Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Pirates of the Caribbean review SPOILER FREE

Wow... just wow.

I said there will be a review coming up, and now here it is. I'll be reviewing all of the movies in a summary first then I'll break off into different sections.

Now that being said, I now feel like freaking out and thanking every holy thing for bringing me this movie. My mouth will just be blabbing out stuff so I'm trying to write all this in a civilized way- which is so unlike me right now. The movie was just EPIC.

What I liked: Hats off to all the amazing actors! Johnny Depp, playing CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow, was totally hilarious and awesome. All the movies I watched which he played in was really great. He's like, born to be a pirate. Orlando Bloom, playing the handsome Will Turner, was so brave, so determined, and so easy to fall for. I would have been squealing over him like I do over Legolas *cough*Voronda*cough* if he haven't already had a love... Elizabeth Swann. Keira Knightley, who played her, was really awesome... and may I add, she played as Sabe in Star Wars TPM. Oh, and she's so lucky for being able to kiss Orlando Bloom. He's pretty much the reason I wanted to watch this movie in the first place. Penelope Cruz, playing Angelica the last one, had a really cool accent and she was a complete badass like I love.

The story line was one of the best I've ever seen. It was completely easy to understand, unlike some movies where it just got me confused. Action, adventure, and romance is all combined in this one epic tale. I was never really a great fan of romance, but this really got me falling for it like Han and Leia's or something like that. There were really clever ideas in there- amazing entrances, exits, and battles. The sense of humor is one of the best ever. The plot has a sense of thrill in it that made me feel as if this isn't one ordinary story, but something more realistic. I always wanted to know what happened next, and it's somehow feels as if, in the end, anything is possible. True stories don't always have a happy ending, and this one feels that way.

Apart from all that, the incredible graphics just made me stare in wonder. The moving skeletons, whirlpool, and destruction brought the movie to life. It completes the touch of the movie, which is pretty much the only thing on my mind for a few days apart from Star Wars. It's now pretty much my new fandom! Fandoms fade in time, except for Star Wars of course, but I think this one will stay for awhile. I can't wait for Pirates 6!

What I didn't like: Er... nothing. There's the fact that there was hardly any blood, since it's a disney film. Kinda weird, but otherwise, all in all, no bad things for the whole series.

Now for the really short reviews of each one.
Curse of the Black Pearl- This one was totally suited for the opening. It's a complex picture that was painted and ended as a master piece- but it could still be expanded. This one is probably my favorite in them all.
Dead man's chest- Things got complicated in this movie and it was awesome to watch. Loose ends from the last movie started a whole new story here. Not all loose ends are tied up, and there were many scenes that left me gasping- especially the ones (you guessed right) that has to do with Will Turner.

At world's end- the story seemed to have ended, but then no, hope for the good guys is still there, and the bad guys aren't dead yet. This really left me screaming and crashing for Will Turner- after all, he's Orlando Bloom, and Bloom is Legolas. The ending was touching.

On stranger tides- this one isn't the same as the other ones. I can't really say I enjoyed it less, but Elizabeth and Will are absent. One good thing though, this really puts the spotlight on Captain Jack Sparrow and everything was hilarious. I loved it all. The ending opened up a new story...

Okay, that's it. For those who watched it already and don't know this, there's a scene at the end of the credits every time. For At World's End and On Stranger Tides I find it pretty important, while the others are funny. You can find it on YouTube.

Until next time, see you later. Savvy?


  1. Great review! :D Glad you enjoyed the movies! I agree, they are really good; some of my favorites :D. The first is also my favorite :D

  2. Glad you watched them! :D The first one is by far my favorite, one of my favorite fantasy film other than LOTR and Harry Potter. On Stranger Tides was probably my second favorite and "At World's End" was my least favorite. But all of the movies were hilarious and tons of fun to watch. :D


  3. Call me weirdo, but I only really liked the first one... I've watch the second one several times, but... meh xD Well, I love Captain Jack Sparrow, because he's so hilarious he made me cry of laughter :D But just think what the movies would be without his character...
    And the last two movies... I went to the cinema to watch the third one, and had a good time, but I won't lie: I didn't really liked it. It was funny, and Jack is lovely but... maybe it is just I'm quite critical when watching a movie :D
    I haven't watched the fourth one yet, and I have no intention xD (And well, P.Cruz is in it, it's enough reason to not watch it, at least for me xD)
    Long story short: the only thing I like about that movies is Jack. Captain Jack Sparrow :D
    (by the way, I've updated the last post on my blog... ^^)

    1. Aww you only liked the first one? :/ Too bad. I love CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow too :) And Will, of course. I'll go read your post as soon as I can! :)