Sunday, July 29, 2012

London Olympic 2012... and some random stuff

Hey guys! It's been a long time since I've done a good long post, so here it is. There's some stuff that has been going on in my head and I wanna share that. I also saw the London Olympics and I just want to tell you about how I feel too.

Let's start with the random stuff.

To all Star Wars fans, this picture would be familiar:

Yes, that's right. The Jedi Archives. I use it as my background too.

That is really similar to the Bodlien Library. What an amazing coincidence. I just found out.

Maybe I'll do a post on 9gag about it.

Anyway, moving on. I am watching Pirates of the Carribean, and I have to say that movie is EPIC. I have wanted to watch that since I found out Orlando Bloom is in there. So. I'll be doing a review on the whole Pirates of the Carribean series soon, so stay tuned!

Now to Orlando Bloom... yeah... my *crush* on Legolas is moving on to basically every Orlando Bloom character I found in the movies. The funny thing is I knew Orlando Bloom before Legolas and I never had a *crush* on him until Legolas came along. I saw him in Kingdom of Heaven as Bailian and Troy as Paris way before Lord of the Rings and now Pirates of the Carribean, even though I didn't know it was Orlando Bloom acting them since I was so young. And when I went back to listen to Hannah Montanna/ Miley Cyrus songs because I missed the TV show, I heard "Is that Orlando Bloom?" in the background and I pretty much freaked out. I used to listen to Hannah Montanna songs so much and I never really noticed that Orlando Bloom's name is in there. Okay, now I finish ranting out my fangirl side.

Speaking of TV show... I can't resist sharing this. I made me ROFL... quite literally.

Oh, and I redid my short hair and tied it to look like Will Turner in Pirates of the Carribean (Orlando Bloom, basically). I kept my Padawan braid but tied it back to make it look somehow like Legolas's braid. It feels pretty weird to go on like that since I'm a girl, but then I'm never really girly. Dressing my hair up as my favorite characters made me feel... like a boss.

There's some Star Wars funny pictures on 9gag I'd love to share!

Yes, true... ask Luke. I don't know how.

I wish I do...

I get that feeling a lot...

This is just LOL. And there's two of my favorite movies in there!

I feel the same way when I finish my chores...

Jabba the cat...



'Nuff said.

Pretty old, but still a good joke.

I'd like to see Vader choke that dude...

Nerds FTW.

I found this so long ago but I still love it.

Facebook should have this.


From now on, I'm saying this instead of YOLO

I'd love to see a video of this!

This one is so hilarious.

Okay, now hopefully you all have a smile on your face, because that's all it's about! :)


Now to the Olympics. This is getting longer than I thought!

They showed the history of England and it's ages... which I thought was pretty cool but I'm not putting the pictures down here about it since it's a long enough post as it is. Then there was culture and stuff... then the athletes. One thing I thought... where is One Direction? Too bad. Anyway, here are some highlights.

I can't help thinking:
One Ring to rule them all
One Ring to bind them
One Ring to bring them all
And in the darkness bind them.
Any ringers out there? ;)

Rowan Atkinson/The famous Mr. Bean!!! His acting here really made me laugh.

There were lots of dancing. Some of them are really cool.

JK Rowling made a fabulous appearance!!! I can't thank her enough for making Harry Potter. Her sight seems to warm me up like Star Wars do. Harry Potter was, is, and always will be a part of me that I'll treasure.

Voldemort with Marry Poppins!!! I kinda freaked out here!

And the Olympic rings... epic.

The appearance of the queen was awesome. Dropping down from a helicopter like that... someone acted her well. The Hunger Games... another great saga.

Does the queen look like Bilbo Baggins? Looks so to me.

Olympics archery. *cough*One of my favorite sports- others are swimming (also syncronized), table tennis, badminton, fencing, and basically every water sports.

That's it... so for Star Wars nerds... May the Force be with you!
For Potterheads... I don't know how I'm really gonna say this so I'm going to use the last line... until next time... all is well.
For Hunger Games fans... May the odds be ever in your favor.
For Ringers... One does not simply say goodbye.

See ya! 


  1. Awesome post, Solace!! I also really enjoyed the Olympic Opening Ceremony, it was very cool! :D England is one of my favorite countries and I really hope to visit one day(I have roots in this country, which I hope to explore). :) I also love the pictures :)
    May the Force be with you

    1. Thank you! :) I enjoyed it too! :) I don't have any roots in England but I loved the country. I haven't been there for years though. MTFBWY!

    2. You're welcome :) That's so cool that you've been there; I'd love to go there someday :)

  2. I don't really enjoy watching sports on tv, so I'm not paying too much attention to the Olympic Games, but I did enjoy the Opening Ceremony... it was so beautiful... I must say I watched it because I heard there was going to be something related to Harry Potter :D
    The random stuff is awesome, I laughed a lot with the one of the cow saying "I am your father" to the milk xD
    One does not simply quit reading your blog, so may the force be with you! :)

    1. I don't watch a lot of sports on TV either but the olympics was too good to miss! :) Harry Potter is awesome! Thanks! :) MTFBWY!

  3. That library is so cool. I love libraries :) Those pictures are so funny!
    J.K. Rowling was in the Olympic ceremony? I missed it! :( I am not really allowed to read Harry Potter, I think, but I really want to, and I would have liked to see Rowling on TV.
    Fencing and archery are my favourite sports, too. I'm hoping when I get my bow that it will look like Susan's or Legolas', but my dad seems to think that the compound bows are better. We'll see...

    1. Thank you! Yep, she was there... and you're not allowed to read Harry Potter!? Some magic things? Awww...
      And I want to get Legolas's bow too :) It's on sale on the internet.

  4. Also, that's cool that you do your hair like the characters you like. Don't be embarassed, I do it all the time. My friends thought I should be Legolas at a costume event, even though I'm a girl(I was Leia instead). Do you always wear a Padawan braid?

    1. Thanks... I'm not really embarassed, I feel like a boss even when people look at me weird xD I actually want to do my hair like Legolas too, but then I don't like my hair long.

  5. i wish my hair was easy to do for a padawan braid. but i don't know how to braid. i did do my hair like alice cullen once and i rocked it well. but now growing it out for locks of love for th 3rd time. i love archery myself as well. haven't practiced with my bow in a long time. ;)
    love ya always!!!!!! ;)


    1. You can search up how to do a braid on the internet! :) Just play around with your hair and you'll get it! :D I practice archery every chance I get :D

  6. Great post! Cool that you do your hair like charecters!! I just might do that! Argh!! Really mad that I missed the Ceromonies!! Jeez! I have no idea what people are saying about em! LOL!! Even though I can't watch archery here on my TV, I've seen the South Koreans shoot and they are very percise! I'm gonna have to practice my hardest! :)

    1. Thank you! :) I love my hair like Will Turner's :) I missed it too, but I watched it on Youtube :D Maybe you'll make it to the Olympics someday! :)

  7. About Harry Potter: Yeah, I don't think I'm allowed to read it. Which is a bummer 'cause all my friends love it. I don't really know why my mom doesn't like it. I guess because of all the sorcerors/wizards, plus the bad reputation it has with some churches/Christians. It's definately not because of just *magic*, though, becaue my mom knows that my favourite genre is fantasy and she is totally OK with it.

    Any advice on how I can convince her to let me read it?