Monday, May 14, 2012

No Prisoners by Karen Traviss REVIEW

After reading other Star Wars works, by Karen Traviss, I felt that I wanted to read this- not because it's very good, but because it is part of the Star Wars universe. To me, having the word Star Wars on the front cover would give it an automatic five stars, but this one is not going to go in my favorites shelf. That doesn't mean it's not good (I rated it five), but it's not the best Star Wars book I've read. 

As the Clone Wars rages on, Rex agrees to relieve Anakin of his Padawan Ahsoka for awhile, bringing her on Captain Gillad Palleon's new ship. What was supposed to be a cruise turns out to be a deadly rescue mission when Hallena Devis, and undercover spy, goes missing. Palleon is torn between duty for the republic and desire for his love Hallena. A group is sent to extract her... and Ahsoka encountered a new Jedi philosophy that shook her upbringing to the core. Loyalties and convictions will be tested as the story unfolds. 

There were many things I liked about this book. First of all, it gives me a new point of view to see about the war and the Jedi Order. Altis's Jedi sect seems to be interesting, and I want to know more about them. Traviss wrote some characters pretty well, and how they feel strikes me. She also wrote in more descriptive ways, especially with the ship. The conclusion left me something to think about. The characters like Hallena seems to be my type of person.

The things I don't is about the usual style Traviss writes in. She got something against the Jedi, obviously. Palleon and Hallena's relationship never needed to be a secret, so why? Also, their romance wasn't done very well. I liked a bit of family life in Star Wars books, but this is overboard.

In conclusion, I liked it, even though it lost me a few times. I recommend this to Star Wars fans.


  1. Great review! :D I read this book last year I believe, and I think you liked it more than I did. I liked parts of it, but the anti-Jedi sentiment kind of got on my nerves.

    1. Thanks! :D I liked it mostly because it has "Star Wars" on the cover, and till now I still hear Altis saying, "Garbage, Yoda. Garbage! Where is passion for justice? Where is passion for peace?" Worst of it is that it makes sense. But in Shadow Hunter, Master Bondara explained it. And in the Jedi Path. Thankfully.