Sunday, September 30, 2012

Revival Review

Possible spoilers ahead...

Now this is what I have been looking forward to. This is what I wanted. 

To be honest, I had so many things to worry about that I didn't have much time to get excited about season five. The trailers did pump me up though.

I'm gonna make this short and sweet, because I'm really sick and I feel like throwing up with everything I do.

I loved the non-stop action in this episode. Throughout it everything was enjoyable. Then there was Hondo Onaka with his Jack Sparrow Pirate style, which was absolutely hilarious. I remember the Jack Sparrow and Davvy Jones scene which went somehow like Jones asking if he can let an innocent man, Jack's friend, to a lifetime of servitude and he roams free. Jack pretends to think about it and said yep, eagerly. Now Hondo was like, worried to leave Obi-Wan with those crazy maniacs, and I was like "awww, he does have a heart after all..." then that yep-like okay. Ouch, but hey, they're pirates. 

Then there was the nicely done scene of Savage's arm cut off, and green ooze coming out. Now that I come to think of it, I don't think I have ever seen blood. They're really tough; it makes me think of Dooku's death scene. Anyway, I thought that was pretty pathetic of them... limping off... I guess they are heading back to Dathomir. I also like the end scene, even though I wanted Anakin to speak and Ahsoka to at least be there. Yoda seemed reasonable, but I still think the best choice is to peruse Maul. But who am I to judge when he's so wise? But he's influenced by a Sith...

Then the characters! Obi-Wan. This is what I wanted to see in him. The Negotiator- even though he did not negotiate in this episode. Our hero. The brothers. As evil as ever. 

Adi Gallia. Now I feel a disturbance in the Force... in my heart... in the Clone Wars... whatever. Why? She is supposed to die on Boz Pity in the hands of Grevious, not this. TCW is messing up cannon... and what about Even Piell dying? Also, I don't completely get how Maul is back. But I guess it is up to us to decide ourselves. I can't decide Darth Maul coming back is not cannon though, like you, Shena. Anyway, The brothers need to put more of a stand. Savage is underestimated. And there's no plot development. Oh well.

In the end, I was pleased all the same. I liked the episode, even when it has its faults. Every episode has its faults. Anyway, this is me at the end of the episode, and the minion and Gru at the back is my family. xD

Gotta love Despicable Me.

Anyway, until next time, May the Force be with you!


  1. lol hilarious reaction! :D Great review, I agree it could have used a little more build up but the non-stop action was fun.


  2. Great review!! :D I really agree with you, the episode was really exciting and cool and funny, though it wasn't perfect my any means.
    I'm sorry you feel sick, I hope you get better.

  3. I must have watched the little Despicable Me gif at least twenty times. XD Love the minions.

    I haven't gotten to see Revival yet, so I didn't read the whole thing in case of spoilers but skimmed through. From what I've seen, it will be a really great episode!

    Hope you feel better! I hate getting sick. :(

    1. Lol I love them. Yep, it will be. Thanks :D

    2. I just saw it! It was really good! I'm not going crazy over it, but it was really good! :D lol

  4. I still have to see Seasons 2, 3, & 4...but I can't wait to see them!

  5. I need to go find this and watch it even though The Clone Wars messes my Star Wars time line up. I personally do not want to think CW is cannon. The movies are certainly cannon but I don't think the TV shows should count. Especially when it reverses things that happened the movie (like Darth Maul; c'mon, HE DIED in the Phantom Meance, there is no way anyone would watch that and think, "oh, he must still be alive!") Anyway, I need to go find that episode!


    1. Ah... yes, it kind of messes you up a bit :P
      You really should watch this though! :D

  6. Ah, I'm glad I'm not alone in the Adi Gallia case! Hondo, Pilf Mukmuk, and the Zabrak brothers limping away redeemed the episode for me.
    May the Force be with you, too.