Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Updated Fandom Identification Card

After not posting for quite awhile (sorry), it feels kinda weird to make two posts on the same day. However, I want to get back into the habit of blogging every now and then, so why not start very frequently?

So, last time I made a Fandom Identification Card, I was pretty happy with my results. Back then, I don't know what most of them are. Now I do. And I'm not that happy with the results. I don't know why it matters, but it just does. I suppose it's like saying why does Star Wars matter to you.

I took the test five times and combined it honestly, but also based on what I want. For example, if I get Sith thrice and Stormtrooper twice, I'd choose Sith of course. However, if it's Sith twice and Jedi twice (and bounty hunter once), I choose Jedi because I want to be a Jedi more than Sith. As Dumbledore said, it is our choices that makes us who we are, not our abilities...

Moving on.

My results weren't very different from last time, now that I look at it. Let's analyze them up.

Harry Potter: As I told you, I want to be in Ravenclaw. Ever since I read the books. I suppose Gryffindor won't be too bad, since our protagonists are on there. However, they're known for their quick temper and arrogance- not that Ravenclaw isn't arrogant, though. I don't mind being Hufflepuff or Slytherin. I have two accounts in Pottermore- I'm in Ravenclaw one, and Hufflepuff the other. Knowledge is the most valuable thing on earth, or as Rowena says it, "Wit beyond measure is a man's greatest treasure." Oh, and of course, My favorite character the borderline genius Hermoine was almost sorted into Ravenclaw, and she would have if it didn't go against fate.

Hunger Games: I'm glad I got into district four. Same district as Finnick! Yay! It's main production has everything to do with water, and for some reason I felt happy when water's around. I love the sound of raindrops, I can think best in the shower, my favorite childhood show is the little mermaid, and of course, Percy Jackson comes on the list as the son of sea god.

Twilight: Nothing much to explain. I did get a tie between human and vampire with one werewolf, but I chose vampire because it's just good for me. After reading the Mortal Instruments, eternity is a long time to face and everything, and I admit I wasn't sure. But I should be a human before, so I'd get to experience both.

Lord of the Rings: Same as before, and I'm really glad. I'm into archery and everything. This is my team on Facebook too. Like vampire, there's eternity to live too.

Star Wars: This is, of course, obvious since when I took the test Jedi was on my mind. I would accept nothing else, and I'm most elated here. There's nothing much to say if I don't get fangirly about it, and I don't think I want a fangirl attack right now. 

Divergent: This is what I want too. To be free, even if it means to die young. Not boring Amity, or evil Erudite. I know I liked Ravenclaw better than Gryffindor, but here Duantless seems better than Erudite. The tattoos and everything kind makes me consider, but I can be like Tris. Okay, I don't really like her as a protagonist, but yeah. I'll be like Four. I kind of have a fangirly crush on him. Unlike some other male characters, he thinks females are just like men and when they're weak he doesn't really look at them in sympathy. This may seem cold, but I kind of like it that way. Anyway, the dude who I *cough* like at school is the same. 

Mortal Instruments: I got a Warlock once, and that would be really cool, but I prefer Shadowhunter- their skills, courage, and everything. Here, I don't think eternity would suit me. I also like Jace.

Percy Jackson: *Squeal* Okay, I was nervous about this. I thought I'd be a mortal- and I almost was. But yay- Demigod! I'd have it no other way. Like Shadowhunters, most live a dangerous life, but that's where the fun is. I'd be in Apollo's cabin like Will Solace... but I also like Athena and Poseidon. Poseidon won't really be possible since he's one of the big three, and I'd like to live with my mom more than dad. I won't say more or I'll erupt in fangirly fits.

Narnia: That's exactly how I'd like it. I got Narnian and Talmarine once, but I like this one. There's nothing much to say here. I'd love to be like Peter the Magnificent and all that.

Dr. Who: I'm the Doctor. Hell yeah! That's all that needs to be said.

The rest I'm still, sadly, not familiar with, but they seem cool. Klingon is nice in Star Trek, but I don't know a lot about them. I want to read the Games of Thrones, but I heard it's a bit inappropriate. Human in Battlestar Galactica is nice, since it's the only one I can be myself. His Dark Materials: Will's Oxford seems nice, but maybe it's just because the name sounds cool.

That's it for now! Dinner time! So... May the Force, Gods, Odds, Blessings of Elves and Men, and whatnot fandom you're in, be with you!


  1. Cool answers!! :D Will's Oxford is basically the Oxford in our world.
    I had a lot of the same answers as you :)

    1. Oh okay thanks :D I thought you would :)

  2. I just retook this test the other day as well!!! It's a lot of fun, I tried to take it as honestly as possible to really see what I would come out as, and I got some different answers then my last card. :D I was super excited when I got The Doctor instead of Human!


    1. Oh really? Cool! :D Thanks for commenting! :)

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