Monday, March 25, 2013

100 things that makes me smile

A challenge from Stilwater.
  1. My best friend and I trying to recite the capitals of every country in the world.
  2. My same best friend and I bickering over everything.
  3. The same person- my best friend's angry rages: throwing a ping pong ball at me and ranting on how he will never understand girls like me. It's quite amusing, actually. 
  4. Since I already have three above of him, I'm going to say my other best friend (a girl) not getting bored listening to me rant about Legolas.
  5. Raindrop sounds.
  6. Taylor Swift songs.
  7. Kiss the Rain and The River Flows in you by Yiruma.
  8. Every other kind of music I love.
  9. Going near the sea and smelling the scent, hearing the waves crash, and being at peace.
  10. Horses.
  11. The smell of a new book.
  12. Reading something I love. 
  13. Fangirling.
  14. Getting a Lego Death Star for Christmas.
  15. My crush cracking jokes.
  16. Playing Tetris.
  17. Seeing wonderful comments on this blog after I finish a post like this very one.
  18. Writing. It can be poems, songs, novels, anything.
  19. Daydreaming. 
  20. Hugging soft cushy dolls.
  21. A cup of warm ovaltine.
  22. Seeing wonderful fan art on Facebook and Tumblr.
  23. Creating the fan art and seeing people like it.
  24. When people speak something that makes me think of an inside fandom joke. Which is almost always. (See it? "Always" Kudos to Harry Potter and Hunger Games fans who get that.)
  25. Chatting with my friends on Facebook.
  26. My teacher opening Star Wars music in class just for me. (Isn't that the most AWESOME feeling ever?)
  27. When my crush smiles at me. That only happened once.
  28. My best friend when he's swearing.
  29. Hearing from my mom and dad over the phone.
  30. Talking in a robotic voice into the fan. 
  31. Seeing how cute Orlando Bloom and Logan Lerman is.
  32. Going to the bookstore.
  33. Sunshine.
  34. Birds Chirping.
  35. Lying on a hammock.
  36. Getting a very good grade on my math test.
  37. Getting new merchandise related to my fandoms.
  38. Arm wrestling. Even when my hand gets bruised up.
  39. When a lightbulb goes on in my head.
  40. When my favorite character survives the end of the story.
  41. When I actually beat my crush at some something athletic- ping pong and swimming.
  42. Actually drawing something good.
  43. When I get a letter from Voronda.
  44. THIS and other memes on the internet.
  45. When I fluked in baseball and actually hit the ball.
  46. When a famous celebrity I like appears on TV.
  47. Swimming.
  48. A nice quote.
  49. Cute animals.
  50. Washing a car.
  51. The feeling of sand falling through your fingers.
  52. Bed.
  53. Drinking sprite.
  54. Going to a vacation.
  55. Perabeth.
  56. Acting crazy and just not caring.
  57. When you wake up in the middle of the night and know that you have hours to sleep.
  58. Reading a book on my soft bed.
  59. Finishing homework early.
  60. Warm milk.
  61. Snow.
  62. A text or phone call from a friend.
  63. When me teaching myself Latin actually comes handy in school.
  64. Typing really fast with no mistakes.
  65. Seeing my best friend after he calms down. Or just in the morning.
  66. Unintentional puns.
  67. Irony. Oh, and sarcasm sometimes.
  68. Fireworks.
  69. Waking up in a good mood. Usually the Star Wars theme song. Not my brother screaming at me.
  70. Bonfires.
  71. Buying something that you saved up money for.
  72. Hitting a home run.
  73. Becoming first in something athletic.
  74. Glow of a candlelight.
  75. Finding a song that describes exactly how you feel.
  76. First step into a warm bath.
  77. Finally reading a book that you waited for.
  78. Someone laughing to a joke I made.
  79. Playing guitar.
  80. Beating a boy at arm wrestling. Even if your arm would be sore the next day.
  81. People remembering your birthday.
  82. The way the sun shines on water.
  83. Finally telling a secret to my best friend and making sure he can keep it.
  84. Leaves crunching under your feet.
  85. Being out on sunrises and sunsets and the stars and everything outdoors.
  86. Feeling the cool wind on your face.
  87. The first breath of air and sun on your face after coming out of the cool water.
  88. The way hair looks underwater.
  89. Unique names. Like Artemis, Siri, Perseus, Minerva, and so on.
  90. Seeing things on the news that makes me think "Faith in Humanity: Restored".
  91. Good dreams.
  92. Childhood memories.
  93. Fully charged batteries.
  94. Accidentally swearing and the teacher not catching it. 
  95. Pretty clouds.
  96. Waking up on your birthday.
  97. Smell of FOOD.
  98. Being complimented on an insecurity.
  99. Hearing someone cheer for you.
  100. Getting the answers at school.
Hope you enjoyed it! I'd love to see yours! May the Force be ever in your favor! :)


  1. W-wow. I tried to do this and I can't even name 50 things! *meditates and tries to self-realize without seeing the negative aspects* XD.

    You're on Facebook? Have I added you as a friend?

    1. Good luck! :P Oh, of course I have Facebook. It's

  2. I agree with everything. Wow. Aww I love those things:)

  3. Awesome answers!! :D :D :D I'm glad you did this challenge :)
    I'm going to do it later this week :)

  4. Nice! I love seeing what makes people smile...I'm gonna have to do this soon...

  5. I will try to do it soon...I hope I have time...