Friday, June 22, 2012

The Temple's Call

  This is WATW for May and June. Here you go Voronda *cough*. Yep, I kept my part of the promise and didn't include anything about himmm <3
This is how I feel about Star Wars, more or less. So, dedicated to it. The picture is below. May the Force be with you!

That temple.

The pyramid-like temple with majestic stairs had stood proudly over the years. It had been the home of the best warriors and the wisest men. The magic of the building had been felt for years.

Now it was nothing more than a ruin. An abandoned temple with stones statues guarding it from the unworthy. That was how everyone felt it was like.

Well, everyone except for me, that is.

I can still feel the magic that held it together for years after the Mayans fall. The ruin still stood proudly, even without its best warriors and wisest men. The skilled artists that built that thing made a wonder that seemed to touch the heaven. When the sun shines on the beautiful stones, the place lit up and glowed like it was alive.

Ever since I was a small kid I wanted to touch go there and climb to the highest of it, touching the clouds and feeling the heavens. I dream big.

Often my mother would scold me for dreaming about something she thinks is useless and not finishing my work. My father would shake his head in disappointment and say, “Imene, do your work”.

Imene. They named me “dreamer”.

When I finally got old enough to start my own life, I worked hard. The money went to my parents, who raised me up and gave me a chance to climb that temple whether they like it or not. It also goes to learning whatever it takes to reach that temple.

I did not know when I would be ready to climb, but I believed it would give me a call. And it did.

One miraculous day I stared outside my window. Day was murky, but the clouds separated for the sun to shine down the temple. Everywhere was dark except for the magnificent building. It’s like the Mayans came back to life. There was a blue line that shot down from the skies to the temple.

That day, I knew what I must do.

I brought everything I need for the journey as fast as I can. The temple could be seen from my house, but it was pretty far away, and there was a lake separating us. No one crossed the lake before. Everyone believed that the lake was enchanted to keep people off. People used the lake’s water all the time, but they didn’t swim away very far.

That didn’t stop me from trying.

I told my friends that I’m going for a short trip to the mountains. They had a suspicion that I was going there, and they don’t like it. They say I could die if I cross the lake.

I assured them that I was going to the mountains. When they were pretty sure, I set off- to the mountains of course.

Don’t get me wrong. Most people mistook the mountains for being south of our village. But actually, there are also mountains north- where the temple lies. They just don’t know it.

At night the stars shined down on the temple, the brightest of all. That was when everyone was sleeping, so I got ready then. They won’t see me going north. Right before sunrise, I set off. When morning came, the clouds parted for the sun to shine on the temple. The blue line is always there- maybe not visible to everyone, but it was everything to me.

I reached the lake. It was not a long journey, since most people usually walk here for water. It was only about an hour and a half here and back. Now- it was the lake that is the problem,

A few days ago I was so sure I was going to make it. But what if my friends are right? There may be enchantments in there.

I thought about turning back. But that would be like turning your back onto the thing that held you up since childhood. At least I need to thank it for the dreams it gave me- because that’s what made my life happy. I don’t know who I’ll be without that temple.

I took a deep breath and went in. Nothing happened.

I was half expecting for me to be thrown out, but most people came here to wash themselves. So maybe the enchantment didn’t start here yet.

On the other hand, no one had the intention of going to the temple.

I was scared. Not just ordinarily scared- scared until it freezes your bones. That has nothing to do with the cold water too.

It would be so easy to just turn back. To give up. To lead a happy life.

But then, as I’ve said, that would be turning your back to the thing that held you up. And it held me up for my whole life. I should give it some credit, at least. I don’t think I can live with the guilt of no guts.

Anyway, I would die sooner or later- might be now if I go on or as an old woman if I turn back. But if I don’t go on I don’t think I’ll get that happy life. I have to live with the guilt of failing that. Even if it is nothing to everyone, it is everything to me. I will be trapped in the prison of guilt.

A life without freedom is worse than no life at all. So with that, and the blue line shining brighter than ever, I continued on.

After swimming awhile, I shut my eyes. If I’m going to die, then I don’t want to see it. But so far I was okay. I swam on and on until I lost track of time.

My hands hit something hard. Startled, I opened my eyes. I could see the walls of the temple right there in front of me.

Oh. So the lake wasn’t enchanted, I thought as I hauled myself out of the water and stared at the steps.

The temple may turn out to be nothing at all, but I don’t regret my journey here. Sometimes the battle doesn’t take place on the outside against spells and cold water, but inside your heart with fear and doubt. So inside the temple may just be ruins, but it has taught me that you can go far for something you believe in. It may be rubbish to others, but it will always be magical to me.

Enough thinking. I still got a journey to finish.


  1. What an AWESOME story! I loved it! I loved the line "Sometimes the battle doesn’t take place on the outside against spells and cold water, but inside your heart with fear and doubt" :)

    1. Thanks :)))
      OMG... I actually said that? (checks) Oh, right. yay! :D
      I be waiting to read yours!

  2. Here is the link to my test: It's on my Star Wars one.

    1. Okay! :) I'm going to see it right now :D

  3. Oh, also, where do you get the moving pictures like the one of Ahsoka on the left side of your blog?

    1. I'll be answering on your blog on that post :)

  4. I like the story!