Saturday, May 5, 2012

Happy Star Wars Day! :D

Let's make this short and sweet. Happy Star Wars Day!!! May the Fourth be with you! I hope you have the happiest Star Wars day! :D
You may notice I posted this one day late. It's because I want to hear your stories too. :)
I do not have anything special to do for Star Wars Day, but I badly wanted to go to the celebration... but my parents can't possibly fly me there. It'll be hours and everything. I can't wait until I grow up! I'll do it on my own, no matter how much it costs me.
Since you have control over how bright your day would be, I made this the brightest day I can. My brother bullied me, of course, but even my math and science teacher wished me a Happy Star Wars day, and my friends of course.
I made this for you guys... feel free to use it.

I've also got other pics to share... from facebook.
That is from an Ahsoka Tano Page

Stephen Staton (Voicer of this dude :D)

I would also like to  take this opportunity to thank Star Wars for all it has given me. I don't know who I will be without Star Wars. It has given me imagination, inspiration, knowledge, and most of all, a friend. There are many more that I can rant on for hours, but as I said I'd keep this short and sweet.
Now I'm going to watch the Season five trailer... May the Force be with you!


  1. May the Forth be with you! Today is The Revenge of the Fifth :D

    1. Thanks! You too :) Revenge of the fifth! :D

  2. Happy Star Wars Day, Solace, and May the Fourth Be with you! :D