Saturday, September 1, 2012

Awarded & Awarding: September Blog Spotlight and Awesome Star Wars Blog Award!

I got the Blog Spotlight from the Ultimate Star Wars blog! Thanks! :)

In addition to that I also got this. These are the rules.

1. Post the Rules and the picture
2. Link back to  Padmé Arya Éowyn Istalrí Skywalker @ The Ultimate Star Wars Blog and the person who gave you this award
3. Answer the questions
4. Share your favorite Star Wars picture(s)
5. Give the award to one other Star Wars blogger that you like

Here are the Questions:

1. When did you see Star Wars for the first time?
Oh, so long ago... when I was eight, I think. 2010 or somewhere around that.

2. Which movie did you see first?
The Phantom Menace.

3. Who is responsible for you seeing Star Wars?
My brother, as much as I hate to say it.

4. What is the first Star Wars thing you owned?
The Force Unleashed book.

5. What made you become a fan?
I don't know, really. It's like I'm drawn to it like the Force draws something. I don't even know when I started becoming a fan. It's like I've always known that Star Wars is a part of me. Back then a was in a closed world, and I don't know much about internet. It was when I had Facebook and discovered that there's an Ahsoka page that I realized I can connect with others, which made me become a die-hard fan. I found I can discuss the books and movies. 

6. Why did you decide to blog about Star Wars?
A link from the Ahsoka page to the blog Padawan's Journal, which linked to other blogs until I decided to make one and become a Star Wars blogger.

7. Which movie is your favorite?
I can't choose...

8. Who is you favourite character?
Ahsoka or Obi-Wan.

9. Favourite villian?
Darth Vader. He conveys the symbol, and in the end he turned good, which strengthened my belief that everyone has good in them and can be redeemed.

10. What do you think of the Clone Wars cartoons?
They are awesome. 'Nuff said.

11. Which Star Wars book is your favorite?
ROTS adult novelization by Matthew Woodring Stover.

12. If you could pick a group from Star Wars to be in (e.g. Jedi, Sith, Bounty Hunters, Senators, etc.) which you choose?

13. Would you join the Rebel Legion/501st Legion if you had a costume and/or were the right age?
YES! Of course.

14. Have you ever been to a Star Wars Weekend or Celebration? If so, describe you experience there.
No... sadly. I'm still mulling over it. 

15. Have you ever met any Star Wars people (actors, George Lucas, John Williams, etc.)?
No, which made me wanna head slam.

16. Prequel Trilogy or Original Trilogy?
Prequel, unlike most people. Neither can live while the other survive, even though that's Harry Potter, the meaning applies here. 

17. Jedi or Sith?

18. Do you read Star Wars Insider Magazine?
No, there's none in my country. Sadly.

19. What is your favourite song/score from any of the six movies?
Hard to choose. Really hard. Force theme, I guess.

20. Which character do you most identify with (not who is your favouritewho are you most like)?
Siri Tachi when she was a child. Tom-boyish, athletic sometimes, impatient. Though I get straight A's, and I don't know about her.

21. What is your favourite non-human species in Star Wars?

22. Do you think Padmé could possibly have been Force-sensitive?
No, sadly.

23. Who is your favourite Expanded Universe character?
Siri Tachi.

24. What lightsaber is your favorite?
Qui-Gon for style, if that's what you mean. Ventress's for lightsaber form.

25. Do you speak/read/write any Star Wars languages (Basic, Huttese, Mando'a, etc.)?
All three of them, though I'm not fluent yet.

26. Which lightsaber duel from the movies is your favorite?
Anakin and Obi-Wan's. Heart breaking, intense, and awesome.

27. What creature is your favorite?

28. Which is your favourite costume?

29. What is your favourite Star Wars quote?
Hard to choose. Probably the Jedi Code.

30. What is on your Star Wars wish list?
Everything I don't have. Which is basically everything except a few books.

Wow that took longer than I expected... but it was fun. I gotta hurry with homework now. Thanks again!

I'm awarding this to... hard to choose. I narrowed down to Aalya and Shena, then I closed my eyes and chose Shena. Sorry, Aalya, I'll award you next time, promise. :)

May the Force be with you!


  1. Those are cool question. I haven't been any Star Wars Weekend or Celebration and I still have not meet anyone who was a part of Star Wars but if I did I would want to meet George Lucas or Harrison Ford. :D


  2. Thank you so much for the award!! :D :D I just finished doing the post on my blog :D
    I like your answers! :D

    1. You're welcome! I'll go see it! Thanks :)

  3. To everyone who didn't get the award, I'll be giving one out each month, pretty much, to all the blogs I like.
    Solace, I like the Prequels better, too! ANd I LOVE Matthew Stover's Revenge of the Sith. His style of writing is so amazing. Although he did get some dialogue mixed up (The order of some of the things at the end duel btwn Obi-Wan and Anakin were changed).
    Sometime I'll have to post MY answers on my blog...
    And for Star Wars Insider, try Amazon or something.

    1. I agree =) I don't have money for Amazon though :P