Monday, March 25, 2013

100 things that makes me smile

A challenge from Stilwater.
  1. My best friend and I trying to recite the capitals of every country in the world.
  2. My same best friend and I bickering over everything.
  3. The same person- my best friend's angry rages: throwing a ping pong ball at me and ranting on how he will never understand girls like me. It's quite amusing, actually. 
  4. Since I already have three above of him, I'm going to say my other best friend (a girl) not getting bored listening to me rant about Legolas.
  5. Raindrop sounds.
  6. Taylor Swift songs.
  7. Kiss the Rain and The River Flows in you by Yiruma.
  8. Every other kind of music I love.
  9. Going near the sea and smelling the scent, hearing the waves crash, and being at peace.
  10. Horses.
  11. The smell of a new book.
  12. Reading something I love. 
  13. Fangirling.
  14. Getting a Lego Death Star for Christmas.
  15. My crush cracking jokes.
  16. Playing Tetris.
  17. Seeing wonderful comments on this blog after I finish a post like this very one.
  18. Writing. It can be poems, songs, novels, anything.
  19. Daydreaming. 
  20. Hugging soft cushy dolls.
  21. A cup of warm ovaltine.
  22. Seeing wonderful fan art on Facebook and Tumblr.
  23. Creating the fan art and seeing people like it.
  24. When people speak something that makes me think of an inside fandom joke. Which is almost always. (See it? "Always" Kudos to Harry Potter and Hunger Games fans who get that.)
  25. Chatting with my friends on Facebook.
  26. My teacher opening Star Wars music in class just for me. (Isn't that the most AWESOME feeling ever?)
  27. When my crush smiles at me. That only happened once.
  28. My best friend when he's swearing.
  29. Hearing from my mom and dad over the phone.
  30. Talking in a robotic voice into the fan. 
  31. Seeing how cute Orlando Bloom and Logan Lerman is.
  32. Going to the bookstore.
  33. Sunshine.
  34. Birds Chirping.
  35. Lying on a hammock.
  36. Getting a very good grade on my math test.
  37. Getting new merchandise related to my fandoms.
  38. Arm wrestling. Even when my hand gets bruised up.
  39. When a lightbulb goes on in my head.
  40. When my favorite character survives the end of the story.
  41. When I actually beat my crush at some something athletic- ping pong and swimming.
  42. Actually drawing something good.
  43. When I get a letter from Voronda.
  44. THIS and other memes on the internet.
  45. When I fluked in baseball and actually hit the ball.
  46. When a famous celebrity I like appears on TV.
  47. Swimming.
  48. A nice quote.
  49. Cute animals.
  50. Washing a car.
  51. The feeling of sand falling through your fingers.
  52. Bed.
  53. Drinking sprite.
  54. Going to a vacation.
  55. Perabeth.
  56. Acting crazy and just not caring.
  57. When you wake up in the middle of the night and know that you have hours to sleep.
  58. Reading a book on my soft bed.
  59. Finishing homework early.
  60. Warm milk.
  61. Snow.
  62. A text or phone call from a friend.
  63. When me teaching myself Latin actually comes handy in school.
  64. Typing really fast with no mistakes.
  65. Seeing my best friend after he calms down. Or just in the morning.
  66. Unintentional puns.
  67. Irony. Oh, and sarcasm sometimes.
  68. Fireworks.
  69. Waking up in a good mood. Usually the Star Wars theme song. Not my brother screaming at me.
  70. Bonfires.
  71. Buying something that you saved up money for.
  72. Hitting a home run.
  73. Becoming first in something athletic.
  74. Glow of a candlelight.
  75. Finding a song that describes exactly how you feel.
  76. First step into a warm bath.
  77. Finally reading a book that you waited for.
  78. Someone laughing to a joke I made.
  79. Playing guitar.
  80. Beating a boy at arm wrestling. Even if your arm would be sore the next day.
  81. People remembering your birthday.
  82. The way the sun shines on water.
  83. Finally telling a secret to my best friend and making sure he can keep it.
  84. Leaves crunching under your feet.
  85. Being out on sunrises and sunsets and the stars and everything outdoors.
  86. Feeling the cool wind on your face.
  87. The first breath of air and sun on your face after coming out of the cool water.
  88. The way hair looks underwater.
  89. Unique names. Like Artemis, Siri, Perseus, Minerva, and so on.
  90. Seeing things on the news that makes me think "Faith in Humanity: Restored".
  91. Good dreams.
  92. Childhood memories.
  93. Fully charged batteries.
  94. Accidentally swearing and the teacher not catching it. 
  95. Pretty clouds.
  96. Waking up on your birthday.
  97. Smell of FOOD.
  98. Being complimented on an insecurity.
  99. Hearing someone cheer for you.
  100. Getting the answers at school.
Hope you enjoyed it! I'd love to see yours! May the Force be ever in your favor! :)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The End of The Clone Wars

Most Star Wars fans would already know the big news. The end is coming. This post is dedicated to the memories of TCW.

I must say that I expected this to happen, ever since Disney brought Star Wars. It didn't make me any less sad, though. It's true that all things must come to an end sooner or later, but I wish it was later, not sooner. Even stars die. This is another mark that I'm growing up, as much as I don't want to.

I watched my first Star Wars the Clone Wars episode back on season one. I remember it clearly; I was in Africa, sitting on a yellow sofa with my brother with a game of monopoly sprawled out below us, forgotten until the show finished. I wasn't even a hardcore Star Wars fan back then; I only watched the movies and felt special about them. I didn't even know that there are other girls out there who loves Star Wars like I do. Back then, I only came on the computer to use paint, I still pick up dolls to play... well, to pretend they're having lightsaber duels. 

Then I started learning more of how to use the internet. I started watching episodes I missed online. Then I brought the movie, and I fell in love with Ahsoka despite the knowledge that she didn't really fit into cannon. Season three came out when I came back to Asia. I watched more and felt interested in the EU. I started using Facebook and connected with other fans.

That's probably when I realized Star Wars the Clone Wars is my childhood and more. Star Wars never told me this, but Star Wars had let me know that it was always there for me as much as I was there for it.

Sure, we would still watch the new movies for the new generation, just like how the prequels were for our generation, and the originals for the generation before us. It may never be TCW. Without TCW Star Wars may seem to die a bit, but Star Wars itself would never die as long as there are people loyal to it. 

Okay, I know that's a Harry Potter quote. Sorry. Anyway, enough with the cheesy stuff. Any more and I'm going to cry. Heck, there MIGHT be a season left to go, so why not "live here and now" and enjoy it if it comes?

An episode. A Star Wars: The Clone Wars episode. Only one.
One is enough.
Even though it is the end of the age of the Clone Wars, it has saved its best for last.

Forgive me for taking this from the Episode III novelization, but I can't help it. Kudos for those who knows where it is.

If you haven't watched the video, go watch it! Rest would be anticipation for season 6.

Dave, I really hope you mean it when you said the best is yet to come. I expect season 6 to be the last.

Okay... for the preview? Scream!!! How can you leave us with that?

I'm guessing the clone was under some control, since we already had a rouge clone earlier in the season. I thought the Jedi should be a bit faster... c'mon. It kind of reminded me of Aayla Secura's death  in Order 66, though. Oh, and apart from that it has a few other flaws. Why didn't Anakin sense it and come in the way? Why did the other Jedi call her 'sister' when Jedi aren't allowed family?

The two Jedi 'sisters' are probably Nautolians. If you don't know what that is *cough*, it's the same species as Kit Fisto. They look kind of different, but then again I don't think we ever saw a female Nautolian. For more information go to wookiepedia.

Return of some great clones brighten up my day. But where's Ahsoka? That will be my biggest what-if.

Well, I guess I said enough. I expected this post to be a bit shorter. Anyway, may the Force be with you, TCW, and everyone.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Artemis Fowl Series by Eion Colfer REVIEW

It seems as if I had read this series a long time ago. Recently I started wanting to get over thinking about books that aren't out yet, like House of Hades or Divergent #3, so I read Artemis Fowl to make me feel... younger, you can say. So here I am, deciding to review it since Shena mentioned Artemis in this post and I just have to address the series, and how much I love everything about it from the boy to the plot, and even the name itself. 

I admit one of the reasons I decided to pick up this series again is because of Artemis, the Goddess of the Hunt. As you all know, I'm getting Percy Jackson heart attacks ever since Mark of Athena. Another reason is that one of my best friends gave me the Opal Deception (Artemis Fowl #4) as a birthday gift and I haven't picked it up since then.

So, I guess I better start reviewing a book that couldn't be properly reviewed because of how awesome it is.

Since it's been awhile, fangirling has died down a bit, so you don't have to be worried about sudden screaming. Does that mean the book is good? Oh, yes. It's a great book. But you guys know me- I fall in love with almost every book I read. Anyway, possible spoilers ahead. 

Artemis Fowl is about a millionaire, boy genius, and above all a criminal mastermind. However, even he doesn't know what he's taken on when he decides to deal with fairies. Over time, as he lands into various troubles, Artemis learns things that his genius can't teach him.

One thing I really liked was, of course, the main character. Artemis Fowl. At the first page, he already captured me. Fowl by name, foul by heart- but he does have that side inside him that he never shows, but it's there. He does love his mom, even if he was always formal with her, even after she fell into a depression when Artemis Sr. got lost in the Atlantic. Over time, he has shown great character development- even turning good. Gasp! Yep. He's not your average save the world hero- he can't even run without tripping. That's something people can relate to. I envy his brilliance, but I can't believe how undeniably evil he was. I pity, but I despise him. It's amazing- and unbelievable- how Colfer breathes life into him to make him so... believable. And magical. 

I love all the other characters too. Butler was amazing! Of course, I laughed with Mulch, and enjoyed watching Foaly and Artemis compete their geniuses. In the first book, I ship Artemis and Juliet, then there's Artemis and Minerva, and then Artemis and Holly comes and crashes it all. C'mon. I shipped Artemis and Minerva so hard! Both geniuses named after the gods. I was SO fangirling over when Artemis was said something like, "Learn from someone who had already made the mistake". The great Artemis Fowl? To someone he hardly knew? There's gotta be something in there! Sadly, Minerva didn't appear in books other than The Lost Colony. I know people don't like her, but I do.

Usually I'd root for the good guys in story, but... who exactly is good here in the first book? I hoped Captain Holly Short of the LEPrecon unit got away, but I didn't want Artemis to lose either. As the series progresses, white and black becomes clearer, and Artemis grows more and more through his heart. 

Sure, it may have too many plots for each book, but the ending, so fitting... and so touching... made me so sad to say goodbye to this.

When I put this book down, I can say with conviction that I had learned something from this. Not to be melodramatic, but I guess that's what all good books are about. I can just imagine standing on the side as Artemis starts the whole new adventure, rescues his father from the Arctic, got his memory wiped and regained, fight Opal, travel through time, struggle with the Atlantis Complex, and finally, I felt so proud as he sacrificed himself the save the world- but his genius could save him yet again. 

So, in conclusion, thank you to Colfer for giving me Artemis Fowl. How did you like the book? Comment below!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Ahsoka Episodes Review


I cried when Prim died in The Hunger Games, I cried when Percy and Annabeth fell into Tatarus, I cried when Dobby and other great wizards died, I cried in Revenge of the Sith. 

Those are pretty much the only cases I cried. While watching a story, at least. It's true that I break down sometimes, but to me crying seems to be a weak, private moment, especially when it's all not true. 

I didn't even cry when Waxer and Hardcase died on Umbara. There is no passion, there is serenity.

So why am I talking about crying? 


I've been blasted by feels in the stages of fangirling.

First, something bad happens that hits you. In this case, Ahsoka left the Jedi Order.

Then I feel so overwhelmed. It's too much to take in.

Then you think people will notice so you try not to cry.
Then you start having fits.

Then you try to calm down.

Calm down... calm down... no. It doesn't work.

Then you spend time alone until you finally do, but the reality will live with you forever.

Oh, it's like Percy and Annabeth falling into Tatarus again.

So, forgive my fangirling; I'm going to start from the beginning in a civilized manner.

Sabotage: It was a good episode, but not the best, after what I saw with Maul. It was nice to see Ahsoka again, and she didn't annoy me.
The chase was great, and I wouldn't have suspected her at first. That was nice. A bit more action would be great, though.

The Jedi Who Knew Too Much: I suspected Sidious. I really did. Then there's the emotional level inside everything. The suspense. Oh gods.

To Catch A Jedi: I suspected Barriss, but I didn't want it to be her since she was a great friend of Ahsoka and in the comics she died in Order 66 as a good Jedi healer. I can't believe Ahsoka got beaten like that. I like the chase, but I wish it was more suspense like the the previous episode. In the end, I was left thinking, "That's it? I have to wait until next week?! Do you have any idea how long that would be?"

The Wrong Jedi: Mental Note to self: Stop crying. Well, at least we know that Ahsoka will survive Order 66. And great, TCW decides to mess up cannon again. Ahsoka's decision seems right, but I hope it's not over. How can the council not trust her? It's try that the dark side clouds them, but they should be able to see. I thought this episode could do with more action, but I didn't think of that until the episode was finished. Maybe it couldn't have fitted with all these emotions.

Oh, did Ventress get her lightsabers back? I hope so.

I hope to see more of her again in season 6. TCW team better not kill her if they don't want to be murdered by a bunch of teenage fangirls. Sorry I couldn't do a better review; I need my emotions sorted out first.

May the Force be with you, Ahsoka, and may the Force be with everyone. Now I have another thing to wait for.

Maul Arc Review

I know I've been neglecting this for awhile... *guilty look* So it's time to come back to review these awesome episodes and revive our interests. So where should I start?

I don't know exactly. It's just... wow. I guess bring Maul back was now worth it. Oh, possible spoilers ahead.

This episode should've been set right after Revival, the season premiere. I can't believe TCW made us wait this long. On the bright side, the wait wasn't disappointing. I fangirled over it my usual way, plus a bit more excitement. It's pretty much your I-will-have-revenge-and-rule-the-galaxy thing, but it's awesome.

Eminence was about Maul and Savage meeting Pre Visla in a cautious alliance and making an army big enough to take over Mandalore. This is probably the episode I liked least. It has little action, and it's just all about recruiting armies. You can't just put all that into one episode; it's too much. But the episode builds up the story, so I can't say I disliked it.

Shades of Reason, which is about them getting Mandalore and obviously turning on each other, is a bit more action packed. Still, the taking over Mandalore is too much for one episode, yet they try to fit it in like they're telling a story so it seems a bit fake, too. Other things, though, are very entertaining to watch. The end has a bit of a twist I love, and I realize how much I love Bo Katan now.

The Lawless is probably the best episode of the season. It was action packed, but not fake, and Obi-Wan is here, pretty much against the Jedi rules. So the season sneak peeks are finally revealed- we saw Sidious, and why Obi-Wan was in Mandalorian armor, and everything. *Squeal* I ship Siriwan, but I have to admit that Satine's death was a big blow. Then Obi-Wan was like, "I'm so sorry" when it was revealed that Bo Katan was Satine's sister. How did I not see it before? Same face shape! That's interesting. It totally reminded me of the time Obi-Wan said "I'm so sorry" to Padmé. Then there's Savage, who I usually hate. I can feel something for him after all. HOW CAN THE ARC END LIKE THAT?!

Overall, the arc was awesome. They try to fit in a bit too much, but it was entertaining to watch and the graphics were awesome, even watching from a poor-quality video. A review of the 4 Ahsoka episodes is coming up! May the Force be with you!