Thursday, October 18, 2012

I've been tagged again!

Thanks to Shena and Helen for giving me the the 11 tag award again! 

11 random things about myself
1) I seriously can't wait for Taylor Swift's new album Red! October 22 come quickly!
2) I'm typing this in Math Class
3) I just watched Twilight since I'm curious about why people hate it. It's not that bad... really.
4) When I'm sad I imagine myself laughing on a horse next to Legolas... the sun streaming down my face and the horse galloping to the lake, splashing water in out faces... it's paradise. Took away all reality. In the shadows would be Obi-Wan watching and smiling.
5) I look at my recently acquired LOTR poster every night before I go to sleep. That's like one of the only poster I have.
6) One Direction's "Live while we're young" is stuck in my head. I love that song!
7) I did not have a good night last night. I don't think I want to talk about it either.
8) My future husband would have to accept that he'll need to give me the One Ring from LOTR as my engagement ring, marry like Will Turner and Elizabeth Swan from POTC, unless he won't be my husband.
9) Because of my high expectations, I never had a boyfriend. I don't think I want one. Too young, even though every one else in my grade either has one or looking for one.
10) When let down, my Padawan Braid almost touches my waist.
11) Random Fact: I can't think of a random fact. Does this random fact count?
Update: Got one. I did horribly on my math test. I'm always good at math, even if I hate it. This is I'm not alone though- the whole class did bad. 

I'm going to randomly choose questions from Shena's and Helen's blog.

1) What is your favorite time of the day?
Afternoon when I finish school to evening, watching TV.

2) What is your favorite movie?
Star Wars. LOTR comes close, as well as Harry Potter. The Hunger Games would be on this list but I'm more in favor of the books because of the shaky camera and stuff.

3) What are your top five favorite soundtracks?
Force theme, Across the Stars, Fellowship of the Rings, In Dreams, My heart will go on. 
Hard to choose. Marry Me and POTC theme song fits somewhere in there too.

4) What is your dream life?

A Jedi and an Elf being with Legolas, and good friends with Strider. 

Writing something as close to my unrealistic dream as possible without cliches and getting my book to be a best seller, seeing it become a movie and being in it with Orlando Boom.

Well, that's a bit unrealistic too though.

5) What is/was your favorite subject in school and why?
English because I love books and writing. Creativity is awesome.

6) If you could co-star with any actor, who would it be?
Orlando Bloom. No need for explanation.

7) Which Star Wars book is your favorite?(if you don't read the EU, which Clone Wars episode is your favorite?) 
ROTS novelization

8) Harry Potter or The Hunger Games and why?
Harry Potter. Hunger Games is really nice, but the second and third book is not that good. In contrast, Harry Potter is great till the very end. Harry Potter taught me so much. More that the Hunger Games.

9) What is your favorite song?
It often changes, but right now I can't choose between Fearless by Taylor Swift and Begin Again... by Taylor Swift too.

10) Which member of the Star Wars cast would you like to meet?
I don't know exactly... but I think I'd go for Keira Knightley. While she has a small role in TPM, I still like her and her character in POTC.

11) Which of your favorite books would you like to see made into a movie?
I don't know exactly. I think The Giver would be really nice as a movie though.

My Questions:

1) What are your fandoms?
2) Do you do fan art? If so, can you post it?
3) What is your opinion of Ahsoka and why?
4) Do you like to write?
5) Would you rather be an Elf or a bounty hunter?
6) Explain your perfect fantasy relaxation place.
7) Tell us a strange talent you have.
8) What are things that make you happy?
9) Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings?
10) What's the last song that's stuck in your head?
11) Have you ever been in love?

Yeah, they're really random.

Thanks again to both of you, I enjoyed this greatly! I award this to Covert Knight, Faith, Satine, Jamie, Robyn, James, Arda, Voronda, Lindy, Aayla, and Edessa! May the Force be ever in your favor!


  1. Yay! Love your answers. :D I don't like math...:P I haven't read or seen Harry Potter. I should look into them. I always had a dislike for Twilight just because vampires were portrayed as good and Bella really annoyed me. Especially since she was played by Kristen Stewart. XI

    1. Thanks! :D Me too, I hate math. You should really see Harry Potter! :O
      Vampires are also bad in that series... and I don't get why vampires can't be good for a change o.O Well, I respect your opinion.
      Bella is okay for me. For some reason she isn't really annoying to me.

  2. Thanks for the tag, I will have to try and post next week. :)


    1. You're welcome! Looking forward to your answers!

  3. You're welcome! :)
    Great answers!! :D :D Good luck on your book, I hope you get it published :D
    And don't worry about not having a boyfriend- your still young and you shouldn't go into something your not ready for. I'm sixteen, nearly seventeen, and I've never dated either :).

    1. Thanks! :) I hope so too.
      I don't want a boyfriend :P

  4. Whoohoo, tagged twice in the same day for the same tag! I'll answer your questions along with the other girl's questions in the same post! You'll see it sometime after my graduation post! Thanks for tagging me, I love getting tagged!


    1. :D Yay for you! Thanks and you're welcome!

  5. Great questions!
    And I still am not allowed to read Harry Potter :( (I'm working on that, though!)

    1. Thanks! :)
      Keep working and hopefully you'll be allowed someday!

  6. Ookay.. I'll do half of yours and half Shena's. Thanks for the tag, by the way!
    Oh and, that 'requirement' for your future husband is hilarious! Ahahah! That'd be an epic wedding! Now someone's calling me insane for laughing in front of my laptop out of the blue. XD

  7. THANKS!!! I'll do it now!! :) You'll never have Legolas!!! MWHAHAHA!! WOW!! You must have really long hair! :)

    1. Welcome! YOU will never have him! :) Actually, only the braid part is long. The other parts I keep real short.