Sunday, May 6, 2012

My Edits #5 :)

I feel it's time for another update for edits... I've been doing a lot lately. Special thanks to Robyn at Simple Creative By Robyn for so many new tricks at photoshop such as transparent background, shortcuts, etc. She's been giving me many critiques as well. Please note that these ones are before she gave me new ways to make them better... I'm currently tweaking this and that and I may post the improved versions soon.

You might already see this from my Star Wars Day post... so nothing special. Robyn said I should blur the lightsaber edges that disturbed me, and it turned out awesome.

Theoden. He's not my hero or anything, but my brother wanted it and when I was done he didn't want it anymore. I'd rather do Legolas *sigh*, but I wanted him perfect so I get frustrated with every single mistake. Anyway, I need to adjust the words on this one, as Robyn said...

I used too much faces on this... gotta re-adjust things a bit. Thanks for that critique, Robyn. :)

My brother needed this for a school assignment. He's the king of Thailand... where we came from. And where we are now. Oh, and I did this before Robyn taught me new tricks...

I did this before Robyn taught me new tricks too. My brother needed this for his school assignment as well, but he discarded it later. I don't really like it that much, but oh well... like Legolas, I wanted him perfect because he's done so much for our country.

Robyn suggested I should make the red symbol in the middle a little darker and make the opacity higher on the two Ahsokas in the middle. It helped :)

I played with photoshop on this one like the shadows on her face and so on. I got "Reach for the stars" from Moves like Jagger (Love that song, by the way) and changed it a little. I liked the word "star" so much because, well, STAR wars... and star suggests a bright burning light...

Oh well, that's it for now. May the Force be with you!


  1. Great art! :D Looking forward to seeing your newer versions :)

  2. Very cool! I really liked the Theoden graphic and the last one!

  3. You are really good at photo editing. Those area great! :D