Saturday, September 1, 2012

My Edits #7 :)

Hey guys! For me, school has started like, three weeks ago and I feel like all my work has been slouching- including posts on my blog. So. I'm finally doing a fan art post- something I haven't done for a month. Thanks to Robyn, as always, for looking at them. I decided to upload my original work as well as some of the ones edited on her advice, but only if they have a pretty big difference since I can't upload many pictures due to faulty connection. Here we go!

This one is dedicated for you, Shena :) I love the Siriwan couple.

I noticed there was a Jedi Order Symbol with a lightsaber glow and a I love Star Wars picture with a death star heart on it, but no I love Star Wars with a lightsaber glow. So I did one with a lightsaber glow with all the known lightsaber colors. The purple of Mace Windu is hardly seen, though.

You regular readers would know how much I love Ahsoka. So here's a desktop background I made for other Ahsokaholics.

With the suggestion Robyn gave me... it looked better. You can even put the icons on the right. Yay!

I was trying to make a lightsaber glow, failing miserably but giving interesting results.


I tried to make this piece confusing and painful to show Vader's emotions. Turned out pretty good. Robyn and I are still working on a better version.

I drew this on photoshop.

If you know me enough, you'd know I love Taylor Swift. So here's one edit of her.

Another one. I love this quote so much.

She's so pretty like a fairy! I wanted to upload one of her with fairy wings (Robyn suggested that) but... bad connection.

That's it for now... May the Force be with you!


  1. I love the Siri-Wan one!!!! :D Thank you for dedicating it to me! :D I agree, they are the coolest couple! :D I love the other ones as well, especially the Padme/Vader one :D

    1. And oh yes... you're back! Where's my chapter! >:D

    2. You're welcome! :D
      I can hopefully get the chapter up sometime this week.

  2. i love the padme one. maybe its beaucase she's so awesome. i honestly shoudl do more readind up on siri tachi. once u get padme's redone give me a shout. i'd love to add to my collection if its all right with u. :)

    1. Thank you! Yes, she's amazing. I'm trying to mend her up right now. It's perfectly okay with me if you wanna add it to your collection!

  3. I love the Darth Vader ones, and the Taylor Swift ones are really cute. They're all great, though :)

  4. Love it!! The Ahsoka and Taylor ones are Adorable!!

    I'm a Star Wars fan and a Swiftie too hehe! My friend made me an awesome edit of Taylor Swift as a Jedi! I love it sooooo much! If you want to see it it's on my blog here: