went past the guards. It hit flesh.

Greeb took two fingers touching each other and placed it over his heart.

That was the last thing he'll ever do.


  1. Another good chapter! :D I loved how you wrote the ending; you're good really good at those :).
    For constructive criticism, I would say they were a few misspellings and some incomplete sentences, but that was really it. :)

    1. Thanks again! :D
      Hmm... I'm never really good at incomplete sentences and fixing typos. Thanks :D