Sunday, October 14, 2012

Front Runners Review

"To seek something is to believe in its possibility"

I don't have much of an opinion on this episode, but overall, I liked it. Possible spoilers ahead.

The whole idea is very interesting to me. The plot was great. It seemed as if this is kind of like a grey area, where one side sees the other as black and their own side as white. We're supposed to see the side of the rebels as good, which I do. I think it's interesting for the king called them terrorists. The war is messed up...

I'm starting to like Steela a lot, despite the love triangle going on in the movie. I love her attitude, her skills, and her character. Ahsoka is still a bit strange like in the last episode. Anakin telling her about how he understands is really interesting, like dropping a hint about him and Padme. The end of the episode is really awesome too; echoing Leia's "he's my brother" line. I wonder what Lux thinks of it all, but we definitely know for sure that Ahsoka wasn't okay with it. Despite Saw and Steela looking pretty alike, it never occurred to me that they are related.

The animations are really well done. The battle droids were stupid but funny, like always. This time, like the last episode, there was a really clear goal, which I liked. At least the separatists learnt not to control the droids in one place, but they should have figured out about the power generator...

Filoni hinted that this arc will have something to do with the Rebel Alliance later on. I can't wait to see how this arc turns out. Until next time, May the Force be with you!

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  1. Awesome review! Basically the same opinion as me. Can't wait to see what this arc will have to do with the Rebel Alliance.


  2. Really good review! I thought this episode was pretty cool though I wanted more action which is kind of weird since the whole episode was action almost. :D

    I personally don't find Steela appealing, but the funny thing was that from the very beginning, I assumed she was Saw's sister. So when she said that at the end of the episode, I was kind of surprised since I had just assumed that they took it for granted the audience would know. XD

    Looking back to Season 1, the animation is soooo much better. I really like it.

    ...I'm having the same trouble with my page views and comments, so I think its a Blogger issue. I'm sure there are some other people out there who are experiencing the same trouble.

    1. Thanks! :) I wanted a but more action too. Oh wow, that was awesome :) Yep. It's back to normal for me now.

  3. Great review! Steela definitely has the potential to be an interesting female character, and not just a foil for Ahsoka. Oh, I've guessed that Saw and Steela are siblings from the beginning! :P They act like siblings, the look alike, and they have that particular sibling rivalry!

    Yup, the animation is obviously getting better. They've done a pretty good job in animating the cloaks. Yeah, I've got a thing for Jedi cloaks, heh-heh.
    What? Rebel Alliance? Uh, gotta go to LACWAC before I can complete my review. The whole rebellion-in-city thingy kinda reminded me of the Whiplash resistance on Coruscant! Except Whiplash is a lot more secretive.
    Ahsoka is a lot tolerable here than in any arc she's been in, IMO. I'm satisfied.

    I'll link your review in mine when I post it :).

    1. Thanks! :) Yeah TCW develops strong female characters once they saw their original ones as a success.
      Yep, me too. Anything to do with Jedi.
      Yeah :)
      Hey! I'm a big fan of Ahsoka -_- :P
      Oh really? Thanks :)

    2. Success? Well, that's pretty subjective, don't you think? It really depends on whose side you're with. I still think the EU girls are better, except Taria Damsin - the Canon Sue.

      I was a HUGE fan of Ahsoka when I first got into Star Wars. But now? No. Sorry :(. Heh-heh...

    3. Many female fans took a liking of women like Bo-Katan, and I'm just kind of quoting their words. But I agree with them.
      I do not like Taria Damsin a lot, but I think she's okay.
      Ah well, things change