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Quick Notice: Blogger Problem

I've noticed that my comments aren't showing up on many blog posts. I don't know if you get a notification by email or not, but just so you know, I'm reading all your posts as usual but I just can't comment for some reason. I'll fix it as soon as possible. Hopefully I'll be back up today. May the Force be with you!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I love your blog award! :)

I was awarded by Helen at Life of a Musician and Dancer.
Here are the rules:
1. Award 5 people
2. Tell who awarded you
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4. Always put the picture above the post
5. Always show the rules

I award... (The people who are my closest followers and probably gonna do it)
So that's it... if your name is not on there it doesn't mean that I don't like you! It means I'm not sure if you're going to do it or not. These people on here are probably going to do it... and they're one of my first followers and loyal ones. May the Force be with you!

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20 Questions

Hey guys! I haven't posted anything in a while so I thought I'd just pop in. Since I saw Shena's, Jamie's, and Kayla's blogs do this, I thought I'd give it a try. Besides, it really helps for readers to know more about the author.

1) Mean people, negative emotions, and smoking.
2) Sweet personalities, fitness, and courage and loyalty.
3) I don't really have one... I looked them all up HERE but there's nothing really. Most people have fear of spiders, but I can stand them.
4) Hmph. I guess it won't hurt to tell you. Orlando Bloom/Legolas.
5) I hate smoking, as I mentioned. Never in my life. I can't even stand being near a cigarette. And no, I don't drink.
6) Star Wars. Duh. :P
7) Ploy. But you guys know me as Solace (from a Jedi...) and Sirita from SIRI TAchi as my protagonist in my novel.
8) ONE DIRECTION. They got that one thing. :)
9) Taylor Swift for the win!
10) I guess it won't hurt to tell you this too. Wait. I can't think of any. Oh. There's one when I raised my hand and called the teacher for twenty minutes and she just ignored me. Gosh.
11) Papaya. Actually, I got up and ate it just so I can put it in here. :P
12) I never text. I don't even have a working phone with me.
13) Disgusting body waste, cigarettes, people who ticks me off, and killing animals.
14) Reading/Writing, being around my friends and family, Star Wars, music.
15) I hate chocolate.
16) I travel around the world a lot... so I left behind many friends. Still painful. Three I miss most: Patricia, Sarah, Azizah.
17) I don't want one but if I have to I'll get a symbol of the Jedi Order. It's what I stand for.
18) Not saying what I really mean to an old friend. After the fight, we were okay with each other, but things will never be the same again.
19) I wish all my wishes can come true. :P Or if that doesn't work, then I wish my book can be the next Harry Potter.
20) I can't recall any now... I'll add it later if I remember.

So that's it... May the Force be with you! :)

Friday, June 22, 2012

The Temple's Call

  This is WATW for May and June. Here you go Voronda *cough*. Yep, I kept my part of the promise and didn't include anything about himmm <3
This is how I feel about Star Wars, more or less. So, dedicated to it. The picture is below. May the Force be with you!

That temple.

The pyramid-like temple with majestic stairs had stood proudly over the years. It had been the home of the best warriors and the wisest men. The magic of the building had been felt for years.

Now it was nothing more than a ruin. An abandoned temple with stones statues guarding it from the unworthy. That was how everyone felt it was like.

Well, everyone except for me, that is.

I can still feel the magic that held it together for years after the Mayans fall. The ruin still stood proudly, even without its best warriors and wisest men. The skilled artists that built that thing made a wonder that seemed to touch the heaven. When the sun shines on the beautiful stones, the place lit up and glowed like it was alive.

Ever since I was a small kid I wanted to touch go there and climb to the highest of it, touching the clouds and feeling the heavens. I dream big.

Often my mother would scold me for dreaming about something she thinks is useless and not finishing my work. My father would shake his head in disappointment and say, “Imene, do your work”.

Imene. They named me “dreamer”.

When I finally got old enough to start my own life, I worked hard. The money went to my parents, who raised me up and gave me a chance to climb that temple whether they like it or not. It also goes to learning whatever it takes to reach that temple.

I did not know when I would be ready to climb, but I believed it would give me a call. And it did.

One miraculous day I stared outside my window. Day was murky, but the clouds separated for the sun to shine down the temple. Everywhere was dark except for the magnificent building. It’s like the Mayans came back to life. There was a blue line that shot down from the skies to the temple.

That day, I knew what I must do.

I brought everything I need for the journey as fast as I can. The temple could be seen from my house, but it was pretty far away, and there was a lake separating us. No one crossed the lake before. Everyone believed that the lake was enchanted to keep people off. People used the lake’s water all the time, but they didn’t swim away very far.

That didn’t stop me from trying.

I told my friends that I’m going for a short trip to the mountains. They had a suspicion that I was going there, and they don’t like it. They say I could die if I cross the lake.

I assured them that I was going to the mountains. When they were pretty sure, I set off- to the mountains of course.

Don’t get me wrong. Most people mistook the mountains for being south of our village. But actually, there are also mountains north- where the temple lies. They just don’t know it.

At night the stars shined down on the temple, the brightest of all. That was when everyone was sleeping, so I got ready then. They won’t see me going north. Right before sunrise, I set off. When morning came, the clouds parted for the sun to shine on the temple. The blue line is always there- maybe not visible to everyone, but it was everything to me.

I reached the lake. It was not a long journey, since most people usually walk here for water. It was only about an hour and a half here and back. Now- it was the lake that is the problem,

A few days ago I was so sure I was going to make it. But what if my friends are right? There may be enchantments in there.

I thought about turning back. But that would be like turning your back onto the thing that held you up since childhood. At least I need to thank it for the dreams it gave me- because that’s what made my life happy. I don’t know who I’ll be without that temple.

I took a deep breath and went in. Nothing happened.

I was half expecting for me to be thrown out, but most people came here to wash themselves. So maybe the enchantment didn’t start here yet.

On the other hand, no one had the intention of going to the temple.

I was scared. Not just ordinarily scared- scared until it freezes your bones. That has nothing to do with the cold water too.

It would be so easy to just turn back. To give up. To lead a happy life.

But then, as I’ve said, that would be turning your back to the thing that held you up. And it held me up for my whole life. I should give it some credit, at least. I don’t think I can live with the guilt of no guts.

Anyway, I would die sooner or later- might be now if I go on or as an old woman if I turn back. But if I don’t go on I don’t think I’ll get that happy life. I have to live with the guilt of failing that. Even if it is nothing to everyone, it is everything to me. I will be trapped in the prison of guilt.

A life without freedom is worse than no life at all. So with that, and the blue line shining brighter than ever, I continued on.

After swimming awhile, I shut my eyes. If I’m going to die, then I don’t want to see it. But so far I was okay. I swam on and on until I lost track of time.

My hands hit something hard. Startled, I opened my eyes. I could see the walls of the temple right there in front of me.

Oh. So the lake wasn’t enchanted, I thought as I hauled myself out of the water and stared at the steps.

The temple may turn out to be nothing at all, but I don’t regret my journey here. Sometimes the battle doesn’t take place on the outside against spells and cold water, but inside your heart with fear and doubt. So inside the temple may just be ruins, but it has taught me that you can go far for something you believe in. It may be rubbish to others, but it will always be magical to me.

Enough thinking. I still got a journey to finish.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

World War Three- The Epic Battle for Legolas Greenleaf (And an update on me and my book)

And so it begins.

For everyone other than Voronda, if you visited my blog lately you might see some Legolas pictures on my right sidebar, and comments by Voronda on my last post. You might be wondering lately... what are they doing?

So what are we doing? We're somehow battling to death online for that one elf. My hero. Well, you could say our hero.

Basically we're just putting up pictures (I have no idea why it's pictures) until the end of time to show how much we love Legolas. I doubt it'll end soon. So if you see a picture on the sidebar, then now you'll know why. I have removed the old pictures so one Legolas picture can rule them all. And so my sidebar won't be crammed up too. Since Voronda removed one of hers then I guess it's okay...

So I created this post just to inform y'all- and a place where Voronda and me can chat/comment all day on who loves Legolas more without saying it on another post that has nothing to do with this topic. But don't get us wrong- I'm sure that we both are not idiotic enough to not know that, as much as I hate to admit it, Legolas is fictional and we can't go to Middle Earth and get him to like us. Besides, there are millions of girls screaming for him (who can blame that?) and no doubt even more when The Hobbit comes out. So instead, this is more of a friendly war where we exchange pictures and just pretend that  we could get him.

Maybe we can get Orlando Bloom (Legolas's actor), but that would be a miracle. He's the closest we'll ever get to Legolas- but Orlando Bloom won't have Legolas's spirit, loyalty, determination, chivalry, and all the other things that made us love him so much.

Okay, now I'm just ranting on about how much I love him. So let's get back.

So the next thing I have to attend to- an update on me. Well, it's summer vacation here and I'm pretty jobless. There's one thing saving me from utter boredom: my book. I need to do it and publish it. I'm hoping to break the world's record of being the youngest novel writer (not novelist, because novelist includes novellas and I'm already too old for that). However, by the looks of it, I don't think I can because I have only a few months left and I'm still on my first draft.

Any advice, suggestions, and critiques will be welcome. I need everything I can to get this novel published. Maybe I won't break the world's record for being the world's youngest novel writer, but I will break the world's record of being the world's youngest novel writer that has English as a second language.

So- I'm just saying, I won't be posting a lot now- since there's not much update on Star Wars, Season Five is yet to be out, and I finished my fan fiction.

Back to Legolas. So for Voronda... hi. I look forward to seeing your pictures and rambling on about him. I suggest you create a post like this... just so that I won't need to comment on your archery picture post. But it's your choice. Let's battle on!

[during the Battle of Helm's Deep, Gimli has killed an Uruk-Hai warrior]
Gimli: Legolas! Two already!
Legolas: I'm on seventeen!
Gimli: Huh? I'll have no pointy-ear outscoring me!
[kills another one]
Legolas: [shoots two more arrows] Nineteen!


One does not simply say this, so this one is a genuine wish. May the Force be with you.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dawn and Dusk of the Dark

*** Last Chapter! :D Wow... hard to believe. I did this since the start of this blog. Thanks to all my loyal readers. I hope you enjoyed reading this story as much as I enjoyed writing it. Please give me a good review!

Chapter 21

I remembered thinking that a place with no rats was paradise, as I lay down on the cell floor in the beginning of my adventure. That’s exactly how I feel now. Weightless and free. Free? Did I just say “free”?! I was never free.  Maybe I’m dead.

No, I’m not. I opened my eyes, and I was in a bacta tank. Kalifa and Barriss-I don’t know their real names- were outside, smiling at me and somehow communicating with me, saying that my mom would have been proud. I can just see my mom’s smiles.


When I got out of the tank, Kalifa took me outside of the Rebel base. She said this was a planet abandoned after the empire crushed it. She isn’t going to tell me the name, so what happened with Eroda won’t happen to me. That is perfectly okay for me too.

The place was empty and desolate. Once in a blue moon the wind creaked by.  The plants that were there lost the will to live a just gave up- sitting there forever until it dies. My only hope was that it was quick and painless.

This is living proof of what the empire had done. Living for now, anyway. Not for long. Because of the empire. The injustice of it all staggered me. So that’s what we’re gonna fight for. Fight so that we can live as who we are on our free homes without being punished.


For the Rebel assembly, Kalifa took us there and introduced me, then told us a bit more about her. I remember her words very well. She said, “The republic was the only civilization as I knew it, and during the clone wars I did everything I can to save that. Like a wise Jedi once said, ‘For the Republic, I would give anything and everything, including my life.’ I believe that with all my heart. But now it has fallen, and I would do all I can to rise it up.”

She also did a genetic scan, and I found out my uncle was Ferus Olin, who created the Eleven. That would explain the Force sensitivity.

“Your father was a legendary hero,” she said, taking down fingers and crossing it over her chest like everybody else is doing. “Even now, his symbol still stands for hope. For peace and justice.”

So I know who I am now. I created who I am from the parts I found. And, I got my sense of humor back.

Then we pulled the flag up. It caught the rare wind and blew in the air. Long live the Alliance.


When I was finally out of there, Eroda, Ward, and I had a group hug. Maybe it’s not yet happy ever after yet, but it’s a light in the journey. I remember stating that I never knew my beginning. But now I know. This is it. The start of a new life for me, yet a continued one. Hopefully with no déjà vu again.

We finally had a proper introduction with “Kalifa” and “Barriss”, who introduced themselves as Ahsoka and Scout. Scout went on with her journey, but I’ll be staying with Ahsoka and training to be a Jedi under her.

But one thing. Their real names don’t matter. They will always be Kalifa and Barriss to me.


Fate led me on a journey and it stabbed my back. Literally. Now I will control fate. There’s an old saying, he who seek to control fate shall never find peace. Maybe I won’t- but I won’t anyway if I don’t bring down the empire.

Besides, I’m a she. Not a he.

I climbed a path on a mountain, and saw another path. The path leads to more mountains. I’m stopping now to enjoy the view and reflect what I did. For sometimes the point is not the goal, but the journey, because it is the journey that gives people hope to carry on, and that’s what I’m trying to do.

I know that the sun will rise, and nothing can stop that. Not even night. I was born in the dawn of the dark. I will help ignite the stars to bring about the dusk. Hopefully, I will be there to see it. Then that’s what my life will be like, right? The Dawn and Dusk of the Dark. So that’s why I’m recording this. Maybe someone will hear it and learn from it.

That is my past, my old story. I’m not looking back anymore than I have to. I am ready. May the Force be with us.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dawn and Dusk of the Dark

Chapter 20

The door slammed close behind me.

Maybe this was a bad idea after all. I can't go against a strong man who can take me down in a second, DC-15 in my hands or not.

But there's no going back now. There's only going forward. So that's what I did. I ran after him, but he was faster and more agile. When I turned a corner, there was only an open door and (yes, I checked) no air vents or anything big enough for him to crawl through. So I went in the door, my blaster ready.

Fear crept through me, but so did alderaline. The occasional zap I first heard when the fighting began back in that room got louder and louder as I moved forward.

The room was fully white, and there were many instruments. I felt compelled to break them, but I didn't because I don't wanna get distracted and that traitor Vines may hear me. Besides, it may be dangerous.

I climbed up to an air vent on the other side of the room, making sure that Vines is too big to fit in there. As I crawled on and on, I wondered what Kalifa and Barriss are doing right now. Probably protecting Eva's limp body from more damage, because a shot in the arm probably won't kill her. When I realized that, my heart got a bit lighter.

My distraction cost me a bit, since I slammed my head at a corner and lost my comlink. It hurts, but thankfully it had no noise. The comlink is probably going to stay there to the end of time, so I didn't bother risking to take it back. So I just turned right and made my way on in the direction of the zap sound.

Finally, I came to an end and I peered through an opening. There was that mean looking officer I saw pacing before the battle began. He was speaking to something inside a tube.

"Your friends are coming, my dear. So let's have a little chit chat before they break through."

My stomach plummeted. Eroda.

"If you don't talk, I'll talk with your boyfriend. The reward for talking is freedom. The punishment for not talking is a very painful death."

My eyes watered as I aimed my blaster at him. I never shot someone before, but I'd get the hang of it. I was carefully not to hit Eroda too. But where's Ward?

The zap I heard suddenly got louder, but was drowned by a scream. A high pitched, terrified scream that unleashed the madness in me and almost got me to shoot. That was painful. Not only to her, but to me.

"Willing to talk now?"

I moved myself a bit, and now I saw Eroda. She was hanged up in some kind of device. Her hair was dirty and her face was covered with blood. Her lips trembled, but she still didn't talk. Despite everything, I still felt pride that she was my best friend.

Suddenly, Ward moved into view. He looked like Eroda, but worse. He probably had some cheek. Their appearance tore my heart. At least the blaster is in aim...

Ward was dropped down from the device. I let out a sigh of relief, which got my blaster out of aim. I mentally cursed.
"See him, girlie? I will break every bone in his body, pluck out his eyeballs out, and crush his skull. I will leave him bleeding to death, while electrocuted, and I will make you watch every minute of it. So talk."

Eroda's lip trembled even more. Now even I am trembling. But to come this far and lose them is unacceptable. I got my blaster into aim again.

"Kalifa! Kalifa and Barriss! A Togruta and a Human female. They sided with the Republic in the Clone Wars. When the Empire came, they joined the resistance army. The Eleven."

I gasped and dropped the DeeCee. I mentally cursed again. But did my ears hear right? At least the lie indicator wasn't beeping, and it read out that that was probably all they know. So the officer let them down and kicked them. They scrambled together and hugged, and I felt so bad. I picked up my blaster as the officer turned to the other side and started ordering droids to pick up Barriss's and Kalifa's profiles.

Eroda and Ward love each other. I always thought it was brother and sister kind, but seeing that kiss made me have a second thought. I don't feel 'that way' about Ward, but if I was in Eroda's position, now I'm beginning to understand that I would probably give it away too.

"Barriss Offee:  Mirialan Jedi Knight and General during the Clone Wars. A skilled Jedi Healer, Offee utilized her abilities at a Rimsoo on Drongar during the galactic conflict. She carried a blue lightsaber and was a practitioner of Form III: Soresu. Offee could be easily identified by the tattoos on her face. She was one of the victims of Order 66.

Kalifa: A female Human Jedi Initiate who once studied to become a Knight of the Jedi Order during the final years of the Galactic Republic. During her training however, Kalifa was abducted by Trandoshan hunters and taken to the Trandoshan moon, Wasskah, where she was tirelessly hunted by her captors. Ultimately, they succeeded."

The officer looked confused. Now this is my perfect chance.

"Trooper! I need a new lie detector! Now I'll deal with these two un-"

Yep, I shot him finally. I jumped down and hugged the two, finally reunited...

...or not.

The droid started firing. But it wasn't that that made me stop.

"Stop." A single voice said.

I froze. The officer was holding a button with one hand while his face was contorted with pain. Another hand was nursing his stomach- where the blaster wound is.

"If you go another step, I press this. They die."

Another shot came out of nowhere and hit his arm. He released the button with a grunt of pain. Eroda let go of the blaster, and I ran to get the button.

I must reach the button.

I moved onward, ducking blaster bolts with seeming ease. The ozone was thick in the air, but I did not smell it. The smoke blinded everything, but I did not see it. All I thought of was reaching the button.

An agonizingly slow second later, I just in front of it. I thrusted my hands out to press it. I'm almost there...

I stopped. I dreamt this moment before. At the prison. The next thing I knew was a leg was swinging towards me. Before I could react, it hit me hard.

For a second, I did not feel the pain. I blinked. Reality hit me. I must hit the button.

The pain is just searing in and I fell, the button just a hair width away from my fingers. My mouth opened up for a scream...

Then I was pulled by hair out. In my excitement, I forgot completely about Vines. My blaster lay with Eroda, who was now scrambling to shoot. But the power cell ran out. Oh no. We're in deep trouble.

He took a piece of stray stick, just out of anger, and began beating me. I ducked. Skills in prison finally came in handy. I know I won't win this, no matter how pathetic that stick is, so all I did we running. Hopefully I'd find Kalifa... and I now that that isn't her real name anymore, but at least the Empire won't know her real name too. Which means she did the right thing.

I couldn't think much about that now, since he's chasing me.

Then... we came into a dead end. Oh no. The only option left is fight. He swung at me several times, and I managed to block them. But when he forced me to move right I slammed against the wall and he got me. He beat down on me, starting with a slam in the back, with ferocious intensity and I'm not going to even begin describing the pain or counting to number of bones he broke.

I was dying. I knew that. Oddly, I was calm. A voice rose in my head. It was not a voice of fear or terror. It was a voice of courage- a voice I didn’t hear for a long time.

“If you’re about to die, then show some guts, dude,” it said.

I laughed and coughed up blood. He stopped beating me and looked at my eyes, confused. “You think this is funny?” He asked in a threatening voice.

“Getting beat up to death, no. But the fact that you’re beating me up with a stick showed me how desperate the empire is. How pathetic is that?”
His eyes flashed anger. He raised his poor stick to give me a last blow that would end my life.

A man who I once thought was my friend, a man that was a great ally, the man that I thought I knew of. The man I know now is a man that is my enemy, the man that is my foe, the man that I know nothing of. He stabbed my back. Literally. But now it doesn't matter.

If I am destined to die here, then so be it. I won’t die as a prisoner getting on with her empty life, but as a free person dying for something she believes in. A life without hope is worse than no life at all.
I prepared for the blow. But it never came.
For a moment his expression was shock. An emerald blade came through him and disappeared. He crumpled to the ground. In his place stood a Jedi. The Jedi.
“Hi… Kalifa,” I struggled to say.

“Kaayla,” she whispered, bending down.

I smiled as a warm glow spread through me. Then the world went black. I was falling…

Darth Vader and the Dork Side of the Force [Star Wars Parody]

Some of you already saw this... but...

I did a Star Wars Parody lately and I just wanted to share it. This was filmed at our school. It was originally meant for a video contest, but I didn't win it so I just wanted to put it here. It's also on Youtube, if you wanna check it out there.

That's it. Hope you enjoy the video and may the Force be with you! :D

Dawn and Dusk of the Dark

Chapter 19
Kalifa's lightsaber is out in a flash, and the next thing I knew was the trooper going down. Never seeing that blade in action, I stared at it in awe and wonder. It was emerald green, and the other one hanging on her belt, already deactivated, is bright lime green. She looked like a queen of deadly beauty, standing proud and tall over the fallen enemy.
I did not get to admire it for long, because Barriss grabbed me and pulled me to the side of a wall. More patrol guard troopers are coming, I guess.

Actually, no. She pulled me away so dirt won't get in my eyes. Kalifa was digging the hard ground up, and putting the trooper underneath to hide him. She did it very vigorously, yet it wasn't fast enough. Barriss went to help her, while I stayed with Vines and Eva.

"I didn't know we were going to infiltrate an enclave," Vines said, clasping his hands in front of him.
"Me neither," said Eva.
"Nor me," I agreed.

Was it just my eyes, or did I see a reflection of blinking red lights in Eva's eyes? It looked beautiful on her, but what is it?

I did not get to admire this for long either, because the next moment Kalifa called me out to help. We all went to dig. Suddenly ,we couldn't dig any further. I found out that there was a big grey metal slab down there.

Kalifa stopped and straightened. So did Barriss.

"Sewage pipe. We can use that."

Barriss and I exchanged dubious looks. Then I shrugged. "It couldn't be worse than Raxus Prime."

The next thing I knew, we fit the body in, but we had to remove the helmet because it couldn't fit. Vines carried it. There lay a heavily scarred man with black hair.

Kalifa took a deep breath and closed his eyes. Then we piled the dirt on him. Barriss gave her a sympathetic look, which turned into a focused look when she had to defend us against five stormtroopers coming in. Something shot through me, but it wasn't laser. It was fear. Through my desperation to get down I actually tripped a stormtrooper.


We buried some more, and when we were sweating and dirty, there was a beeping on Vines's clothing. Looking puzzled, he took it out, and there was a blinking red light. It came from inside the helmet. Oh. So that was why there was a reflection in Eva's eyes.

Kalifa put on the helmet, and when she took it off again, she said, "There was a voice coming through commanding all troopers to report in. Of course, I didn't reply, but when they hear silence they thought it was because of the meteor shower interference. Which is good. So everyone take the comlink out of the helmets that we've got, and let's put 'em on to see what the enemy is saying."

We all did, and we found another spot to bury the helmet. By this time I was wondering why they haven't picked us yet, but Barriss an Eva explained to me that there are supposed to be patrol guards here, and all the cams go in front.

When we were done, the comlink felt alien to my ears. I'll get used to it, I thought as we moved on to the next step: infiltration.


Okay, it was way worse than Raxus Prime. At least we were a bit filtered from the smell there. Here, we can smell the full stink of waste stuff as we crawl through the thankfully dry drain. We climbed up- Kalifa first, then throwing a rope down. I'd rather be out there fighting the troops than down here climbing up a rope through the muck. The voices blaring in my ears don't help either. Only the thought of seeing Eroda and Ward again made me move on.

When we finally got out of there, we were in bathroom. A bathroom for stormtroopers. Men. I wish I just didn't care at this point. We washed a bit as fast as we can, in case troopers come in.

Next we were stuck in an air vent, which is okay apart from the fact that we're squished in. Kalifa seems to know where we're going. She probably memorized the map of the enclave before.

"So where exactly are we going, general?" Vines asked.

"Dunno..." Kalifa replied.

"Don't you have a plan?"

"We'll make up along the way," Barriss whispered.

Those two scare me sometimes. But they always seem to get it right.

Finally we got to a room where there was blinding white light and an occasional electric zap sound. When my eyes finally adjusted, there was a very terrifying officer in a green suit down there, pacing. Kalifa stopped and motioned everyone to freeze.

"Reporting place. Many stormtroopers down there," she mouthed, putting one finger over her mouth.

Oops. Too late. The helmet of the trooper suddenly dropped out of Vines's shaking hands down to the hole. It clattered on the floor just before the officer whirled around.

And the troopers opened fire on where we are, cramped up, and unable to move.

Kalifa dropped down, then Barriss, then Eva. Gracefully. Then me. Not so gracefully. Then Vines, who I swore sprained a foot.

Kalifa had her two blades out, and Barriss her single blade, slashing and cutting down troopers with extreme intensity. I joined until an invisible force pushed me back to the small section hidden in the wall, where I hid.

The two deadly beauties cut down troopers until it was clear that the battle was winning for us. Eva picked up a fallen blaster and shot with deadly precision. Vines, however, did the most unexpected thing. And it isn't cowering, since that coward had been the one with the shaky hands that got us in this mess in the first place.

He smiled, folded up his sleeves, and enjoyed the luxury of not having troopers shooting at him.

Rage coursed through me. "Traitor," I seethed. "Traitor!" I said, louder this time. Kalifa turned to look.

"TRAITOR!" I screamed. His smile vanished, to my satisfaction, as Kalifa headed toward him.

I can barely hear Barriss telling me to control my rage and the voice in the comlink calling for reinforcements. But I calmed down eventually, and felt rather bad for bringing parts of the ceiling down.

Eva stood there, frozen. Her eyes watered up for a moment, before she angrily blinked it away. I  felt bad for her too. I felt bad for myself. I felt bad for everyone now. What was I even thinking in the first place, coming to this hell hole? This is the mess I've made.

But Eroda and Ward are my friends. Every breath I had, I was close to them. Even though we were in a prison where smiles and laughter are rare, we shared every little one we had. We loved each other.

Eva loved Vines. I didn't want him to be a monster, but letting it remain hidden is worse. I cursed fate for making it like this. She had to feel the pain of losing him in the worst possible way.

So maybe this mission was good after all. It brought out a hidden identity, and hopefully bring back my best friends. I hope it won't kill anyone who has friends to mourn them, because I know that that friend will feel the same thing as I did, only multiplied because they know for sure that they are dead.

So was I being selfish by helping out two people? My best friends?

That is a question that I think only a Jedi can answer.


While all this was going through my head, lots happened. Eva was standing there, heartbroken. I hoped she won't get hurt. To her.

A bolt hit her arm and she grunted. I screamed. The last thing she said before crumpling with pain was, "I trusted you."

Vines, who heard that, smiled again, but wider. "Gee, love you too, Eva darling."

Kalifa and Barriss, who was still busy with droids and troopers, are trying to get him. They didn't seem surprised. Maybe they were already suspecting.

The only option left is me. This may seem crazy, but all I did up to now is crazy. And I get lucky many times, so perhaps my luck has not run out yet.

I did not bolt for him, but edged my way. Now that all the attention is on the two Jedi, I did not have much problem picking up a DC-15 and aiming at him.

He saw me and said, "Oops. A girlie is about to shoot. Better get going."

I calmed down before I proceeded.

He took that red blinking light on his wrist up, which was after all not the troopers but his. Now I saw the flaw in my logic. He didn't have the trooper's helmet when I saw the red blinking light reflection in Eva's eyes. Kalifa must have seen it. That's why she called me to help- to protect.

So he held it out to the door and went on. I ran after him before the door closed. Then the real fight would begin.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Dawn and Dusk of the Dark

Chapter 18

Kalifa called Eva and her boyfriend, who looked like a mean officer. I didn't like that look on his face. It sent shivers down my spine. I was glad when a soldier came along and blocked the view.

"Generals," the soldier said formally, saluting, "It is a pleasure to see you back. However, I am under orders to tell you to-"

"-yes, Dack, we will," Kalifa interrupted, "but we're going to take a short trip first. To Zhar."

Zhar? I never heard of it. Are they there? Short trip? So she's sure we're coming back? I wish I had her confidence.

Dack started, "Generals, the planet has a moon with an Imperial enclave-"

"We know, Dack. Tell them that we'll come back soon. We have personal business. Our comlinks are always here," said Barriss.

He saluted and went. We turned to Eva. "We're going to get Eroda and Ward, Eva," said Barriss.

Eva nodded as if expecting this. "I know you want me to come along with you. To handle some stuff. Okay. But Vine is coming too," she said, jerking her head to her boyfriend.

We agreed and the next moment we were blasting off. I slept while the ship was in hyperspace. I wanted to go look at the streaked stars, but I was too worried. Besides, you never know when you can sleep again.

When I got to the cockpit, we were coming out of lightspeed. Pretty early, since there may be ships patrolling the place. We waited. And waited. And waited some more.

Finally I couldn't take it. "Kalifa," I said in my most controlled voice, "why in the name of the nine Corellian hells are we waiting?"

"Meteor shower. So we can get in undetected."


While we sit, Eroda and Ward is in the tenth Corellian hell if possible. Agonizingly slowly, we waited. Finally, it came, which may be pure luck or something Kalifa knew about and just took advantage of it. Or something she made up through the Force. I didn't know and I didn't care.

We landed our ship with the rest of the asteroids. Even with Eva and Vine tweaking around, we still took a good battering. Or maybe it's because they were too busy looking at each other. I have no idea what made Eva fall for him.

Once we got out, the storm cleared a bit. "It's pretty remote here. That's why there is not much security. The enclave here holds prisoners that aren't dangerous, but may be useful. Like Eroda and Ward," Kalifa explained to me. 

I nodded, hardly hearing. I just want to tear through that enclave I see in front of me, but Kalifa's hand is reassuring me that that is a bad idea. So all I did was gulping my throat dry as we edged nearer. I can see the two Jedi concentrating, probably using the Force to blur cameras so we can get in without knowing. Still, we're taking precautions in case the Force is not enough. 

As we trekked toward the site, the banthas were edging away from us with an air of suspicion. I can't blame them. Hell is going to start once we get inside. If we're lucky, we'll be in the first Corellian Hell. 

I couldn't stop thinking about how Eroda and Ward would be feeling. What if they're dead? I don't know how I can live without them. If they're still alive, just how exactly alive are they? I hope they're not being tortured. The idea could collapse me. I finally stopped thinking about it when Barriss's hand is on my shoulder, gently urging me on.

When we were very near the enclave (and still miraculously undetected) Kalifa turned me around. "All right. Before we get inside, I want you to promise me one thing. You won't go straying away, and if I order you to duck, run, or turn away, you do it. I can't protect you if you go straying away.  All right?"

I nodded instantly, figuring it's the only way to get me into the enclave and get out alive.

Kalifa smiled, lighting up her face a bit. Her eyes are still haunted by her mysterious past, but at least we can all find some comfort. As we stepped closer and closer, I realized that only a few days ago I was dreading the morning, where I have to get up and clean the platform. Now it seemed like a lifetime ago. Lots have happened since then. I thought my adventure was finally ending- with me free and all, with not much déjà vu.

But, as a blaster bolt ripped past my ear, I realized that my adventure was just beginning. 

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My Edits #6 :)

Okay, it's been awhile since I've updated my work. I've been doing a lot. Once again, thanks to Robyn for helping me out with these. I said I'll post the tweaks I did to my LAST FAN ART POST, and hey, it's been awhile since then. So here it is. You might notice that I've put DeviantArt watermarks on it, for... security reasons. If you want one without it, give me your email and the piece you want, and I'll send it to you.
My original piece

Added a darker color, just to make it blend more

My original piece

I know this is long outdated, but I just wanted to tweak it up. Anyway, I fixed the jagged lightsaber a bit. I couldn't fix the overlap well though.

My original piece

Changed the font and position a bit. Which one is better depends on what you prefer.

My original piece

Changed it to two lines.

I changed it again by adding death a the back...

And again- darkening the color. Last one :)

Now for the ones that I never showed the originals....

I don't like the blurry piece on the right. It turned out to be a disappointment.

I changed it to this, trying to convey that Vader is shutting away his past.

I think this one fits better, but the image above is better.

Now for the most EPIC one. I finally have screwed up the... you can say courage... to make a Legolas edit! I tried many times, but when I make the slightest mistake, it gave me a mini heart attack. My hero can't be anything less than perfect. So finally I did it- not that it's that perfect yet.

I changed it a little, because the blue tone bothered me and Robyn. She taught me how to make it more golden. I swear I sighed for so long over how epic he looks. I also changed the text to green to make it more suited.

Now for the new ones without any tweaks yet...

This is one of my favorites that I did. Simple and pretty powerful.

I loved that picture so much I just needed to do an edit of it. Again, simple and pretty powerful.

That's it... pretty long! May the Force be with you!

Dawn and Dusk of the Dark

*** Nothing special, just some small talk before action :) MTFBWY

Chapter 17
I left Numi in my room as I made my way to the command station. Kalifa and Barriss was there, and my guess was that Kalifa knew what happened by now. Somehow I wish I didn't stumble out like that now. However, that hardly matters now. I guess I'm going anyway.

Kalifa raised an eyebrow as I walked in. I found that disturbing, so I took a deep breath and tried not to shudder. Now that that inspiring moment Numi gave me was gone, the uneasiness started to flood back.

I thought I'd break it to them quickly, so I can say it all before I collapse. So the words stumble out faster than an ordinary person can hear, but they have extraordinary senses.

"I'm going back. I'm going to rescue Eroda and Ward. Please don't try to stop me. I know it sounds crazy, but I'm gonna get them out. If they die then I die with them."

Kalifa's eyebrow, which just went down, came up again. "How are you going to do it?"

I mentally cursed. Maybe I was even crazier than I thought. I didn't know how. But that's not going to stop me. If they kill me on the front door, it'd be hopeless. But anything is worth a try. So I just shrugged.

Barriss's voice was a bit gentler. "You can't, Kaayla. I'm sure they want you to get on with life. It's not worth it. That's why the Jedi allow no attachment."

I silently seethed. Some people tell me that the Jedi have no heart, but I never really believed them. Now I understand them a bit. But of course, my mom told me the Jedi do care, but every one equally. So I guess they do have a heart, even if it's cold sometimes.

"I don't care," I said, "I'm no Jedi. I'm going for them. It may be suicidal- but I'm willing to do it."

Maybe the grim determination in my eyes said it better, because Kalifa sighed and said, "All right. You can go. We can't stop you. It's your choice. But that doesn't mean it's the wisest."

Barriss started. "Ka-"

"No. Please." Kalifa and I said at the same time.

Barriss sighed too. "Then I'll go with you."

A tingle of shock, gratitude, relief, and fear washed through me. "You sure?" I asked, uncertain.

Barriss nodded. Kalifa looked at her like she was crazy, and Barriss was looking back with calm eyes. Maybe Barriss and I were both crazy.

Kalifa chewed her lip and said, "All right. I'll come with you. But what we do needs to be for the good of everyone, not two people."

Barriss and Kalifa communicated silently again, and they took me out of the room. Maybe I have hope after all, I thought as we boarded a ship that would probably take us across the stars... and to my dear friends.