Monday, February 11, 2013

Favorite Couples

Valentines day is coming up! I know many people are doing this, and I'm going to do it too. I'm going to post my top ten sweetest lovebirds and three ones that I love in a fun way!

So, without further ado, let's get started!


I think they're just so sweet together. Even though it wasn't obvious until the end of Prince Caspain, I can kind of feel my fangirl heart flutter every time they exchange glances. It would be higher up in the list if Susan wasn't technically a thousand years older, and it wouldn't work out since Susan, in the end, belonged to earth.

Taylor Squared
I know you guys aren't into this... but yeah. I think they're so sweet together, even though it ended already. Taylor Swift and Taylor Launter, c'mon... if they're married, they'll both be Taylor Launter. How cool is that?

Clary and Jace from the Mortal Instruments. Those who read the series would probably like it. I like how they see each other differently in each book, but their love never wavers. They way the argue is hilarious!


Awww, this is the best Hunger Games couple ever! Forget Team Peeta or Team Gale (Actually, I like Gale), this is just so... *sob* They're both so unique. Right after they're married and everything, war tears them apart...

Even though their characters has potential to be better than what they are, I really like them. Four may be a jerk at times, but that's one thing I like about him. He doesn't see Tris as a weakling and he doesn't give her sympathy, or at least his eyes doesn't show it. For some reason I like that. His dark hair and everything makes me like him so much, and Tris definitely deserves him after all she struggled through dauntlessly.

*sob* It would be higher up if it was meant to be. *sob* This doesn't need explaining. Just two perfect Jedi together, that completes the picture. See? I even made an edit of them. Obi-Wan looking outwards... towards Siri, whom had become one with the Force.

I like Hermione more than Ron, but they are so good together. After all their bickering and jealousy about other people they're dating, they finally got it right together. From the time they were children they were so sweet. For some reason I like couples that knew each other since they were children. But of course, a lot of couples are exceptions.

Now HERE is where the fangirl butterflies in my stomach turn to mini-dragons. Look at them! They knew each other since childhood too, and they're just so sweet! Both are so badass too. In the end, 10 years apart, yet they remain faithful with a child.

So... the scoundrel falls in love with the princess. I like that. Leia could have gotten a prince or something, but no, she chose him. I'm sure you all already know how sweet they are, so moving on.

IT'S GOTTA BE THEM! *wild fangirl moment* I don't think I need to relive the last moment I had with them again, or I'll sob and go jump out of a window. But for those who read this post (go read it if you want a fangirl on the loose), they know how fangirly I get, and it isn't pretty. I could be screaming "OMG, WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO ME, CRUEL AUTHOR?" all day. 

Let go... NEVER. They're staying together. Forever. No matter what they go through. Always.

Special Ships

I just like this. In the movie Harry Potter, Draco moves around eating apples and I find that cute. Of course, I'm shipping Draco and apples in a fun way. However, seriously, JK Rowling did state that Draco had feelings for Hermoine but couldn't interact with her (since she's a "mudblood") without being shunned by his family. That's the cause of bitter feelings. Dramoine. It exists. But I still like Drapple more.

From the Mortal Instruments. A Shadow hunter and a Warlock. This is the only gay shipping I have, and it's sad in the end, so it ends up in special ships. But I won't spoil it for you if you haven't read the books.

Legolas and ME
You all know this, and you all get this. No need to explain. <3 I would put a picture, but I don't think a photoshopped picture of me and Legolas would do justice.

That's it! For Valentine's day... (I'm still in Percy Jackson mode) May Aphrodite be with you!


  1. Awesome post!! :D :D
    YAY for SiriWan!!! :D That's my first and top favorite OTP! :D I also love Percabeth, Romione, and I also find Dramione interesting(I can kind of see it from Draco). :)
    Happy Early Valentine's Day! :D

    1. Thank you! Ha, I knew you'd like that! I'm also glad you like Percabeth and Ronione!
      I can see it from Draco too. He's such a great character, I mean c'mon, there's fangirls out there for him, he's conflicted with lots of character development, but in the end he's good.
      You too!

  2. *eh.. I'm late again. *blames internet connectivity problems
    I think I'm gonna end up with posting something like this. My pairings are so different... But I'll stall until The Last Jedi comes out (I have a BIG, BIG potential spoiler in mind - I still hope Reaves and Bohnhoff are trying to fool the readers at the beginning).
    Oh and, yay for SiriWan, Willabeth, Susan/Caspian and Han/Leia! XD Oh and, that ending in Narnia: Prince Caspian made me nearly facepalm. I really wish they could be together. Too bad... fandom laws and all. XD

    1. Oh, and I saw this only now! :P Glad you agree :) I'll read your post!