Friday, May 25, 2012

Dawn and Dusk of the Dark

Chapter 15

For a moment, everything froze in place. Greeb's body crumpled to the floor while everyone stared at the spot. My mind went numb. I saw many deaths in my lifetime, but this was different. He was the spirit of our cause. Without him, the spirit may die.

But not this day. This day, he has become a martyr. If not for everyone, then definitely for me.

And for Kalifa and Barriss. They were first to react. I knew that since two stormtrooper helmets suddenly rolled at my feet. There they were, holding a vibroblade. The troopers chasing me were dead.

They weren't the only ones going to be dead if we don't move fast. So that's what I did.

I scrambled to the nearest cover since I figured I can't do anything much. Still numb, I fumbled my way through the acid smoke I can barely smell. Eva protected me. It seems as if her skills were rather impressive after all.

Everything seemed to be in slow motion. The group of rebels guarding Greeb were now hauling his body away. Disheartened rebels were now being encouraged by Kalifa's shouts.

Soon everyone joined in saying, "For Greeb!"

I can swear the trooper below me faltered for a moment and pulled the trigger a second later than he intended to. So he missed the target.

Without thinking, I threw a crate down at him. He stumbled and fell. It turns out the crate was very heavy, because his armor was crushed.

I winced. No more "that gotta hurt feeling". I actually felt sorry for the fate I gave him, and I felt something strange I never felt before. He was born into that existence, born to kill. He wasn't responsible. My mind flashed back to when he relented.

It took me awhile to figure out why I felt so bad. I never killed someone before. I was cunning in prison, stealing food and dodging behind other prisoners and let the troopers catch them, but I never killed someone outright. Trust me, it was not a good feeling.

An explosion snapped me back into the nightmare. It hit me a bit, and I cried out in pain. It did hurt bad. I was roughly pulled by the hair until I thought that it would tear out of my head, but thankfully it didn't. Not that I did care at this point.

I was brought aboard a gunship, and mercifully found myself in friendly hands. Eva was on board, and ready to go. The rebels reinforcements came to help now.

As it rose into the air, Eva's lips compressed. Soon I knew why. The bloodbath did not stop down there. I should have realized how futile this quest was. The Imperials would never let us go alive.


I held on to the last bit of hope, just in case a miracle happened. If not, then maybe a quick and painless death. But think of it right now, I wasn't scared. I spent all my life in prison. So why is life worth living if you're not free?

There is no why. So when I escape, if I escape, then it won't be a happy ever after anyway. We still gotta fight for our freedom from the empire. So we will until we succeed to die trying. It's dying, just sooner or later.

While these thoughts ran through my head, our transport engaged in a fight.We were almost out of the atmosphere, but Imperial forces arrived. I saw Kalifa in the cockpit of one. My hopes rose.

Maybe a miracle will happen after all...

It did.

We all did a crazy jump down, but it was pretty safe because there were emergency jet packs. We landed near the hatch, which opened, and we were saved just as the transport blew up. Pretty unbelievable, if you ask me.

I thought of freedom as a desert person thought of water. Maybe it will be alright after all.


  1. Great chapter!! I'm looking forward to see what happens next(especially what is going to happen now that they've just jumped from their ship).
    I was wondering, how old is the main character in this story?

    1. Thanks! :D She's fourteen. It's stated back a looong way- at the beginning of my fan fic, I guess

    2. You're welcome :). And thanks; I remembered you mentioned it a long time ago, but I couldn't remember her age.