Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tipping Points Review

Thank you James for the picture!

The quote at the beginning was good. Made me think.

I don't have a lot to say about this episode. I think it's pretty good, but my mind is still a bit numb, and I just literally ran a mile in the hot sun at school followed by dreaded soccer. I'm hungry, sticky, and I have so much homework to do. But I'm gonna do this to escape from life awhile.

May contain possible spoilers.

As James mentioned, I would think the Clone Wars team would dare to kill off Steela. It was a moment of suspense and I thought for a moment that she was actually going to be saved. Why? Why her? It was kind of left in my mind. Yeah, it was a good conclusion, but it saddened me. I was expecting someone to die, but definitely not her. Hondo was awesome, but he should have had more screen time. Anakin... he's as same as usual. Ahsoka was great; I'm glad she managed to do this all alone. Obi-Wan and Anakin appearing at the end is a bit odd though.

The animation and things were amazing, although Steela's hair seemed a bit stiff. After living three years in Africa, I still think it's too stiff. But oh well. Doesn't really matter. The rebellion, now a full scale war, was really great. I was really smiling at the beginning. I love the birds, the technology, and everything. The ambush-gone-wrong was perfect. In the end I was disappointed to see how Lux and Ahsoka never resolved what was between them, but I thought it was good for Lux's intentions. Hopefully we'll know, but I want them to move on since Ahsoka is a Jedi, and Lux... well, he's with Steela, isn't he? Since she died I guess he's grieving for her and never want another girl. Which suits me well. Lux is human and Ahsoka is togruta, for crying out loud.

It all fits into place... the king dying, Dooku finally retreating, and they all are happy. But this isn't helping the Clone Wars in any way, unless this adventure will help Lux fight for the republic later. I want more story, but I guess this will do for now.

Anyway... I better get going. Until next time... May the Force be with you!


  1. Glad you also liked the episode. I am surprised that Lux didn't hate Ahsoka for not saving Steela though. Really thought they would go down that route, but I am actually glad that they did.
    Thanks for the shout out. :)


    1. Thanks and np (: I never thought of that!