Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Gathering

The Gathering was okay for me. I can understand if some people didn't like it, but for me, I like it. It was different from other episodes and I was a bit disappointed by the lack of action but it did entertain me.

Getting a peek into Jedi Culture is a huge reason why I didn't dislike this episode. I almost thought that Yoda would recite the whole Lightsaber Crystal Construction poem in his funny talk but unfortunately that didn't happen. There were some things that didn't go according to EU cannon- they said that the younglings are supposed to build the lightsaber in the caves of Ilum, and that you go in alone, that you are supposed to be a Padawan when you build your lightsaber, not all crystals are blue, and so on.

I find the younglings pretty cute, even though they are a little annoying. I think the Tholothian is my favorite- she displayed courage and she still acts like a kid. The Ithiorian came second- I love how he feared but he still got on with it. His attitude reminded me of Jar Jar but I love him- it's a bit comical and added humor to the dark situation. Petro seemed to have learnt a valuable lesson- going in that cave again. They all learnt a lot and we can relate- that's another reason why I like this episode. 

And Yoda... his wise self. The turn at the end was unexpected.

And the animation was incredible.

The third reason can all be explained with this picture:
SHE IS SO CUTE! That totally is Ahsoka holding Koon's hand and I always wanted to see her like that- not in fan art drawings. 

That's it... May the Force be with you!


  1. I don't know why I disliked this so much, but I agree the animation was excellent. I really liked the Wookiee kid, always like Wookiees for some reason. :) Great review.


    1. Thanks :D Wookies are adorable, even if they pull arms out of sockets... :P

  2. Nice review! I agree on your points about the lack of heavy action, but personally, I really liked the episode.
    I don't mind the saber-constructing inconsistencies. It's been inconsistent even before TCW. Unless someone can do a smart retcon...