Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Vanished by Meg Cabot REVIEW

I was not really sure what I was expecting in this book when I first read it. It turns out the author, Meg Cabot, is extremely talented. This book got me thinking pretty well. In short, I liked it.

Jessica Mastriani was your average sixteen year old girl... until she got hit by lightning. Did she die? Was she injured? No. She seemed fine. That is, until she discovered she came find missing people dead or alive. In the second book, she had already discovered that not everyone wants to be found. Some very important people wants to meet her... knowing that the powers can be used for both good and evil. For Jess, one misstep can lead to deadly danger.

For the first book, the plot was thick. Every chapter ends with a strange twist in the story and kept us wanting for more. I love the author's writing style. Some humorous moments lightened up the story. I especially liked the Darth Vader one... since I love Star Wars. For the second book, it was still pretty addicting for me. Humor is still there, and mystery and other elements made the story interesting.

I really liked Jess. She was the kind of girl that stood up for herself and for others, yet had feelings. She can punch and fight, yet play flute. She was no damsel in distress, yet she was able to call for help when she knew she needed it. Her romance I don't like that much, but it was acceptable. Rob doing a lot for her was pretty touching for me, and when the whole gang showed up I was glad Jess had great friends. Ruth was okay, but she was too... girly for my taste. I liked Shane too. Though he may be a pain in the butt, he sure knows how to play flute. He was stubborn (or tenacious), curious, heroic, and maybe a little mean. He's my age, and I would have liked to meet him. 

The flaws of the book actually wanted me to take of two stars, but then the seductiveness of the story made up for it. First of all, I don't mind some profitany but this story is so full of it, I was reluctant to continue. I'm not that kind of romantic person and I don't like the mentions in there. The second book was a bit slow to start, but still addicting. The brush at the cave needed more action.

In conclusion, I liked the book even though it has its flaws. If you're not the kind of person who minds bad language or *romance* that much, I suggest you go for it.