Sunday, October 21, 2012

Soft War Review

I have mixed feelings about this episode but overall I think it was pretty good. There's a great balance of everything. So, here goes. Possible spoilers ahead.

First of all I'd like to congratulate the Clone Wars team for pulling off this episode really well. The animation was really well done; I love the cloaks, especially Ahsoka's. Saw's one before he left to help the king was a bit stiff though. However, that was forgotten when he climbed up that building. Also, the haunting music really fits in with the scenes.

More plot development would be great, but this is still awesome and I enjoyed it. I loved how it started off with action, specifically. Then there is some things to think about too; like the Seperatists calling the rebels terrorists, and people calling them freedom fighters. It's like viewing the cup as half full or empty, and I like pondering on what is black, what is white, and what is a shade of grey. 

The whole idea is really cool, even if it has been used many times before. As the king said, it's not only about fighting, but it's about having the spirit to fight. I wonder how they would win the people's spirit even more. It seemed as if the population is already ready for a fight from the way they reacted to the failed execution, even though I'd love them to act a bit sooner.

That was my favorite part, for the suspense was really high. I thought they'd have a more... sophisticated way to kill someone though. I like the turn of events and the traitor turned traitor of the other side and not the traitor of the rebels anymore (ahhh that's nerve cracking) is actually on my "like" list.

Saw's character is starting to grow on me. He's too brash for my liking, but he's tough and I respect him for that. Lux is... just Lux. Ahsoka is more mature, and I like to see her as the season progresses. She's certainly becoming stronger both physically and spiritually. I like to see her have one shining moment to herself, even though she keeps it as long as possible like the council orders. The scene at the end was really meaningful and I want to see more of that. Maybe Luxoka would grow more, not to my liking or against it though, since Steela also said she didn't like Lux looking at her like that. After that scene, her eyes was a bit strange, which gave me a second of the wildest thought- that's she's a traitor- but that was quickly gone.

One thing the episode lacks is Steela's and Saw's talk from last time. We saw Saw go off and Steela going after him, and I wonder how it all went. I would like to see more of Saw's character development too. The small scene of Anakin and Obi-Wan should add more to the plot in my opinion.

Anyway, I'd give this episode an 8.5/10. I look forward to the next episode, and after that hopefully we'll be able to see how Rush Clovis and Padme gets tied in with Maul. So until next time... May the Force be with you!


  1. I agree, great episode. Much improved over the last few. I'm glad this story arc is ending though, because it is starting drag out too long.


  2. Nice review! Oh, I thought of the same thing! The look upon Steela's eyes made me think for a moment that she was gonna betray the rebels.
    I liked this episode better than the previous one, but I've spotted quite a bunch of negatives. And I haven't even begun nitpicking! *rushes to LACWAC and reads their reviews*
    Ah, I still find the episode's title strange... somehow.

  3. Great review! :)
    I agree, it was a great episode; I also really loved the action sequences and how the general ended up turning on the fake king. :)

  4. AWESOME REVIEW!!! I thought it was a great episode, minus the Luxoka!*Weird eye twitch* I think Ahsoka is awesome and strong enough not to need a realtionship! And I also like Saw's character!! Really a strong person!