Monday, June 25, 2012

20 Questions

Hey guys! I haven't posted anything in a while so I thought I'd just pop in. Since I saw Shena's, Jamie's, and Kayla's blogs do this, I thought I'd give it a try. Besides, it really helps for readers to know more about the author.

1) Mean people, negative emotions, and smoking.
2) Sweet personalities, fitness, and courage and loyalty.
3) I don't really have one... I looked them all up HERE but there's nothing really. Most people have fear of spiders, but I can stand them.
4) Hmph. I guess it won't hurt to tell you. Orlando Bloom/Legolas.
5) I hate smoking, as I mentioned. Never in my life. I can't even stand being near a cigarette. And no, I don't drink.
6) Star Wars. Duh. :P
7) Ploy. But you guys know me as Solace (from a Jedi...) and Sirita from SIRI TAchi as my protagonist in my novel.
8) ONE DIRECTION. They got that one thing. :)
9) Taylor Swift for the win!
10) I guess it won't hurt to tell you this too. Wait. I can't think of any. Oh. There's one when I raised my hand and called the teacher for twenty minutes and she just ignored me. Gosh.
11) Papaya. Actually, I got up and ate it just so I can put it in here. :P
12) I never text. I don't even have a working phone with me.
13) Disgusting body waste, cigarettes, people who ticks me off, and killing animals.
14) Reading/Writing, being around my friends and family, Star Wars, music.
15) I hate chocolate.
16) I travel around the world a lot... so I left behind many friends. Still painful. Three I miss most: Patricia, Sarah, Azizah.
17) I don't want one but if I have to I'll get a symbol of the Jedi Order. It's what I stand for.
18) Not saying what I really mean to an old friend. After the fight, we were okay with each other, but things will never be the same again.
19) I wish all my wishes can come true. :P Or if that doesn't work, then I wish my book can be the next Harry Potter.
20) I can't recall any now... I'll add it later if I remember.

So that's it... May the Force be with you! :)


  1. I love your answers! I laughed at Number Eleven, I thought that was pretty funny! :P


    1. Thanks! :D Now that I looked at it, yeah it was LOL :)

  2. I object! Who cannot love chocolate! :O

    No, just kidding! I liked your answers. :)

  3. Fun read, I'm glad you wrote this. 11 was really funny!


    1. Thanks! :) Yep, I hate chocolate so much.

  4. I knw a teacher who did that to me once. It may hurt..*grabs bow* hehe! You remember Legolas is MINE! :D

    1. Ah ha you too ;)
      Legolas isn't yours and he will NEVER be yours!!! >:D