Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Short Update on me

I don't know if you think these kind of posts are boring or not. To me, it's not. You may not be a famous person I sometimes I like reading about your life and relate to it. So I'm going to tell you a bit of mines...

I'm still my usual self- more or less. A crazy Star Wars nerd reading Lord of the Rings again, and thinking about how many points I can earn for my Harry Potter house team on Facebook. 

This year I'm in eighth grade. School started three weeks or so ago and I'm happy. I missed one point in becoming the president of middle school, which is a shame, but I'm still me. I don't get to choose an elective because I got a good grade in math last year and my mom wants me to learn extra math for advanced. Did I mention how much I hate math? But I'm still me. I'm fond of that saying.

My classes are all very easy as usual, except French and PE. I got a new teacher for PE. With him I already twisted my knee and hit my head with a basketball and had a black eye. Seriously. 

On the bright side, I got a new laptop- a macbook pro, which is awesome. I named it My Precious Datapad- My Precious from Gollum's famous saying, and Datapad from Star Wars (Duh). I got my brother's hand-me-down phone, which is the first time EVER I had a phone with a touch screen. Now I can listen to Call me Maybe or Payphone or any of my favorite songs easily. On the down side, my mother gave him a Samsung Galaxy S III. I'm pretty surprised I'm not jealous. Maybe it was because of getting the laptop, but he also got a new one entering a new grade. My laptop costs twice his does, though.

I discovered a new interest: Ping Pong. As a child, I trained for ping pong. I was talented in it, but then I stopped playing when I went to Africa. I won one competition then. Now, the school has new tables so I decided to join the boys playing. It really made my happy- like I'm discovering a lost piece of me that has been buried since I was that happy and carefree child. Goodness, I'm not even a teen yet and I'm already saying I miss my childhood. I'm happy to say that I didn't loose my skills that much and I can still beat 'em all, much to the pleasure of my teachers, since I'm like the only girl playing.

There will be a ping pong competition in my school this Monday. I can't wait. I'm already pumped up, I trained a bit more with my father, and I'm looking forward to it. I can't deny that I'm a but apprehensive though.

So that's my life so far summed up. I have petty problems with my brother and with my mom (by the way, I learnt never to open my mouth when she's angry), but I'm still me. May the Force be with me for the ping pong competition, and may the Force be with you... always.

One more thing: Always. I noticed it's in all my favorite fandoms.

"Always," said Snape.
"... always," said Obi-Wan.
"Always," said Peeta.
"Always..." said Gandalf.

It has become my favorite word. ^_^ Okay, shutting up now. Until next time, farewell...


  1. hello, dear solace. i've had a black eye many times from PE myself. i love ping pong,2,but i tend to go nuts when i play. i can be seen flying all over the place. lol. glad 2 hear from u. all my love. :)

    1. Hi, Aalya :) I imagine you in the caring Padme's voice when reading the comment :P I'm glad I'm not alone. I go nuts too :D Wish you well!

  2. Nice to hear about how you are doing. I'm glad you are enjoying playing ping-pong- rediscovering fun stuff again is so much fun to do! :D
    That's really cool about the 'Always' lines; I love that word too :)

  3. I have to agree, I also don't find personal update posts boring, it's a nice way to learn about each other. I'm glad things are going pretty good for you! Isn't it exciting getting a new laptop?! I've gotten several laptops over the years, going from an ancient artifact that was super heavy, to a old, updated laptop from a thrift store (it got super hot and was slow but was way better than the last one) and then I got a brand new one for my birthday and it's the one I use now! :D I still don't have a phone though. :(


    1. Thanks for commenting! :)
      It's always exciting to get a new laptop, yeah :D LOL I have only two.
      I hope you get a phone soon!