Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My Edits #9 :)

Hey guys! I just realized how long it has been since I did my last photoshop post. So here it is!

This contains pretty much all the good fandoms. How many can you name? In there, there's Star Wars (the pretty poor lightsaber glow... sorry), Lord of the Rings, Pendragon, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Percy Jackson, Divergent, and Mortal Instruments.

Boba and Jango. I was bored in science class. 'Nuff said.

I was surprised how well this turned out. I was playing around with the soft brush. Simple and nice.

I watched The Two Towers again, and again, Sam's quote made me cry. So to take it out I took all the good heroes in each fandoms and put it together to make it this. Yes, I know, I shouldn't have included Edward. It's just that there's an empty slot.

One Direction. I played with new styles of photoshop and got this. I know you guys don't have any particular liking for them, so moving on.

Siri and Obi-Wan for Valentine's day challenge from Covert Knight.

After Taylor's new music video 'Begin Again' came out, I thought I'd photoshop her dress. Even though it didn't cut well I learnt a lot from this piece. 
After my favorite song ever: Taylor Swift's Fearless. The picture is from her album cover, of course. 

I combined my favorite Taylor pictures to one. I liked it at first, but now I'm not so sure. 

I took this photo in my neighborhood. No photoshop applied. It just reminds me of happy times with my parents, since they're not here.

Me. For Halloween. Photoshopped heavily. I'm really pleased by how it turns out. But since then, I had cut and dyed part of my hair.

This is for my Facebook profile picture... Facebook style. 

This is me right now... pretty much. Usually I don't have bangs, but I started wearing them since my mom wanted me to. But I still brush them off to this side. The right part that seems to blend in with the background is actually dyed hair. It's gold, where my padawan braid lies. I like this look. I don't look pretty beautiful or cute, or a tomboy all the way. I don't need to tend to my hair a lot, and when it gets messy, it's nice. I also have a habit of running my hands through my hair, and that brings out the gold streak. Most importantly, with this, I don't need to care about looking *beautiful* on the outside, at least, because it's pretty impossible to be like that. I can concentrate on being beautiful inside, and blah, blah, blah... as some adults will go on about.

Below are Facebook timeline covers I did.

I was bored and decided I need a new cover for my Ahsoka page. It's over a thousand likes now, gaining around twenty each day. Most impressive.

This is one of the draft I did for a request. The admin also admins 'Queen Rowling and King Riordan', which I admin. 

This is the second one. They used this. 

If you have time, go like that awesome page. They're having an admin contest in which I already applied.

My timeline needed upgrading. Now it's too clustered with all my fandoms, but oh well. At least it has everything.

I admin this Facebook page, which has around a thousand likes too. I gave it a simple look.

This is the profile picture for my page as well. I know it's not cut out well, but it's smaller in the actual one, and if you don't look closely then it's fine.

For whoever wants to put their name in there for their timeline cover, I made on for them on my Ahsoka page as a 1000 likes gift. 

The same thing, but for their 800 likes. I also accept other requests. If you want a piece of any kind you think I can do, send an email to

That's it... Hope you like it! May the Force be with you! :)


  1. Wow... your edits are so beautiful! Especially the facebook timeline photos. I wish I had some photoshop skills (I got uh... next to zero XP), since I really want to digitally color my sketches. I'm still learning. :)

    May the Force be with you, too.

    1. Thank you! :) All you need is practice :D

  2. Great photoshops!! :D You've gotten really good! :) I also love Sam's line from The Two Towers, very powerful :)

    1. Thank you! I felt that I got progress too :)
      That's my favorite quote :)

  3. Awesome! I love the Lord of the Rings one with the ring looking like it is hanging in front of the picture! Love them! :D